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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Running from the Mob

by Cory
(Omaha, NE, USA)

I have long thought that my story of being harassed, singled out, labeled and overly scrutinized was a unique one in that it has happened on almost every job I've been on in the last ten years. Since my re-entry into the US workforce in October of 2003 I have literally chased from office to office.

Regardless of how congenial and professional I attempt to be in the onset, within days of my probationary period I have for some reason garnered a reputation of being someone of questionable character. Crazy, pickpocket, thief, terrorist... I once was addressed as a "serial killer" while employed at AT&T in Atlanta, GA by a maintenance worker whom I had seen only once before. The paradox is, I have in the past had no trouble impressing interviewers and being recruited to some very reputable F500 companies. Yet whenever I am exposed to the masses of the office staff, the promise of finally happening into a job where I can peacefully thrive degenerates into a hostile environment. And I'm sure with every job assignment I find myself, the effects of days of humiliation are weighing on my shoulders and surely affecting my performances.

The most insidious aspect of this to me, is how I am made to feel as if I'm being "paranoid" if I attempt to reasonably point out the obviously pointed bullying to an oft times complicit management. It's as if I'm being challenged or they're saying "we know you know what we're doing, so prove it." In these days of a struggling economy and double digit unemployment rates, I don't have the luxury of walking out and finding employment elsewhere. I'm in a kind of prison and the walls are closing in more and more every day.

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I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I've have not had the opportunity nor skill to work at a fortune 500 company, but I feel your pain. I work unfortunately at a fast food restaurant where upon working there I was targeted. Called Vulgar names like Fag, bitch, creep, and even pedophile to fellow co-workers, management and even customers by those I work with.

Apparently I now have reputation in the town and get people glaring at me, yelling obscene names at me while I am driving and have been physically struck by 3 separate women at work minding my own business working!

I am 26 years whom looks like he is a 16-18 and of very short stature. At first I thought I was imagining these things being said, but people are constantly glaring at me, have severe attitudes and say vulgar slander and insults at me when they think I can hear them. Ie:(Walk to the back of the store, or in customer's cases when I close the drive-thru window).

It is very difficult to remain calm and polite, but I still retain somewhat of a professional attitude, constantly working, while others slack off and talk, play with their cell phones or even steal food and eat it.

I already told management I was going to sue. Which everyone was on edge for a week and the store manager was very nice to me reassuring that I didn't need to file any legal action, while her supervisor agreed. I chickened out of the lawsuit because I don't know where to start and I hear slander is hard to prove (Although I seen/heard a co-worker try to bribe a kid with money to claim I touched him wrongly).

Not much I can do, and quitting without retribution feels like I don't care and weak.

comment running from mob
by: Anonymous NJ

Dear Running:

How well I can empathize with you. Yes; it does seem workplaces are more hostile, and yes - if you try to explain your feelings to anyone 'within that system' or 'outside of it' they will shake their head and either deny it or try to tell you "it is you who have to change" not anyone else.

The latter is in part true. You do have to change. Not easy. First; I hope you have a spirituality understanding of life; because that will make it easier. (I say this in all comments but its true)

You and others are chasing for the same gold. Start reading the Bible words and meditate on it's words. Even remember the playground change sticks and stones break bones, NAMES can't hurt me. (it's true; and good philosophy...they who call you names can't hurt you unless you 'act on' their taunts) To the maintenance guy who called you a terrorist (if he said it so bluntly) CALL him on it with a graceful spirit: "excuse me...did I hear you say you believe me to be a terrorist?" (wait for a response) If none...give him a look
of indignation and walk back to desk. (He won't
respond and he won't take that to management, because he would have to speak of how it transpired that 'you' gave him a hard time. He won't. (he's a bully and coward) He wants YOU
to run to management; and 'bother them.' (this is the game I believe...I came to it myself but
this is 'the bully's game' ... if they get you
who they perceive as weak and scared (really polite) to run to 'good authority' YOU not them
get labeled TROUBLE in our morally subjective and
relativistic world of ADOLESCENT behavior.

Our working world is NOT comprised of mature adults but mere teens (immature folks who tossed the clip on ties and velcro shoes and can drive a car and go to work; but they never learned how to think of others ... ie: immature and self centered they still remain as in high school)

Don't go to management, forget all words spoken to you. Laugh it off; especially when it's so
utterly false. Don't put weight on the words of
a maintenance guy? I once had a mail clerk tell
me (as I had volunteered when new to help out on
ot in mailroom) she said to me: "you won't make
it here one week" (that one was easy...this is
a mail clerk and her opinion doesn't count) She
might have been told to 'test me' by her supervisor (it's possible) While I was helping on OT she got down on floor to do sit ups (it was past 5 and she was on OT also) Had I criticized her or joined her...GUESS WHO would have been terminated (I now think) YES..ME.

Employers don't just hire and rest on their good decisions...I believe they somehow think they have to TEST the spirits of who they hire. (not right but I think so)

Community Based Harassment
by: Anonymous

Is this related to community based harassment? I went through the same thing at work. I was "snitch-jacketed" (technique used in FBI Cointelpro). Unfortunately, I'm a victim of mobbing after ten years of public service and now subjected to harassment in the community.

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