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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Should We Change Schools?

by Kiera

Kindergarten was fine, first grade was not. I felt wronged by the new principal, and teacher for my son. He has taken a back seat to another classmate, who was trouble, told the teacher my son pulled his pants down, and said poo things to the two boys watching. However in the boy's bathroom no one else saw or witnessed anything but the tattletale, who the teacher believed over my son.

The principal asked my son, he said no the other boy made it up, she said its not about him, then my son said no I did not, she would not allow him any rights. So afraid of her he wanted out so just said yes to get out of her way. He knew she would not help.

Sadly I found out the boy's mom was room mother, and p.t.a. helper more involved in the school and I saw why her son was special treatment. Angry I was every year after any child or teacher who bullies my son gets away with it, very little has been done, spit on, choked, kicked, pinched, ugly words, teachers mis-interpret what they see, are quick to dismiss, or blame us for all. Why are they so shocked?

Now he is in last year of this school and, we want a change, they do not realize the harm this is causing, only if blood is shed. Otherwise all is well to them, I'm tired of writing up my child, for something he did not do. They make excuses and protect teachers. What about my child? One teacher changed his words, every year is the same.

They can't accept they have a bully problem. They were mad because I took a photo of a pinched arm. Teacher said he gave her a disrespectful look when really a bully poked his eye, asked me - not him why then did he get in line with that eye poker, but my son said he didn't, the bully followed him. He could not get away at the time.

They really don't see what's happening there. Don't they ever just ask my son what happened? There is a logical reason they refuse to see it. Shallow of them to not find out. Easier to punish wrongly. I told him we could change schools, he thinks he can handle it? Should he just wait for the next bully?

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Transform Fear into Empowerment and Anger into Enlightenment
by: The Bully Buster

You don't take NO for an answer. The fact is only about 4 percent of teachers are taking action and only about 24 percent even see it as a problem. THAT is a problem which is why I am wanting to do more training programs for teachers.
BUT, you must be an advocate.
I am a speaker and author on Bullying and also have a character building program for kids that transforms potential into possibilities. See www.wingsforwishes.com and www.stopbullyingwithedie.com. Good Syneryg to make things happen!

my son is being bullied by a boy, parents & school staff
by: Anonymous

My son is being bullied by kids at school. Last year 1 boy told him to go to a gay porno site. My son didn't know what was on the site til he saw 2 men having intercourse and "you are gay" came up on screen. The Vice Principal knew about this. Wrote on my sons school record HE went on. Didn't mention the boy told him to do it & never told me!
This year the same kid (in to athletics) smashed my sons phone. Now he & his parents & his friends are saying my son is showing porno pictures to all the kids. They are doing this because they have to pay for the phone. Some of the kids are telling my son to kill himself!!! The principal & vice principal keep twisting words, lying, making things up. The principal pressured my son everyday to confess. Finally my son said he did to make the Principal stop. The school officials are treating my son horribly. I am disabled with MS & can no longer work. We moved into a trailer park because of finances. My son is so depressed. I don't want to send him back because I am afraid for his safety. My son doesn't matter to the principal because he isn't a jock. He is quiet and somewhat shy. It was so wrong of the Vice principal to not tell me about this last year but he was probably protecting the jock at school.

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