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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Satanic Worshiping Company

by Kerri

I started working for a company in April of 2008. About one month later one of the managers comes to my desk to scream and I mean scream at me loud enough for all employees to hear. She was claiming that I stole an account from another employee. I apologized and said I was not told that I could not or was not supposed to put acct. in my code. I was not given adequate training. She was nasty to me ever since for 3 years!

Other employees seemed to be able to make up their own hours while I was denied the right to leave 15 minutes early to take my CNA training course! When I tried to leave at end of day to hurry to make it to class, employees would block the door. Of course they only did that on the nights I had class. They were constantly taking accounts I had worked and rightfully earned commissions on and give my commission money to another employee.

They also gave me every incoming phone call for approximately 2 hours each day while all other employees sat and did absolutely nothing. Psychological harassment was done to me throughout each day. Especially on a Friday so I would fume over it all weekend. The HR Manager had a poster on her wall giving praise to "The Morning Star" (a religious poster) which is Lucifer he is referred to as "The Morning Star." I also find it interesting that most employees would wear all black clothes every day! That is also another Satanic thing. They would also have me call high profile people like the Arch Bishop and high profile people in politics. Of course all the rude nasty people who called in were sent to me.

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by: SilentRunning

Well I can't say here what I would do if someone came up to me and started screaming.
I could always bring up the defence of severe provocation of course.
On a more serious note, you could take a hidden camera into the company to film what's going on but be careful.
If they are satanists they're likely to be a pretty nasty bunch.
Wearing black - that seems to be taking off in a lot of areas of society.
My harrassment began in a local store and nearly the whole store ended up participating. Is it a coincidence that they all wore black as well?
It doesn't mean to say they were satanists, but they acted as if they were.
You might be better off seeking alternative employment and don't let them know where you've gone. I wish you all the best in your search.

Comment to worker in Hell
by: Anonymous NJ

1. Good management never has to scream. Know it. and don't react to it. Let 'her' (it is always a woman, I have observed who rant) Let her rant, look back innocently without a tear; and ask: "So; as a management person, what procedure will you be putting in place to enable me to do my job better?" She might give response, but I doubt it. You did what any worker would do, ask for help from management who is visibly upset. AT HOME document the date, place, words of manager and your response. (if need be, keep book in trunk of car for access on 'the last day.' when they accuse you falsely)

2. Never assume something is as you see. If you have to leave early for a class; don't mimic what you think other employees are doing. No worker just walks out early unless someone in power knows about it. But, don't be concerned about 'them.' Do what you know to be right, go to your supervisor and explain how you are going to a class to improve upon knowledge of (in fact, forget the supervisor go for THE UPPER management person; the nicest one and talk to them of this, how you have a dilemma that on a certain night, you will be late for class if you leave at a certain time; can something be worked out. Don't make the suggestion first. Let the idea come from their lips. Thank them for it, and offer to come in 15 minutes early. But, if they say NO to your leaving early, then either take the class on line at home or see if your instructor is agreeable to your coming in 10 to 15 min late. (you might find that more agreeable)

3. It sounds like, however, you've reached the point of no return. The screaming manager isn't ever going to 'turn respectable' to you and your co-workers if they give all the nasty stuff to you, are never going to be 'fair.' Sounds like you are right, there is poor management that allows workers to decide who gets what call all the time. You are in a losing proposition and why fight them.

4. Write up a nice resignation letter, hand it in to the nicest executive, and leave. Don't mention the wearing of black (you don't know why it is) don't mention posters on the wall; you are not there to notice surroundings and they will laugh at you for 'being scared,' Say nothing derogatory of anyone nor 'the firm' / As I stated before, it is easier to tell a new job
interview that you left then to say "they dismissed me." At new interview on application, say that you prefer most recent employer not be contacted. If asked why, spin it to your favor, "you worked there 3 years and took classes and yet there was a hostility felt that caused you to leave as you were not working up to your potential and that isn't fair for the good wage you were receiving of ........." Anyone hired at a wage of ..........; knows what they are doing. (companies do not pay good wages to those who do not have experience)

Leave; your health comes first.

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