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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Speaking Up After Almost 6 Years Of Abuse

by Breezy

After almost 6 years of abuse I spoke up! It was like I couldn't stop once I started. I actually don't care if they fire me - I wanted it - enough is enough - a human being cannot take being beaten for years and years and not have it affect them in every way. I work for a totally dysfunctional company - everything they do is wrong, unethical and just plain stupid. I have tried everything to solve the situation and make the company grow and make profit. But those who do nothing are rewarded while those who work are punished. The bully is a liar, cheat and thief and has pet employees that kiss the bosses behind but do no work - yet the boss loves them. It is an insane situation. Bullies are sociopathes - they have no conscience and do not think like normal people do - but are smart enough to get away with bullying.

Note from Anton: In many workplaces fighting back directly against the bullies and going to management could, as you mentioned, get you fired. Before you go too far down that road, and for others who find themselves in a similar situation, there are other approaches and things you should know. Why walk into an ambush if you don't have to? It's exactly what the bullies would want you to do. What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for Speaking Up After Almost 6 Years Of Abuse

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Tricky People
by: Trinity

I agree with Anton, be prepared. In my entire career I found that making any sort of criticism to management or HR is the defining moment in my job or career. We are dealing with tricky people, these people do not think the same way that we do. They are cunning, why do you think that 'integrity' in an employee is so important to management? Integrity means that you don't think the same way they do therefore you are a soft target if matters need to be resolved.

Normal ?
by: Tired

Reward and punishment, it's the oldest method of control, from the top down, and nothing has changed.

It's never about the work, it's always about ego.

By having integrity, you sealed your destiny, by being the one thing they will never be, respectful.

What is normal ? Abusing others, evidently.

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