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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

RN Registerd Nurse Bullying Staff Member

by Mike
(New Zealand)

My wife has been working in rest homes for over 6 years. In one rest home over 4 months she is an experienced care giver and a new manager came on in the last 2 months and up set the apple cart favoring 2 staff members over the top of my wife. they told little fibs to the new manager and badger and verbally bullied my wife because of a situation that happened at work. One of them left a Resident on the toilet and forgot about them and tried to make my wife admit they had done it together.

Three of the residents had past away so staff hours had to be cut. The new manager gave more hours to the 2 favoured staff members and my wife less and less. All this happened within 5 weeks. 3 weeks ago my wife put in a complaint about being bullied to the new manager the new manager flagged it and did nothing.

In the last 2 weeks my wife was very stressed and still been bullied and finding it very hard to do her work. The last night she was working with a friend and looked at the roster and found the manager had put the bullies name up for one of her shifts and didn't tell her about it. This was the last straw.

The next day my wife quit her job, it made an unsafe working environment for staff and residents.

I had made a complaint to an organisation. The manager of the rest home decided to follow up on my wife's complaint two weeks after she had left because the organisation had contacted her. She rang up twice and disscrimaterd my wife and said they weren't bullies and in the next sentence said they were by saying they were telling my wife how to do her job.

The other staff members and Residents all like her and say she works really hard and well.

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by: Anonymous

It sound like they were jealous toward your wife to bullied her like that. They put the blame on your wife for their mistakes. They told lies about your wife so that she would get fired or her hours cut off (which did happened). The manager did believed them and that why she gave those bullies more hours. Your wife did the right thing in quitting her job. Those bullies will realize later on that your wife was a hardworking employee. They will quit or get fired within a year. They made too many mistakes when your wife was working there. They will make more mistakes now and won't able to put the blame on your wife. It will be another employee. They were trying to tell your wife how to do her job cause they think they know it all, which they didn't.

Why I think Your Wife was Targeted by Bullies...
by: Susan

The fact that the others like her and that your wife is a hard worker and good at her job, well that is a recipe for being bullied I am afraid.

It always seems to happen to the good, conscientious and hard-working people. She probably comes under the 'List of Reasons for Being Abused and Bullied.'

I don't have an answer for it, this seeming hatred of people with integrity, save to say that the best thing she can do is move on. It is the only answer in the end and the only way to save her health and sanity.

I wish her the best of luck for the future.

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