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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Soul Destroying Bullying of Nurse

by Denise

I worked for 31 years in a Major Public Hospital in Victoria, as a Nurse. I spent the last 11 years working in the job capacity as an below knee Amputee. I still performed all required bedside duties competently and safely, until SHE became the latest NUM. Prior to HER arrival, I had been through 7 NUMs in the same Ward.

Upon her arrival, the bullying began. She started on some senior staff, made their life "Hell," so they all left for other jobs, then started on me. My last 4 years under her were an absolute nightmare. I was forced to seek legal advice, to try to protect myself from her and her gang, but in the end, even my legal team were ineffective. The constant monitoring, Verbal Threats from HER, degradation from her off sides, the lies, the constant put downs were unbearable. My work suffered severely. Yes, I was making totally uncharacteristic mistakes, which,of course, HER monitors were always quick to report, not offer support for. I was forced to resign last year.

She was even vicious enough to write a most defamatory letter against me, stating that I refused all assistance offered. Of course this was refused, simply because it was never offered, she finished the letter by stating that I was a danger to the public!. Since the "sacking" I have approached numerous legal areas, only, each time, to be scoffed at and told not to be so silly. I am mentally scarred from her. I have quit nursing for good. My future is very bleak, thanks to HER. She remains, destroying a once much loved work area, by many Nurses, whilst I am unable to pick up the nasty pieces and be rid of them.

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