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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Standing Up Sort Of

by Jaimie
(Riverview, FL)

I worked at a middle school as an Aide and I watched 1 kid get bullied alot and the teacher turned their heads as if nothing was happening, I felt guilty about what I let happen to this kid, so I told this teacher who ended up reporting it and emailing every teacher to watch out for bulling, I was glared at from that day, but that kid wasn't really bothered again.

Comments for Standing Up Sort Of

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Standing Up Takes Courage
by: Anonymous

I am glad you had the courage to do what you did, even though it was not a "full blown" endeavor. At least it was something and that is more than most people will ever do.

I believe that bullying could be greatly curtailed if a lot of people had the courage to stand up and speak out against bullying, rather than looking the other way in denial and leave the target to fend for themselves.

I don't know how to teach courage. I am sure there are no courses being taught yet in schools but there ought to be, right along with learning to be ethical.

The world is in a mess because we've allowed it to become that way due to our lack of integrity and courage. Shame on us all.

Thank you
by: Trinity

That's fantastic Jamie. The bullies in the playground turn out to be the bullies in the big wide world and you just may have saved a few kids from becoming psychopathic adult bullies and one kid from developing anxiety and depression.

Taking a Stand
by: Brian


I commend you for doing something about the bullying you witnessed. Too many lives have been destroyed by bullying. It's so important to let the victims of bullying know they are not alone - that we are there to stand up for them. It takes tremendous courage to speak up when you see something like that taking place - but in the end, it can potentially save a life. So thank you for doing your part.

I am trying to do my part through music. I recently wrote a song in tribute to Phoebe Prince, the Irish immigrant who took her own life after being bullied mercilessly at her high school. Here is the link:


Let's all make an effort to take a stand against bullying... it is up to us.

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