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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Supervisor at Health Care Facility Speaks Out

by AL
(Sask., Canada)

I work in a health care facility, I am a male RN and supervise aides (majority being women). My concern is that the aides seem to have a problem with taking direction from me, they want to tell me what to do. I hear them out and usually go with what they say as I don't want to rock the boat and I want to be seen as a good staff -- not the coffee row gossip.

I have turned a new leaf, I am speaking out, protecting the good staff and correcting the bad. I want to feel good inside and yes I am reporting incidents to management and holding them accountable for leaving this go on for so many years. I plan on going further if need be -- not sure to who? Does anybody know? I plan on asking my union next, enough is enough. Thx to anybody who responds. AA

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Being a Tough Supervisor Doesn't Mean You Are a Bully
by: Anton Hout

Sounds to me like you are a supervisor who doesn't want to bully his staff in order to get the job done. You also don't want to be perceived by your staff as a bully either. That's great!

However, it seems some of your staff take advantage of your good nature and don't want to take direction. Simply asking someone to do their job is not bullying. I commend you for hearing out their suggestions and if they are valid you should "go with what they say", but if it is not how you need them to do the job you have to insist they do it your way. You are the supervisor and it is your responsibility to ensure the job gets done to acceptable standards.

"Protecting the good staff and correcting the bad" is your role as a supervisor. Will all the "bad" employees like you for correcting them? Probably not, but if you are firm, but fair with everyone they will respect you more than if you constantly give in because you don't want to be the "coffee row gossip".

Being a firm or even a tough supervisor doesn't make you a bully. However, having different rules for different people, setting up targeted workers to fail by withholding information or resources, setting unattainable goals, having goals that are moving targets, threatening, intimidating or humiliating staff would be another story.

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