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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Setting Boundaries With Workplace Bullies Back Fires at Hospital Where I Worked

by Anonymous Ninja

I worked at a well-established hospital. I'm a hard worker and didn't like to gossip. Kept to myself.

Nurses and other staff would stare me down, gossip, and spread rumours about me. They made fun of me indirectly and subtly while looking at me. I heard them close to my office trying to get under my skin. I remained calm. Ignored that it even happened. I noticed more staff got involved. Left sticky notes on doctor's door and wrote on white boards, mocking me.

I realized after a while that my mental health is important than a negative work environment. I decided to set boundaries. I talked to the unit manager. She spoke to everyone involved. They all denied it ever happened. Manager didn't believe anyone made these comments/acts. I documented each incident, presented to management.

Everyone seemed to behave better after they were spoken to. I worked overnight to avoid certain staff. Bullying came back again. Subtle jokes. Taking jabs at me. I talked to counselors about setting healthy boundaries at work. I built enough courage to set boundaries on my own. I talked to a male nurse after he was done work. I stated what he said and I would appreciate it if he would stop making rumours and jokes about me. He acted innocent and shocked. He denied everything. To be expected.

During my time off, my manager contacted me. He wanted me to transfer to the city to be on-call. I gave it a thought. Got back to him a week later. I resigned my job due to loss of hours with low pay to lots of kilometers away. Also, risk of getting COVID-19 during code red. I didn't burn any bridges. Got a good reference. My mental health is more important than a toxic workplace.

Thank you for those that took the time to read my story. God bless. Wish everyone the courage to stand up for your rights to these bullies. Do it in a dignified manner.

Comments for Setting Boundaries With Workplace Bullies Back Fires at Hospital Where I Worked

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Well done
by: Anonymous

I am delighted for you and it has given me hope. I am going through extreme bullying in a Medical Clinic after five years of very hard work. It is disgusting that bullying in a medical environment can be the cause of such mental torment. Shame on them and all the best to you. Take care and thank you for posting your story. It makes others in your situation feel that they are not alone.

I feel you
by: Anonymous

I have a similar situation where I work. I keep to myself, and because of that my co-workers choose to talk behind my back and start rumors. They also tell new hires not to associate with me because they will be friendly with me our first few interactions but then act disgusted with me. I’ve told my supervisors about my situation, but they act like it’s all in my head and won’t investigate.

Bless you
by: Anonymous

Bless you!! I'm going through bullying too as we speak, reading your story n others have helped me endure, God n His Divine Mercy may be with you!

Also bullied quiet hard worker
by: Anonymous

It seems if you are quiet, shy, maybe just not into gossip, then you are rude, weird, unsocial, and other more offensive terms. Being quiet definitely makes you a target for bullying. They know you are not going to stand up for yourself, you are going to try to avoid the conflict. Worst of all, if you do attempt to stand up for yourself, odds are you will never be able to be as mean and as low as the bullies can get in response. So the situation only gets worse. I spent 5 years at a company being bullied. This was so familiar, and obviously is to the others who’ve commented. I used to be fairly confident. I had some health issues and had to leave my favorite job, which affected my confidence because it permanently limited what I could do. Then I went to the bully job, and my confidence and self-esteem cratered. My boss knew about the bullying but kept talking me into staying, and giving me raises. Finally, she was let go, and I had had enough. I’m now looking for a new job, but it is hard because I have been so affected by that experience. I basically seem to have social anxiety now when I never did before. I hope others are able to move past their experiences and still have a feeling of self-worth. I’m trying to find mine again. Don’t let the bullies take that away, or your bosses talk you into taking the bullying.

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