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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by R. M. Schadenfreude

I have just been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to workplace mobbing. I cannot quit my job because I need my health benefits. Two years ago, my boss was fired for sexually harassing me, and I was transferred to our second location. The company did not tell me that they had fired my boss, and when I reported to work everyone including the boss' family and friends that were working there started harassing me.

The HR assistant was in on it too. During the last two years I have been physically assaulted and injured, threatened with a razor knife, had my work sabotaged, been accused of multiple and serious errors I did not make, had coffee poured into my chair for nearly a year, had rotten things left on my desk, been verbally threatened, dragged off to a drug test for no reason, and most recently, repeatedly grabbed from behind by a very large man and held so I can't move.

I have been denied tuition reimbursement benefits and made to work a different schedule than my team. I am claustrophobic, and the dept supervisor knowing this, told me I didn't have my regular job any more and assigned me to count 900 obsolete parts inside of a cage. This caused me to have panic attacks and burn through my sick leave and vacation hrs I haven't accrued.

I tried reporting things quietly. I have never engaged any of the mob. The HR assistant just keeps covering it up. I thought I could stick it out, and get a transfer to another company because our company is owned by a global one, but I am completely broken. I had to take family medical leave and some short term disability time, see a specialist, and now have to take medication to be able to walk into the building.

I tried appealing to the HR director who just offered to call temp services and "help me" find another job. Now that I have PTSD, I have a pre-existing condition insurance wise... and I'm stuck. There is no way out.

This has ruined my life. This has ruined my relationship with my mate, and with my kid. My friends have been threatened at work not to talk to me. I have been followed outside of work and had my car broken into. There should be a law against this kind of thing.

Nobody can withstand this kind of torture. It is Thermopylae everyday.

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