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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Selling My Home Due To Abuse By Elderly Neighbour And Her Daughter

by Ray
(Sheffield, UK)

I have lived in my lovely owned end terrace house for over 20 years and loved it so much, such a great garden, everything a person could want. I had always had trouble from an old lady next door who was psychotic in nature always crying out loud screaming at her cat. I had befriended her at first but found her impossible to be friends with because of her psychotic nature.

Then her 80-year-old boyfriend moved in and it was arguing, crying day and night, non-stop almost.

I complained to the local council as a last resort. (The house next door is a council house.) This was after trying to talk to them, this made no difference at all, but after a while the boyfriend got thrown out by a rather butch daughter.

The daughter moved in because she was in debt and had got thrown out of her house, and of course to look after her elderly mother. The daughter then tried to get on with me because I must of looked quite well off by their standards. She used to make suggestive comments over the fence and suggest going out for a drink. I, of course, ignored her knowing that they were nothing but trouble. I never was ignorant to her, always said hello, etc.

Well, that is when the trouble started. The daughter along with her so-called friends shouted verbal abuse at me constantly day and night, all the filth you could imagine coming through the wall. She did not work so had all the time in the world to do so.

I had death threats shouted, breaking bottles outside my house, anything to intimidate me living alone. I complained to the police who did not want to know and to the council who were so slow but within a week of doing so I had a breakdown and could not cope anymore. I had to leave my house and live with my family where I am now, and in the process of selling the house.

I can see the full picture now after talking to people, the daughter and friends were all on cocaine. The daughter was a psychopath and extremely dangerous. When they focus on someone they give it their full attention as you can see.

All I have ever wanted is to live quietly and be left alone, but that’s not how life is, is it?

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I'm so sorry
by: Anonymous

I fully understand the hell you have been through because the fact that they lived next door makes you so aware of them.

I live in social housing. I have a lovely flat and one day a woman I upset took a hammer to my door.

I called the police and two 12 year olds came round (I'm being sarcastic cos I am middle aged. LOL) and this young copper said "well things like that happen in places like this".
It could be that some police officers have had a privileged upbringing and have no idea that being poor could happen to them.

The council just want to get paid and not deal with any problems. So it is best to record on your phone.

I'm sorry you have gone through this ordeal cos our homes should be our security blanket.

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