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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by Aloha

Our bully is our human resources director. Over the years, she acquired three titles in addition to being human resources director. (Human resources director is one of her newer titles.) This means that she oversees almost three quarters of our staff. It also gives her more power than our executive director and president. Mangers yield to her because she can literally halt a project, including simple in-house Xeroxing projects. Since she signs off on printing requisitions, she won't approve printing if she doesn't like the person placing the order. She is not always direct or obvious in her bullying. Often times, one can be caught off guard and wonder why their project has been stopped or why they are being treated badly. In her role as multi-director, she spends her day walking through our building manipulating situations, spreading gossip, and pitting colleague against colleague. In addition, she can interject herself into our personal lives since she has access to our personnel files. Our workplace has become increasingly toxic.

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