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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Sadly Not A New Story

by MP
(San Antonio)

Before writing, I took the time to read others posts about their bullying experiences. What struck me the most was how long they endured the bullying. Having been the target of workplace bullying, and a naturally strong personality, part of the reason I was targeted, I found that this was not something that was worth enduring nor worth my health. No paycheck was worth this and I was worth more than any amount of money. This idea has somehow been misplaced within our work culture as can be seen in many areas. There is no longer a concept of "people", just dollars. It is up to us to start making smarter choices in how we handle these situations. I fully understand how one feels trapped in this situation and just how devastating to a person this can be from an emotional standpoint. Unfortunately, from what I could tell, this is one of those situations that are also hard to "pin" on someone as the duress is usually emotional and there typically is not a "harassment" category as it is currently understood by our laws.

I was dismayed to find that even our schools have anti-bullying policies, yet there is no protection for individuals in the workplace, nor is there any sanctioned recourse for dealing with this. The Department of Labor should be promoting an anti-bully campaign in the workplace and promoting an emotionally safe work environment as well.

So although it is a relief to just tell your story, I am encouraging others who read this to take the few minutes to do more - to take the next steps of signing the Workplace Anti-Bullying Petition. I also encourage you to write to your state Dept of Labor as well as the US Dept of Labor and your state representatives. The more they are forced to see this information, the more they are forced to do something about it. They need to understand just how much of a problem this is. If you worked for a larger company and have the opportunity for an exit interview. Make sure to put your stated reason for resigning is "Harassment - Workplace Bullying". This will force companies to also revisit their policies on this, especially when they have to admit to the level that it is costing them for replacing personnel. This will also give them the information they need to see a pattern of tolerance within an organization.

Take a stand, it will help heal you on this path.

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