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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Satan Is Actually My Neighbor

Where do I start? I moved in and was friends with one of my neighbors until NFH1 got drunk and tried to sexually assault me. I walked out without a word and we never talked again. They still call me a homophobe, and a bigot because I wouldn't let him fuck me.

NFH1 runs his wash at 3 in the morning, and pounds on the floor if my AC goes on. Even called the cops on me at 11 am because I was repairing flood damage from two days before, hot water heater beside my unit leaked a lot. Cops came and threatened me with a noise violation, which I kindly responded the city noise ordinance is 12 to 6 am, it's 11 am tell him not to be so hung over.

A few years back the NFH2 moved in. I went and watched some football a few times, and started to realize NFH2 is a paranoid psychopath so I one day started to ignore NFH2. A few months later I was finding all sorts of nut shells on my porch so I asked if NFH2 could stop feeding animals on my porch. NFH2 turned it into I threatened to kill NFH2s dog, which I never did. Then NFH2 left me a long note on my door talking shit, which I kept but I moved on in life and ignored it.

NFH2 goes through roommates every 6 month's and I am a socially friendly person so I became friends with a few of them. Well NFH2 thought I was turning them against NFH2 , which I didn't. I just listened to them vent, and kept away from NFH2s crazy ass.

I know I shouldn't have been friends with NFH2 roommates. But then two of NFH2s roommates went to buy weapons and told me their plans to dispose of NFH2 . I talked them out of it, hindsight I should have let them follow through. Anyways we get to almost Christmas and NFH1 veers across the street as I'm walking on the sidewalk and clips me with their mirror, they had a passenger, but I called the cops anyways in case something else happened.

They didn't do anything, so be it my word against two of them. A week later when I'm busy as can be NFH2 accuses me of stealing fed ex packages. Which the next day NFH2's roommate saw inside of NFH2s room, and knows I did nothing instantly. Also this never went to the police, which is too bad I would have liked to catch NFH2 in a falsified police report.

Then the week of Christmas NFH2 walks up and tells me they're going to go get a gun and shoot me that night. I call the cops they take the report but never followed up with NFH2 just thinking I'm crazy for all these things happening to me. Then Xmas comes around. I spent all day with my family 12+ hours with everyone and playing games and tag with the kids so I'm exhausted. Go home shower and pass out. 5 days later I get a phone call from the police claiming that I was outside in a blizzard threatening to kill everyone (which no one let me know until trial day, DAs assistant told me how to get police files not admissible in court...).

As I said I was exhausted and fell asleep before the time they accused me of. Charged me with harassment. I'm not a sleep walker, and I sleep with ear plugs because NFH1 is huge and paces in his room 3-4 hours each night while I'm trying to sleep. So I had no idea what happened.

Then 6 months later NFH2 puts some bags of garbage in front of my door, has since they moved in every few weeks, and blames me for the bags. I was going for a walk, and had my phone heard NFH2 was unlocking their door too so I flipped on the Mic. I asked NFH2 nicely to please pick up their trash, I can see their mail inside with their names. NFH2 then cusses me out, and leaves.

A friend randomly stops by to pick me up an hour later. I hadn't seen the kid in two years, but he randomly stops by and we go grab drinks thank god. I walk in the bar and the police call my phone accusing me of threatening NFH2. I explain I have a tape of the whole thing, the cop claims NFH2 does too, and I said cool watch NFH2s video and call me back. Calls back and of course NFH2 doesn't have one, NFH2 lied like always. So they tell us to stay away from one another and we do for months.

We get to trial, I had no money so I had to represent myself. I actually caught the two idiots in lies, but because my other neighbors are scared of these two, and the death threats, and they refused to testify, so I lost. Even though these two NFH claimed they didn't know each other. They had keys to each others places, walk each others dogs, and by my count helped each other into 2 jobs each. Well I couldn't prove all of it and got convicted of something I didn't do.

Fine whatever, classes, some community service (I volunteer every once in a while anyways), and 500 bucks later I see the judge for the last time. 7 months go by and nothing, I keep to myself, moved my tv to my room and put up black out shades so no one could see if I was home. Worked like a dream, even NFH1 upstairs is quiet as can be reaffirming my belief NFH1 is loud as thunder nightly just to get a reaction out of me.

Turns to summer, now NFH2 is walking on the top of my garden level wall around my porch, sidewalk is 8 feet away, and does it daily after work. Also someone put broken beer bottles into my planters, and throws bread into my planters, and under my car for the rodents. A few weeks ago NFH2 is jamming their music loud enough I can't hear my tv, and can be heard from 2 blocks away, so I go for a walk.

Police are there when I get back telling her to turn it down. NFH2 does, then precedes to say things like "fuck these fuckers ill fuck em up if they fuck with me again" "I lied to the police once I'll do it again" and "Have a problem with the stereo being on, I'll crank it at 3 am and see how you feel then assholes" and claims "NFH2 is the only owner fuck everyone else".

I recorded it because I knew NFH2 liked to talk shit to friends on their porch. Plus it might come in handy in the future. Still deciding what to do with the recordings as I don't want anymore to do with any of my NFHs.

The neighbor who wouldn't testify asks me if I called the cops, I didn't, then asks me for help with her. I didn't even respond just smiled and inhaled my cigarette. A few seconds later I finally say I told you so, you could have helped me but instead you hid, so I'm doing the same. Well now NFH2 stalks me sometimes and finds out who I'm hanging out with in the complex, or where I go for my happy places in nature to sit and think.

NFH2 has slowly gone to each of my friends/neighbors, and spread lies, and told them to tell me that "the cops stopped by looking for me and told them not to talk to me again". I called the police to see if they actually stopped by and surprise nothing exists in their system of anyone coming out those days, and they don't care about me after paying off my fines and such from the conviction.

I want to move so bad, but I own my unit (got it for a third of its current value thanks foreclosure auction), as does NFH2 (paid full price). So be it, I've moved on, lost 30 lbs, run every morning at 5 am so they don't see, and keep to myself around the community. I also installed indoor and outdoor security camera's in case they are dumb enough to accuse me of something again, then I have proof they're full of it.

At the end of the trial I asked the judge if I should put cameras up in front of my NFHs, so they could hear, and she says "I would". Anything else I can do to protect myself? HOA doesn't care, police won't talk to me about either one anymore, and I honestly go to bed thinking maybe I'll kill myself tomorrow more often than I want to admit. I've never been suicidal, and still am not but I have no idea what else to do to protect myself, and move on in life...

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Sounds like an ID Channel
by: Anonymous

Hate Thy Neighbor episode without the tragic ending yet. For your health, safety, and well being, sell your home and move. Those psychos will keep escalating their tactics until someone ends up dead and/or in prison.

If you got a bargain on your home, you can sell it at a nice profit now and get your freedom back.

Swallow your pride and get out of there. Those neighbors are sociopaths who will not change. There is no protection from the justice system in this case, as you have discovered. Consider your quality of life and get out while you can.

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