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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

REVERSE Discrimination

I am a teacher who has been working at the same school for many years. I have met for lunch for several years with a fellow teacher who is a lesbian. She was a minority in her sexuality at my school but it was never an issue and was accepted by me openly as just any other relationship. (We supposedly have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination.) In the past year there were other lesbians hired on at the school and the new lesbian teacher works directly in the same department as the lesbian teacher I have eaten lunch with and have known for many years.

So, one day I am eating lunch with my teacher friend and the new teacher comes in with a catalog in her hand. The two begin discussing department money and issues of ordering new items. I am busy eating my lunch (we only have 25 minutes to eat) and I am not paying attention. The new teacher proceeds to throw the open catalog down on my plate. The catalog is open to a page that shows penis models for health class and the other page is a female body getting cautarized. My response was just a little gasp!

1) I was surprised that the catalog landed on my plate as I was eating

2) I was a shocked to see three large penis models sitting in front of me and a female carcas.

The teacher who I have know for many years turns to me and says ( my name........ "You are such a WASP! You are such a PURITAN." This was shocking to me and my only response was "I can't be a WASP I was raised Catholic." Which in retrospect probably gave them more fuel but I did not have time to think.

Several days later I confronted the teacher who has been my friend about what she said and she began to cry profusely. I felt this to be an odd reaction because most of the time she acts so tough! I ended with that I was done with the whole situation. Moreover, I decided not to tell higher ups because we have a highly dysfunctional atmosphere already. I am no longer eating lunch with her and have decided to have nothing to do with her. But, she keeps finding me at school and will say loudly my name and "GOOD MORNING." I respond nicely but I feel she is intentionally trying to bully and humiliate me further. What do I do?

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by: John

I remember having similar trouble with women in a women's centre, who were also lesbian, when I was a student. It transpired that a number had had sexual relations with men, despite the pro female stance. I complained that a poster they had on the wall, depicting a metal rod penetrating the male urethra was 'anti-male' or at least inappropriate. As soon as I complained, one of them stated that I had 'a problem with women.' The same thing occurred when contraceptives were put on open display, which I felt was a slightly inappropriate. No doubt, if anyone had done anything that they had deemed was wrong, they would have been hung, drawn and quartered! It seems to be par for the course with that particular breed of women. I would agree, that what you saw did seem too explicit and graphic.

Reverse-Racism in New Mexico - Need Support Groups
by: Terri

I agree with this input. I have seen LGBT and non-white groups cooperate with one another to shun and denounce someone more moderate and conservative. Unfortunately, I think we can sometimes also be dealing with higher end control games beyond the knowledge range of most Americans, including some form of subliminal attack. I know China has been reported to be using mind control, which should not surprise any of us. If so, some of the Chinese linked diversity programs could be linked to this, spurring Americans unwittingly to respond in certain ways. China started manipulating American civil rights movements since the Vietnam Era and it has persisted ever since.

Currently, they are using the idea that America is a systemic racist country (while China is a dictatorship well known to abuse their own citizens). However, many Americans have bought into China's propaganda. But I suspect subliminal mind control/manipulation could be part of this without Americans knowing. People who previously had common sense have lost it, using Chinese style propaganda speech on their family and others they know.

Beyond this, I would like to ask that New Mexico and nearby southwestern states start a support program for whites and moderate conservatives dealing with reverse-racism linked bullying, which can include shunning or downright ostracism, ruining reputations, keeping people from getting jobs, and local police (like Navajos and Hispanics in New Mexico) trying to control white females out of a combination of racism, religion and gender - like authoritarian Catholicism or some other religion (like Mormonism), male Hispanic machismo, and the minority power movement which truly dominates the state of New Mexico now.

Farmington, New Mexico in San Juan County in the northwestern part of New Mexico used to be fairly balanced, but now has been taken over by the minority power movement/LGBT complex with rampant displays of reverse-racism in hiring practices at almost every location in the area. Once the minority power movement takes over, they refuse to hire whites.

Another trick they use seems to be to put whites in the back rooms away from public display so the place looks totally controlled by the minority power movement. You have to look for the whites hidden away somewhere. This is all linked to the subject of bullying in a variety of ways. The only hope is for people to create support groups and start communicating and setting up a plan to get back moderate normalcy (in the sense we all get a fair shake) which truly follows the American system and its laws.

Although the LGBT/minority power movement persons certainly have experienced discrimination, the reverse-racism stance is often too aggressive and hateful and replaces one problem with often what is an even bigger one. The people doing the reverse-racism often seem to be unreachable, unable to use two-way communication or to reason in a careful, nuanced manner. Instead, their communication seems endlessly one-sided and defiant. It often uses a form of gaslighting.

In addition, the bullying often includes gangstalking where the stalkers are using surround sound through the various Chinese linked or controlled corporations, along with the policing system, to get at a person. These approaches probably are linked to prison system culture and what cartels are doing in Mexico and Latin America. A detailed study of these things is very much needed in order to counter them, and most Americans are not ready to have these discussions.

So again, support groups are needed for Americans dealing with reverse-racism across various platforms inside the United States.

Reverse discrimination
by: Anonymous

Be aware of sophisticated forms of bullying in Higher Education, where individuals adopt extreme 'politically correct' views. This can become a covert form of control where the bully, rather like a 'cuckoo in the nest', steals the 'PC' position from their rivals. They will then use this to force a victim to 'walk on eggshells', with unfounded accusations of racism or sexism. They may exploit any area of weakness or lock an unsuspecting person into a set psychological position in the game. Avoid any unnecessary racist comments in the first place, as the first step in combatting this form of bullying.

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