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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Rule By Intimidation

by Linda
(Ashland, KY)

I have been employed for over 40 years and have never been bullied, at anytime in my life or career. I have worked for top notch companies, lived in larger cities (New York & Washington, DC) and excelled in every aspect of my career. I moved back to my hometown to be with my children and have come across a small town bully, who has been allowed by the Store Manager to treat people with such disrespect that the Store Manager does not have respect from the employees. He has become a company joke.

The bully ignores anyone that she can't intimidate, and gives extra hours, consideration, and time to those who are passive. When you speak out about your thoughts, you have no one to go to, because the boss puts his head in the sand and allows the bully to rule. Intimidation rules in this store. I have never had to deal with such small town mentality and such closed minds. It is physically making me sick.

I have always been in a supervisor position and been a big motivator. I believe that everyone has a positive intent when they go to work each day. My associates have great respect for me, but when I cannot back a bully back down in their corner, due to management creating such a hostile work environment, my credibility is challenged on a daily basis. I cannot believe that I have let a bully put me in this position. Normally, I would look for another position, but I have moved to a rural area, where jobs are scarce.

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Fighting Small Town Bullying
by: Rosalea from Kansas

How well I understand your plight. I too moved from larger cities where I never had a problem, After I moved back to my hometown I have encountered years of bullying attacks. I travel to a lot of small towns and sadly, this situation exists virtually everywhere when a competent person moves in unless they belong to a "select group". The way I see it, these sad folks have no other lives except to gain a power position and beat everyone else down. I personally think it is high time to create public awareness about the severe problems of bullying in small towns.
Maybe we can "think tank" together and find some way to expose and clean up this horrible secret of small towns that makes living here a nightmare.
Feel free to Google my name.

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