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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Relentless Intimidation by a Group of Neighbors

by Louisa

I have been bullied by a group of neighbors (all friends) for over thirty years, I was only in my early forties, when they all moved in, I am now 76, the intimidation by the mother and son is relentless.

I am at the stage now that I am scared to go out into my garden, the son never works, just spends his days tormenting me, when I used to go walking with my dog he very often followed me or his mother would be in her front garden when I came back.

The way they do these things is quite subtle and I really don't think anyone believes me. I have been called paranoid by the police counsellors, my daughter, another neighbour, and one of my grandchildren.

I really am quite ill and suicidal and I know the only way out from this is death then they can't torment me anymore.

The police and victim support can't help because they say I can't prove it, who can I turn to please I don't have any one.

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Get A Grip!
by: Anonymous

Those evil doers are not worthy of your life. You continue on being safe and happy in your own home. Continue doing your home duties and come and go as normal. Pray every day and include your enemies in the prayers. Your guardian angel is watching over you so do not feel alone. Buy some no trespassing signs, private property and surveillance sign/light/camera and install them wherever you feel you need them. Have family and friends visit you periodically so those idiots know you are loved and wanted by your family. Remember this is happening to many people down the block from where you live too. It's a stupid game played by those who believe they are in power, but little do they know their time is almost up. Read up on Crimes Against Humanity Act it will heal you knowing where those evil people will end up. Read scripture and psalms for encouragement. Know you are loved by many. Peace to you.

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