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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

School Allows Bullying!

by Grandmother

My granddaughter has been taunted and bullied by a fellow student. School officials were advised of this situation. At the Valentine's Day Dance for the jr. high, the girl pushed down and punched my granddaughter—she fought back to defend herself. My granddaughter was suspended from school for defending herself. There was no punishment for the girl whom started the fight!? Hmmm?

My granddaughter who is/was a cheerleader reputation has been tainted by this situation. There are witnesses that have gone to principal and told him that the girl was indeed taunting my granddaughter not only at school but also at basketball games where she was cheering. To our disbelief the principal is siding with the bully! Now my granddaughter has been suspended regarding a comment on twitter she made about a subject that doesn't pertain to this girl or any subject related to this situation. In the principal's opinion he says it does!?

Today we have a meeting regarding this. There are more details and more story about this trying to keep it short. How do you protect your children from being bullied by a student and being bullied by the principal? Do our children have no rights!

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Stand up to the bully
by: Paul of Kew

I would ask the Principal his relationship with the bully. Is there a family connection? A financial connection? Is he himself being bullied by the family of the bully? He needs to understand that by taking the side of the bully he is engaging in a bullying conspiracy. And would he be willing to defend his position in a court of law. Bullies should always be challenged.

i sympathize with you
by: Anonymous

my daughter is going through the same thing. my daughter was attacked and we pressed legal charges. the principal and the director general of the school board are siding with bully. my daughter is so traumatized by the attack that she can not go back to school. school has agreed to tutoring at home but nothing has been done yet. (2 wks later) i do not know where to get help. i am sure you feel the same way. i am trying to find out if help can be obtained by our deputy of our town to be able to get government help but no answer yet. i hope that everything works out for your granddaughter, as i know what it is like to live without help and not know where to turn to next. good luck

Why is this happening?
by: Anonymous

As the mother of a 4 year old who will be starting kindergarten in a few months, I truly am scared. I read all these horrible things happening to children, and I want to help them. But how?
I've had a few ideas, and although they may be drastic... they may also work. But I'm sure nobody would want to follow my ideals, because they are too strong. But if you think about it... where is all this violence and hatred coming from?

Not only from the households or torn families... but from the media. Internet, TV, movies, music, books. There is too much freedom of expression. Music nowadays is all about sex, stuff they say is disgusting.

Same with movies. Killing, violence, explosions, sex, cheating, etc... and the more violent or more sexual it is, more applauded it seems to be.

If you dare tell people you go to Church or you don't drink or don't smoke or don't go to clubs anymore because you rather be home with your family... they look you down!

Starting to change laws would be a very first important step.

Charging bullies with time at a juvenile detention center.

Adding cameras to schools, and school bathrooms and creating jobs by having monitors in the bathrooms. Monitors with high and intense cleared background checks.

Firing any personnel who allows bullying or does not report bullying when proven. And to never be allowed to work in the education system again.

All teachers, all monitors need extensive background checks. And psychological check ups every so many months.

Phone apps to be able to see your kid in school. Parents would be allowed to monitor whats going on in the school. At all times.

Raising the bar on types of movies kids can watch. The PG13 ratings should be PG16 etc...

Hunt down all free porn websites and make them private and with memberships only.

Change daytime TV programming. No cuss words, no sexual innuendos, no violence, no guns, no explosions.... they can have all that after 9 or 10 pm.

I'm sure I'll be called an idiot or that I am exagerrating. But I know it would work. And to make this a better country for our children, these are the types of big changes that NEED to be done.
If we don't protect our children. Who will?

Read the newspaper from today and you will be just as angry and upset as me. In Manhattan, 3 3rd graders and one 5th grader forced a boy into the bathroom and made him give them oral sex.

In another state... a sexual predator father gets custody of his 6 year old daughter because the mother wouldn't allow him to visit her. He raped a 6 year old in the past!!!!

Someone needs to help and protect our children.

Autistic son choked
by: Anonymous

Yes, you read right. My son was choked to the point he had to go to the nurses office. The principal AND a "cop" that plays as security at the school both said my son asked this kid to choke him. I knew it was a LIE since my son does not like to be touched. My family has had issues with this school district for years, always taking the bully's sides. I have a meeting with the principal Monday. If allowed, the school district? TRI-VALLEY in Dresden, Ohio.

Bye Bye Bully
by: Anonymous

If your child is being bullied, make earnest attempts to speak with the school administrators and teachers. If your child’s school is run by competent, rational adults, then very likely this situation can be resolved. Unfortunately, you may likely have to deal with irrational, immature adults. In this situation, the bullying will likely continue and worsen. Now you have two options: fright or fight. You either cower and allow your child to be tormented, or you go above the school administrators. Report the bullying to every agency. If there is physical harm, immediately call the police. Make sure to press charges. Show no mercy. In today’s new world, you will still have to account for what you did as a teen. In today’s news a kid with a bright future in professional hockey had his dreams shattered when it was discovered he was convicted of crimes associated with bullying another child at the age of 14. The bully ruined his own future. Just make sure to document everything. Every phone call. Every incident. Every name. Time to cancel bullies. Make sure to let your child know that as long as they are honest, kind, and treat others with respect, you will always fight to protect them. And maybe the bullying sucks in the present moment, but your child will feel real good when they’re going off to college and the bully has to find a job because they lost their scholarship once it was discovered what they did as a teen. Revenge is best served cold.

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