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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

STOP Bullying At All Workplaces

by Monica

My former workplace was a mental health clinic, filled with mental health professionals. Very ironic that workplace bullying happened here.

One male supervisor was not stopped by top management and the carnage began. First one person was fired; then a person quit; then someone took extended medical leave. Another person quit; numerous medical symptoms including migraine headaches, high blood pressure, elevated glucose levels and more sick days.

It was a textbook case of bullying; but while I was inside the organization I had no idea what was actually happening and thought it was my fault. My fervent hope is that more national attention and education can gradually eliminate the "silent epidemic."

I see this as another "squeeze" on the middle class and the outcome of "Act 10" legislation that erases workplace protections. Thank you.

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workplace bullying is another symptom of a sick society
by: Anonymous

I am another worker at the same place that Monica worked and yes, she is correct, I see the bullying taking place by this same male supervisor, not directly as a witness, but by the number of people leaving, stressed out and getting sick.

This attack on the middle class actually began with Dubya when he removed funding for many of the courts and Administrative Law Judges that had courtrooms all over the country in which to hear lawsuit cases involving gender and age discrimination cases. They removed the infrastructure with which to deal with these kinds of cases and that made any discrimination case take much longer or not get heard at all.

Act 10 was just one more blow to an already struggling middle-class workforce. Death by a thousand cuts. Until we all start stepping up and sticking up for each other and presenting a united front, union or no union, nothing will change and this ongoing assault against the middle class will continue and get worse. Divided we fall.

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