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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Reported Sexual Harassment And Became Too Sick To Work

by Jenny

I complained sexual harassment to HR at a harassment resolution meeting in 2010. After the meeting HR did not respond nor investigated (at least not kept me informed of any investigation). After a specified period of time for responding passed, based on company policy, I had a mental breakdown, was hospitalized twice and went on sick leave. After my many requests, HR provided the 2010 meeting minutes in 2012/01, almost 2 years later.

Came with the meeting minutes, I found HR said it was not investigated because I was on sick leave. And now I am risking losing my job. Is this a fair way to treat a mentally injured and disabled employee? If I have made myself available for responding to investigation questions and provided all the information they needed to start with, but became mentally injured (due to negligent and delayed investigation), do I deserve this kind of treatment of no investigation of my complaint of being sexually harassed?

J.T. in Toronto

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Canada, Australia or USA ?? Very different systems.
by: Anonymous

I have no answer to your matter. You are writing from Country where are still "at least minimal socialistic Labor Law elements" in order to protect their employee from serious harm.
I live and work in USA. I have been victim of bullying and harassment not once ,in almost any Health Care Location, especially in CA. I been exposed to bullying at least once in every clinical setting wherever I have been sent by USA Travel Nursing Companies during my 5 years career. I became hurt emotionally not once. I even ended in ER with changes in my ECG after I have been experiencing harsh discipline and unusual large, irrational patients load on my assignments. No MD would ever write "work related damages", even if it was evident, was covered up. I only became more resilient to pain, I have been forced to accept. I have been in continuing process of looking for better chances, jobs in order to survive.I have been living without any stabilization, I need so much while getting older. During my Nursing career in USA I only learned how to live with abuse, discrimination in silence, with emotional trauma. I learned how to be humble, praying to Lord every morning to protect me. I was never allowed to take sick leave. Doctors from USA Health Works are totally supporting Companies. Soon as employee complains, is losing contract and chances for the next one. There is no law, no unions to protect Travel Nurses in USA. Anything may happen at Hospital settings to bullied, isolated Nurse. It will never see the light of truth. Travel Nursing Companies are business organizations & profit oriented, have no clue about clinical performances. Their managers never investigate or defend their employee. This is acceptable in USA Health Care System. Business and law are forcing Nurses to silence. Canada and USA ?? Labor Laws (theory and practice) are very different.
I also noticed, this web.site is posting only "live bullying experiences from Canada or Australia". It will not resolve the most significant issue.
Are American employees afraid to speak up?

Reply Reported Sexual Harassment and Too Sick to Work
by: Anonymous

I don't know why you went to HR. Sexual Harrassment that involves physical contact or puts you in fear that you will be harmed is an assault. It is a Police matter.
You have had medical treatment for this and so there will be evidence of it. Go to the Police. If they cannot help you take out a civil suit against the perpetrator seeking damages and a Restraining Order. HR will take notice then.
Good Luck.

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