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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Signed Off

I work in an incredibly busy, stressful, under-staffed Pre-School. My boss is very hostile and unsupportive when anyone calls in sick, and the rest of my colleagues always have some nasty comments to make. Unless you're super woman, they are hostile.

I've recently been signed off work for one week, then a further week due to snapped ligaments in my foot. Initially, work were relatively polite about my situation and didn't give me too much trouble about it. When I was signed off for a second week, my colleagues have been very hostile and icy to me over the phone, (my manager and deputy manager) I feel under a lot of pressure to come back to work, because of the way they're making me feel. I now feel anxious about going back to work, especially after my only friend at work told me she has 'overheard a lot of conversations' about me.

I am aware that Thursdays are our busiest day of the week, and highly stressful. A member of staff is off that day due to it being her birthday, leaving only one, unqualified member of staff. To save my company staffing problems, I offered to come into work for just Thursday (against my doctor's recommendations) to help out.

As I can't drive because of my bad foot, I explained that I cannot afford taxis both ways as they are so expensive, I also explained how it would take me a long time to get there using public transport and as I am on crutches, it would be very difficult and painful for me. I suggested another member of staff could give me a lift, and as that person is unavailable, I have no other way of getting into work.

In not so many words, they effectively told me to 'not bother' and were very hostile and rude to me over the phone.

I work very hard for that company, I usually work 50 hours a week, for terrible pay… and to be honest, I go above and beyond what's asked of me. I feel that I an not valued. I don't want to go back.

Does anyone have any advice?

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Signed Off Reply
by: Anonymous

It is upsetting when you hear unkind gossip. The simple fact is, you're unwell. It's obvious because you're on crutches. Do what your Doctor says. Stay home and recuperate. Management has to handle the staffing issues not you.
Don't listen to the gossip. If others have concerns, they can raise them for themselves. If they don't you don't have to do it for them. If you must advocate for anybody do it for yourself. You're a bright, intelligent, conscientious and dedicated woman. If they don't appreciate you; they're not that smart.
If you go in and work and aggravate your injury, you'll get no compensation because you haven't complied with your Doctor's orders.
I say be kind to yourself.
The others will follow suit, soon enough. If they don't and you still feel uncomfortable with the situation, look for another job. Don't let their stupidity re staffing issues effect you.
I'd be proud to have you work with me.
Hope this helps.

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