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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by Lizzy NJ

Live the WHOLE life …mind body spirit … of GOD Ways… is to be on 'the narrow road' / that FEW find. There is the strength that 'buliies' don't have.

Money deflates, stuff wears out, rusts, moth eats.

Take care of one's mind (stay educated; read, learn continually informally or formally; one stays educated by… listening more than speaking)

Take care of one's body. (kids like junk food that tastes sweet or fun to eat; adults eat their veggies, along with the meat but in amounts just enough to sustain and not weary one…too much gas in a car floods the engine and car stalls …so too, too much food) No extreme measures…eat the meat, have dessert, have a sweet favorite treat at the end of week or 'for special occasion' but overindulge continually and eventually the body is going to break down …in some manner (heart, lungs, stomach, or some cell within that structure)

Take Care of one's SPIRIT…(soul) yes; it is permissible to love ourselves by doing what we like to do. (advocation if not vocation) It gives us a reason to look forward to weekends besides 'shop til one drops' / YES…attend a prayer worship time once a week (careful of which one's one joins of course) Worship of THE God keeps self humble, Fill mind with happy… good reading not junk novels or movies, and yes; it helps the spirit to share and care (not to excess) but yes…entertain family or friend or join a sport group one likes to do, or whatever one's special interest.

THE NARROW WAY… the way THE WORLDLY scoff at… as they just HANG OUT and Just Get By… eating, drinking, and griping in the office 'at the work' thing.

Narrow roads mean the travel is slower… we won't see the results of our choice right away…as the world gets INSTANT gratification of desires.

Anyway the NARROW ROAD is how to AVOID BULLIES.

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