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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Sexually Harassed, Bullied, Abused, Humiliated

by Kriyana

I have been working with this organization for a long time. I made one major career mistake years ago and it has been all downhill ever since.

I was working for a VP, and another very senior officer offered to enroll me for special training classes with subsequent foreign postings to offices in London or Japan, if I would agree to work for him. I agreed, because I have always wanted to work abroad. This turned out to be the most major mistake of my career.

The offer was a complete lie. There was no training class or foreign posting. The truth was that the senior officer (also a VP, and a rival of my boss) wanted to score brownie points with the Big Boss of both men, by putting another person into my place. This person, also an employee of the organization, had forged a personal relationship with the wife of the Big Boss. In very short order, I found myself put into one of the most unimportant departments in the company.

There, the head of the department took advantage by sexually harassing me and threatening me with loss of my job. I made several verbal complaints about his behaviour to no avail, and finally put the complaint in writing.

I was transferred out of the Department, but the news of the report (supposedly highly confidential) was leaked by one of the people on the Harassment Committee. The new department (and almost every other employee as well) got to hear of all the private details of the case, because of one person on the Harassment Committee. The new department started treating me with suspicion and distrust. At the first opportunity, they transferred me out of there.

In the next Department, the person in charge had a history of bullying other employees and accusing them falsely of stealing office documents and selling them for profit. The same thing was done to me, and I was transferred yet again to my current position. The head of this department was in due course of time told about my past history and he screamed filthy abuse at me, calling me every name he could think of, and told everyone at the top of his voice about my case. He snatched my personal property, threatened to hit me and stopped giving me work. He took away my office computer and gave it to another person who had recently joined the department. The whole department naturally followed his lead and I was made miserable. After this incident, I asked to be transferred out from there. The officials of the company have closed ranks against me because I refused to withdraw the written complaint of sexual harassment.

In this department there is one employee who is not only highly favoured by officials in key positions because of personal connections/relationships yet again, there is also full awareness of my past history.This person has been given the unofficial green signal to harass and humiliate me either directly or through the officers here. The person has systematically poisoned everyone against me by giving them a twisted version of what happened earlier. Now I am totally isolated here. I cannot leave because I am near retirement and cannot afford to lose out on retirement benefits which will be my main source of income post-retirement.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for Sexually Harassed, Bullied, Abused, Humiliated

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by: Aura

My heart and thoughts go out to you. What horrible, nasty, awful people. I have no advice for you as you are literally *Up the creek without a paddle*
My thoughts are to hang in there do your work and make no mistakes.
keep talking on this site, you will find alot of good people who will support you. Use this site to vent your frustrations and talk out all the crappy things that are happening to you on a daily basis.
you know you might find good friends on this site.
It sad that people will believe such ugly rumours,
As for the guy who was sexually harassing you hes a sick coward and can never be put in the class of decent men.
Take care Kia Kaha (Be Strong)

Be smart -- Be prepared.
by: Anonymous

For your own piece of mind, maintain a detailed record of all incidences. Keep a copy at work and one at home. Don't let them catch you. What would happen if they fired you for some incident near your retirement.

Don't you have vested interest in your retirement (unless you are fired?). Make sure you know your rights. Be certain to record what people have said to you, that should not be common knowledge.

You can also sue the person who leaks malicious information that is supposed to be confidential.

When you can, see a lawyer. Ask him if the information you have been recording is valuable.

Ask your friends to interpret what someone has said. Is it quite clear its harassment or is it misinterpretation?

What may happen is that you may have to sue eventually. You have to protect yourself. You have to document. The better details, will allow your lawyer to cross-exam. You might be able to use age-discrimination (especially if the company benefits substantially from your leaving.)

Be smart and do not get any confrontations. Put your dialog with H.R in writing, and your supervisors in writing.

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