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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by Lizzy NJ

BE STRONG! Be strong in what it takes to stay present… out in the world.

An instructor in classroom once put it as this acronym: K. A. S. H. Knowledge, Attitude Skills Habits. Generally; most understand the surface meaning here: be GOOD. Good Knowledge, Good Attitude, Good Skills, Good Habits. But; this requires more than JUST THINKING FOR OUR OWN SELF…

KNOWLEDGE - that means a broad general understanding of everything of life and the reason for our being on this earth. Knowledge of human nature as a whole (weak) and that means knowing one's own weaknesses as well. Knowledge of the strength that takes our weak areas to give "supernatural" graced strength, yes; knowledge of the facts of our specialty…but it is imperative to know PEOPLE (the good one's and the not so good…cordial TO ALL but to realize mankind of today …are primarily a wounded bunch / Attitude: HUMBLE is best. To be humble is to know how to find a funny spot in 'self' "laugh and the world laughs with us" / It's important we laugh at only ourselves…(before 'they the world' laughs at us actually) Laugh at self but praise everyone else / SKILLS…Skilled in SOCIAL GRACES…more than just 'nice' …again one must be ON TOP OF THE GAME of what 'that world' looks hard at…how we sit, stand, speak, walk…dress. (yes; all that superficial type stuff) the car we drive. And not that we should drive fancy or dress fancy … dress NEAT…but not nerdy…put together well enough it looks like 'WE KNOW' the 'in' of fashion…CLASSIC is fine. Don't overdress and don't underdress; dress for 'the job' we work with…meld in with the most. Maybe it is why some workers in factories wore uniforms…everyone was same and there was no distractions. Be skilled IN QUALITY of what you do….oh yes; some will hate you for that skillful way (man is prone to envy) So…knowing it…SEEK TO BE HELPFUL and show this lesser type HOW …don't worry they will get better than you…IT'S IMPOSSIBLE if you really know YOUR OWN WORTH… a beginner is a beginner…and management knows it. So; when management see's you trying to 'raise up' another…YOUR SKILLS just went UP FURTHER… NOT DOWN in management eyes. HABITS… HABITS are that which is done 'habitually' … over and over / always 'self correcting' we come to know WHAT HABITS work to the good (common good and our own good) and which habits ARE BAD FOR US… most decent workers get it early enough that getting to work on time brings 'the first stage of success at work' / the habit of being helpful…works well, the habit of standing straight not slouching, the habit of speaking clearly and firmly, the habit of …well now on a personal level; EXERCISE, EATING RIGHT FOODS, ATTENDING correct social gatherings (wholesome entertaintment) fills our minds with GOOD and not the suspicions that burden the minds of the 'worldly' / the habit of saving dollars (true savings…not just savings to just pay 'a bill' or 'buy something'… SAVINGS that is for 'THE FAR FUTURE'

In all these ways… WE WILL RISE above 'THE WORLD' who grumbles, gripes and complains of all they LACK…and how unfair life is…and then they get nasty and yes…try to bully to intimidate. (false power by VERY WEAK people) Their strength is phony…they have NOTHING …NOTHING of substance…they just hope that if they ACT AND SOUND TOUGH… 'the real strength' will flee …

STAY PRESENT…'IN THE GOOD WAYS' (God ways of life) You will overcome the world.

Too many 'just workers' are losing FAITH in that which sustains them…to 'be cool' 'be popular' and 'be with it' … leaning on HUMAN FRIENDSHIPS for help to get ahead. To some; lots of FRIENDS spells success…but NO…not always. A friendly manner yes; to all…but for the most part…one or two good friends is all man can really have. (a spouse is probably one big blessing…if one is so called…to the marital way …which then bears fruit the little friends 'of same blood' one's children (although these friends take time to develop) If not marriage…then to stay with LIKE MINDED … in belief…yes; THE PEW… - where 'the GOD' is known of 'as you know of' … (and even here; don't forget mankind is weak) BUT MOST OF ALL…IF one's BEST FRIEND is THE SPIRIT OF GOD…PEACE WITH OTHERS will generally be…

Be just like 'them' in the world going for the same earthly treasure …and one will always be going with the trials and tribulations.

HOPE this helps.

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