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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Remember P.E.S.T. Control

by Lizzy

This is not psychological tactic; if done purely from the standpoint of mind and control of another; it will be seen through.

The first ingredient to this P.E.S.T. control working is SINCERITY of Spirit. (LOVE) Sincere LOVE ...not possible except by THE SOURCE (Holy Spirit)

So...when that up and down relationship is established i.e.: the vertical beam of the 'cross' (human struggles on earth are 'cross' to bear)

Then...proceed to work on the horizontal beam of 'the cross' in life: This beam is mankind's relating to one another. The horizontal beam composed of mankind is held UP (you will note by observation) by...'HOW SOLID the Vertical beam intersects' (the quality of Godly Virtues...or 'fruit' of the Spirit. Found in Galatians Chap 5.

OK…once we have the Vertical beam correct and straight (that's the religious training and devotions and worship of THE GOD)

Now we can use P.E.S.T. control method for getting along with one another.

P - praise 'em; by this I mean find some good to speak of our fellow human beings we share this earthly life with. No deep thoughts, ideology, find a common bond and praise that mutual connection, that we would also want praise for. Hard working, honest, nice family...earned 'good' (a car, a new home, a degree...whatever took good honest work effort.

E - ngage 'em; be sincerely interested in that effort they achieved. Ask questions, not too probing; just show SINCERE interest. If not interested; don't ask...phoney questions are apparent. Be genuine.

S - soothe our troubled bullies. They are insecure about a little or lot of stuff. This is their ego. They need to know THE TRUTH of good living stays same no matter what; kindness is better than wrath, meekness is not weakness, encourage the truth of hard work and honesty subtly to SOOTHE their ego that they are doing it right. (especially in younger who don't know how to ask this OR sometimes in older. We all like affirmation we are DOING GOOD.

T - this last part is the result of all the above...the ego of our mankind who is not perfect will be tamed by treating them as we would want to be treated. Golden Rule. In most cases this works unless ...UNLESS the person is mentally unstable and truly 'hard of heart' and 'blind' to what GOOD is.

To control PESTS...use P. E. S. T. control.

SINCERITY and GODLINESS virtue NEEDS to be operative in some manner.

This is the way of mature adults.

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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