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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Still Optimistic

by Billy

This is the subtle pyschobullying I experienced. It was covert bullying from a manager, consisting of denying me the opportunity to perform my job to the best of my ability, setting me up to fail, gaslighting me, stripping me of credibility, and the ability to make complaints about the actual overt bully employees I had to supervise, against my vehement objections, deliberately making my workplace unsafe then refusing to accept that, and finally, when one of the known overt bully employees threatened me with violence, the manager told everyone except me that I was the perp, not the victim.

I didn't find out for 4 months that's what the covert bully had done. I was denied a safe work environment, denied natural justice, denied the right to appeal, and defamed. The violent, drug-addled employee, went on to do his gaslighting DARVO routine on another team leader and was rewarded with a plumb secondment to a tropical island, where he seriously endangered the lives of the 2 employees he went with, was not removed from the island after the first threat, but was rewarded. No manager lost their job.

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