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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Small Town Further Out Feeling Lost

by Kyra
(Westcliffe, CO, USA)

My younger brother is being harassed emotionally, physically, and possibly electronically by another student he is in incurably close proximity with on a daily basis due to the size of our schools.

This teen unfortunately has a rather convincing poker face and selective demeanor when he is anywhere near an adult, making him rather hard to catch in the act. This has included both physical and emotional torment.

We tried to let him handle it on his own, but it has utterly failed, we've met with the counselor whom, it seems, can't do much to actually stop it, and we've met with the principal on the matter.

The other student's parents are either not around much or in that mentality that "boys will be boys" since they have been somehow unable to make any sort of meeting with my parents, myself, or any school officials on the matter.

Regrettably, it is my brother who keeps getting caught "acting out" either by hiding in the library, counseling office, or bathrooms, or, as of today, feeling so unsafe he brought a knife to school and got caught. It is obviously escalating ridiculously, there's not another school anywhere remotely near us, and we are running out of ideas and options.

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