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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

School Did Nothing To Stop Bullying At School

by Candy Shewnarain

Hello, My kid was bully at school since last year 10/9. They have been telling the school counsler that she was cutting her self, she is a EMO, she is a lesbian... now they are saying she is harrasing them all lies. She don't even have any contact at lunch with them and the school does nothing to prevent these kids to stop.

All I ask them to do is tell these kids to stop. I have never seen such bad kids before they live in the village. Some of the stuff they told the teacher and principal is shocking and the principal would verify with there buddy that cover for them and back up their statement up.

Very disgusting I can not express in word how these 12 year old can even think of such nasty stuff.

I feel that these kids need attention at home they don't have a life and they come to school to get attention and bother other people kids. I feel the school adminstration is just like the bully sorry to say that but that how I feel.


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Stay Strong
by: Anonymous

I know exactly what you mean. My son was called EMO and Fag and told to cut himself because nobody liked him anyways. The school did nothing, they closed their eyes to the matter. He recieved death threats the last few days of school before Thanksgiving. We are parents need to get our childrens stories out and fight for them. Stay strong and help your child through this and fight.

i got bullied once!
by: Anonymous

i got bullied badly, 2 years ago, and the teachers at me school didn't do anything except warnings. it bullying got bad, and the school never even warned the people. So when my father told the principal, i said that she would talk to them, and make them come to an understanding.. but didn't work either, so my father reported this to the police, about the school, and the students picking on me. calling me a fag, bitch, a idiot, and telling me to go die in a hole. the police warned the school, and the bullys got an suspension, cept for the leader of the gang, she got exspelled,

by: Anonymous

I was bullied constantly in school it cause years of trauma mental health problems cost me thousands dollars of therapy care did not bother pay for. If not for my football buddies I never had survived would quit to this day I learned to never trust public schools. Besides losing trust of my teachers I thought had my back they just stood there allowed it to happen i still battle with low self esteem trust to this day no thanks to them, I blame myself for being a fool trusting them thinking cared about my well being and health my safety but to find out all care about themselves. My kids will be raised online schooled never put in the evil public school system that do not cares about anyone but themselves their greed. people say that I holding a grudge but do not know what it like have years of bullying like that done to you what does to your brain it not good.

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