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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Sick Of It

My daughter has been bullied for the past 2 years by classmates, friends and even kids who don't know her at all. They have called her a stalker, gay, a slut (she has never even had a boyfriend). It all started by one girl posting a photo of her online poking fun of her. This girl was relentless in her attack on my daughter. My daughter has had milk thrown on her, told she was a failed abortion, called just about everything you can think of. One girl in our neighbourhood shouts at her on the street and my daughter barely even knows her but I believe my daughter's so called friends are telling her stuff to set her off. My rant is what makes these girls think they are better than her, these girls are into drinking and sex and are only 13 years old, so what, they pick on my daughter because she does not do any of these so called "cool" things.

I am so tired of her having to deal with these girls just because they think they are better than her. The most sickening part is that these girls are referred to as sweet and nice girls, nice people do not try to make other people feel bad or miserable.

My daughter or any other kid does not deserve to be harassed every day of their life. Bullying has destroyed my daughter's confidence and she used to be so positive, they have taken away her spirit and made her anxious and doubt herself, she won't even walk in the neighbourhood by herself. I just wish my daughter could not feel powerless and know that she is every bit as good as they are and that she deserves to be treated with respect as does every person on this planet, we are all just human, no one is better than anyone, if everyone just accepted this simple fact, people would think before they acted.

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to sick of it
by: lIZZY NJ

One word: MOVE!

I don't know where you live; but obviously your neighborhood is not one of educated persons.

If you rent, RENT another place in another town. (give landlord notice and move out) IF in a lease agreement; pay what is required to get out of lease…MOVE.

If you can sell the house; move one town over…TELL NO ONE of the sale…don't put a sign on lawn. Tell your daughter to not tell. Just quietly sell and move away.

If you can't move from neighborhood; move away in spirit. Enroll your daughter in a non public school system…perhaps a faith based school; where they teach the way of respect and dignity. Join clubs with your daughter where she feels she is helping others, and OTHERS who appreciate her will smile at her, say a kind word, and talk WITH her. AVOID the detractors. STAY IN THE LIGHT.

If you can't move by selling a home, or can't move by renting elsewhere; and there is a possibility your daughter can be sent to another town and school in another town…or even another state…difficult as it is…move your daughter to go live with grandparent, aunt, uncle, or your cousin…GET HER AWAY from the environment she is in. (it seems like running away; but actually…you are saving two souls; that of your daughter and that of her tormenters who, by their words and actions are dooming their own spirits. Break it UP.

The other solution is FEAR NOT…bring to light the words of this group…SILENCE at wrong do-ers keeps the wrong do-er still doing…bring the treatment to the light of school officials, (if you can't move, can't put daughter in non public school, ask for her to be moved to A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD school; far removed from old one; where she is not known.

Then too; examine daughter's 'style' / if you get her to a new school (public or private) make sure she dresses in clothing that is 'close to' what is 'the dress style' / NON PUBLIC schools usually have uniforms which take the pressure off of competing for 'coolness' / then too; everyone wears 'the uniform' that says "I'm not different; I'm just like you" (Those who look different; will be a target…i.e.: an easily identifiable person to 'hit' because different / blend in physically but be different in Spirit. When enemy attacks…use the coal of their own fire against them…(displace their anger with peace to them, displace their mocking by laughing at ourselves (humor and humble go together) laugh AT SELF …all the way to the bank. Meaning…if 'they' see they aren't cutting into our skin; to see blood; they (kids they are) will back off in boredom. (not sure how to do that)

And do some PR for your daughter…give her a group of 3 others she can 'hang with' and 'walk with' (if moving out is not an option) No one taunts 'in front of witnesses' / IN FACT; before going to school to shed light … make sure daughter has 3 credible witnesses of 'the problem' / and go with the parents of those witnesses…no school will deny the word of 3 parents.

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