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Sibling Bodyguard

I'm not a parent but my brother was bullied in school. We lived in a small town in Virginia and my brother is 2 years older than me. He had failed 4th grade and was called stupid or moron or loser. He was always too scared to stand up for himself. I remember one day after school my brother told my mom he wanted to commit suicide, my mother said don't talk like that. She nor I knew of the bullying until then.

After that she looked me in the face and said "you protect your brother from now on. Ok?" I said yes because my brother and I were so close an almost inseparable. Which was why I was surprised to find out about this. So from 4th grade until graduation I protected him.

In middle school, someone had called him a "faggot". That day he told me at lunch so I found that girl and hit her. I remember I was so very mad I blacked out and then I realized what was going on, by that time I had almost killed her. She couldn't talk or blink. When asked why I did this I told them about my brother being bullied and they said I should've come to them. So they suspended me and said they would "fix" the problem.

Once I came back my brother's taunting got worse. Our mother called the school over and over but to no avail. Soon after, I had gotten into another physical altercation over my brother, this time with a boy. I broke his nose and was charged with assault but I made sure I told the school officials that these fights wouldn't end until they did something. It finally stopped but started again in high school. So I was pretty much a bodyguard to my brother.

He has always been a kind person and doesn't like to stand up for himself for risk of more bullying. The last straw for me was in my math class. My brother was in the same class but just a different period. He told me that It was the worst and he told the teacher but the teacher was actually too scared to say anything. So I waited until I knew my brother was in that class and I walked in, kicked the boy in the face and told him if he ever said anything else that I would make sure that next time his head would no longer be attached. The teacher tried to intervene but I just pushed him away and continued. When he was able to break it up I made sure I screamed it all the way down the hallway that "Mr.(...) was a horrible teacher who is scared of his students and that this would have never happened if he had just said something.

I was then expelled but my mother didn't think that was fair and threatened to sue the school. I was only suspended for 2 weeks. I was always just so angry to know that my brother who I love with all my heart had to just sit there and take all of that torture. But after that last fight, nobody dared bother him again and my mother said that I had done my job in standing up for family. I'm just surprised that it took all of that violence for the school to see just how bad bullying effects people and heir families.

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sibling Bodyguard
by: Aura

I like you! You are so cool! How is your brother now
Wow! the love of a sibling. I agree WHY! did you have to commit all that violence before the school did anything about your brothers bullying.
The school is so wrong on so many levels.
I wish you and your brother all the best.

kudos :)
by: ninzy

You are very brave to take on such a huge task. It's great that you were there for your brother. Many don't do that and you are definitely a hero. Though you resorted to violence, but I don't think anything will change if you hadn't intervened. You stopped the bullying at your school and hopefully a lot will change because of it. Good luck to you and your brother. :)

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