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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Smear Campaign By Brother And Mobbing By Fellow Church Members

by Sunny

I am the victim of a smear campaign by my brother. He is also an officer of the church. I am now afraid that I have become a victim of mobbing by his fellow church members. They are only hearing his lies and apparently have no problem with that.

He was told that he could not come on our property, so he convinced the church members to come and bring him with them. This has made me not want to attend a church with hypocrites like this.

Everyone tells me that sooner or later there will be an accounting, but I don't know. I have seen plenty of bullying and slander that I know often these people get away with it. I have heard rumors that some people think that I am an atheist, which has never been true.

Do these people never pay attention to the ten commandants and not know that bearing a false witness is a serious sin? What type of sermons do they hear? Or do they even listen at all?

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to Smear Campaign by Brother
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for "Smear Campaign by brother and Mobbing". Hard to believe what a brother will do! But if they are in darkness, they will! It usually, if not always, goes back to some darkness they are hiding and they become bitter toward others. You have somehow pricked his conscience and he see's you as a threat. Until he is healed and the demons have a home in him, he will continue.

The one major solution you can do, is to move. Far away. Its worth it. Persons may change, may get a conversion, but it may take a long time. In the meantime, you have to live and protect your heart, your sanity and your loved ones.

If someone comes on your property that is trouble then you may have to build a fence, if possible. Or create the fence by moving, and not leaving any trace. Abraham did not live near Lot. Jacob did not live near Esau.

Underneath are the Everlasting Arms. He KNOWS.

Brother Bullying
by: Rosalea Mobbing Survivor in Kansas

I know only too well brothers who bully and church members who mob and bully. I am so sorry.
I have a theory that churches were the first Facebook: Like, Like, Like, Bully, Bully, Like.
Keep the Faith even when you don't have any.

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