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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Senior MLA/POCT Co-ordinator

(U.K. )

Right from the get-go, an unqualified trainee made it very clear that I as the senior, very experienced scientist, I was to be be of use only when it suited.

Now I am ignored, dismissed, ridiculed and mocked.

I have provided such a high standard of training, still ongoing, that the colleague who can now perform many tasks, with the backing of the line manager, who adds to the bullying by biased conduct and treatment, historically the situation with the contracted competent seniors in this department, whom have been targeted by this line manager, no discussion with me, the senior, but acts totally as if she is the one in charge.

This has been commented on by other departments but the voracious attitude if confronted that I experience even when meted out to others with almost hysteria is brushed under the carpet.

I am only of use if it is totally necessary.

Otherwise, I am ignored but am subjected to non-stop unending daily micromanagement of my every move, and daily ordering around.

Talks to herself nonstop and announcing every move in between umming and umming as if I have NO right to peace and security.

I cannot even get a chance to hear my own thoughts or complete a task or at times even hear consultants and patients on the phone.

A constant barrage of abuse as it is unwarranted, not requested, and I have no autonomy in my workspace.

The only freedom from bullying is during 3 break-times taken by colleagues, with no question or pleasantry to meet needs of the department, eg I’m going is there anything I could do first or needs doing now, is that OK…

This when only lunch break is contractual others discretionary and therefore should be taken with my joint discussion.

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