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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Stand Next To Me

by Catherine

My son was bullied as soon as he entered middle school. These were kids that didn't go to his elementary school and didn't have the bond of friendship he had with others. The teachers claimed they were doing all they could, but when his eyeglasses came home broken, they had no answers. The principal actually suggested we have school insurance to help pay for the next pair of broken glasses. We were furious.

I spent the next week searching the internet for help. Unbeknownst to me. Bullying was much more common to 10 year-olds than the public is aware of. I did alot of research and even read a book about not to feed the pidgeons. Nothing seemed to help, except for my constant attention to his mental well-being, either through my unwavering appearance at the school and my professional letters on how certain things went and what were my feelings on the matter is. My son left his eighth grade promotion very angry.

The school counselor placed those bullies on a pedestal in front of everyone in her speech to the promoting class. Some people just don't get it. I had just started taking my son to a therapist who deals with such issues, so we'd talked about it in the next session. We'd worked on ways to speak up and play-acting on how close people should be and what to say in case they did get to close.

It (play-act) helped alot, but I think the most important thing is, the bio-feedback therapy he also had did a tremendous help in relieving his depression. He was able to return to his old happy-go lucky self. Able to engage others in fun conversation and joke around with his siblings.

Above all, if there is any parent out there worried about whether or not they would ''look'' crazy in the eyes of the school if they come in all the time in regards to their child's mental health. Give it up. If the school fails in providing a safe environment for learning then make it your personal crusade to get something changed. Believe me, those in charge will actually do something about it. Meanwhile, your child will be forever thankful because you, their parent, believed him (her).

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