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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Surgical Technologist Bullied At Work

(Georgia )

I am a surgical technologist - I have a college degree with a two year surgical technology degree. I worked mostly in eye surgery—worked there eight months. I was bullied and harassed from day one. This person also bullies others—everyone complains verbally to supervisors but they did nothing. It got so bad I witnessed her slamming door on a supervisor—nothing done to her; my supervisor asked me to keep a journal of the bullying; I learned to ask bully what was wrong? She got mad.

Continued on—I had good reviews—no negative write ups, all positive; doctors liked my professional work ethics. Then I got called into supervisors office and supervisor says to me “ms bully says you are causing problems, you are fired”.

I was told not to speak; and I was escorted out. Coworkers have called me to say sorry; and they are scared who ms bully will lie about and bully and then get them fired too.

I don’t know what to do; I tried to call HR but HR didn’t call me back, HR took my message to my supervisor who fired me, supervisor wrote me email that I didn’t need to get HR involved. Bully is still there and bullying along.

I don’t know if I can get a reference for a new job or even think about going to file for unemployment.

I feel worthless, confused and pretty used by my last employer who didn’t protect me.

Any advice would be welcomed.

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by: Anonymous

That's a shocking experience. I truly hope you have moved on since then. I'm just glad you're not having to spend any more time with that person. You will get another job. Nothing is insurmountable. Good luck.

Surgical tech bullying
by: Anonymous

I started off at this hospital as a housekeeper and then got on as a surgical tech. I didnt go to zschool but had OJT as crazy as that sounds. From day one I was yelled at, humiliated, and put in harms way a few times by sharps being snatched out of my hands. The general surgeon at that time was someone ill never forget. He was a professional bully. He was passive aggressive but also aggressive. Im not even sure how to describe this person. Also a male nurse and his best friend which was the head nurse were aweful to top it off. When I first started I thought it was normal and that with time things would get better as I learned my Job. I did learn my job but things only got worse. One surgery the male nurse switched me put for retracting and seconds later the surgeon stuck him with a hep + bloodied needle. That easily could have been me. These two were roommates and friends. The surgeon had no remorse though. Over a year of taking abuse I confronted the surgeon and he told me I had mental issues and needed to seek out a professional. I knew then that nothing was going to help the situation. I started to get anxiety that effected me so bad. I would shake so bad I couldn't even cut suture or load the damn thing anymore. He still continued. I pushed myself to continue through this torture and let me tell you, I went through the hardest most embarrassing times in that surgery suite. My hands would tremble uncontrollably and I would look around to see if anyone would stick up for me and it was freakin crickets. The woman I worked with got treated way better of course and they ignored and brushed off the bullying I was experiencing. This freak ended up leaving and we got a new surgeon that didn't quite respect the girls as they were used to and they started complaining about it. I did have a talk with this guy and he was a lot more understanding and was actually fairly nice to me for being a surgeon. By this point I had the shaking anxiety with any surgeon I worked with. As a small hospital we took a lot of call and on the way ive had severe panick attacks. I worked about two years in this hell hole and the last six months I got accused twice of using drugs but passed the drug test both times. The head nurse would also often have freak outs and was a back stabber. I ended up leaving, I could not do it anymore even if i wanted to. The job itself was an amazing experience but the people exhibited the worst behavior I've ever dealt with. I'm interviewing now for a higher paying job that hopefully has mature adults. Some surgeons do abuse there power knowing you can't do anything about it. HR and management would bat for each other. Oh yeah, I did stick up for myself one time and got a write up and suspended with pay fortunately. I tried to state my case and they wrote there own narrative. I honestly thought about assaulting this guy because I literally couldn't do anything. All I wanted was to be treated decently. I get it, sometimes high stress moments cause outbursts but this was not that. Anyone going through this, it isn't worth it. It's not worth your health and the heartache. Do what ever it takes to get out. I wish you the best. My tech Co workers were really cool btw. I do miss them and the awesome times. Last I heard my ex manager either quit or got fired. They have chased off multiple nurses and techs. Sad

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