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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Successfully Sued Bullying Employers

I was subjected to corporate bullying for years in a small company. The office manager took a dislike to me as I was seen as extremely competent in my role. She started to isolate me, and colleagues followed her lead as their jobs were at risk also if they didn't. I made an informal complaint. She was related to the owners, who decided it was easier on them to back her. Shortly after my complaint she used the disciplinary procedure against me over non existent and fabricated allegations, secretly recorded phone calls and meetings, altered witness statements, monitored my emails constantly, and having fired me, continued their surveillance of my movements, querying and blackening my name in the industry.

Following dismissal for gross misconduct for a false allegation, they warned ex colleagues not to maintain any contact with me. I had to be treated for PTSD for months prior to and after dismissal.

I successfully sued them, on points of failure to carry out procedure, failure to use disciplinary sanctions equally across the workforce, improper use of disciplinary procedure, failure to carry out investigations, proportionality of sanctions etc etc....

Why do more people not take the legal course of action? It is not worth the possible long term alteration to mental health and damage to your physical health to remain in such situations.

P.s I did not really believe victims were faultless prior to this, and guiltily, in other jobs I am ashamed to say I had witnessed isolated employees who were being slagged off etc, and, although I didn't actively participate or encourage the behaviour I may have appeared to have sided with the wrong side just because I did not want to be associated with the 'weak'. Shame on me, it will never happen again.

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