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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Religious Bully Stepdad Does Not Walk the Talk

by Sara
(Southwest USA)

My stepdad is a highly respected leader in a large local congregation. Goes to church almost daily and oversees various committees there.

At home, he criticizes, gossips and hates on people. He talks down to my mom and is estranged from his grown children, and downright nasty to his stepchildren, including me. The only one he likes is a stepdaughter from his first marriage (he's been married 3 times) who sits in his lap and rubs his feet.

He has managed to get people at the church fired and removed from the board, not for cause but because he simply doesn't like them. Somehow, he has influenced the laity and gets his way. He is retired now but rumor has it he used to employ the same tactics in his career.

My mom knows something isn't right but goes along with him due to social status and financial security. I wouldn't want them to split because she would be in the poorhouse.

People like my stepdad who act religious but lack a conscience are a detriment to churches everywhere. It is no wonder the younger generations are turning away from religion in droves.

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