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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Targeted at Work

by Nigel
(New York)

My mobbing at my job began in 2002 when my coworkers began repeating conversations I have in the privacy of my own home and phone. I thought I was loosing it and began to seek help. I started seeing a Psychiatrist who when I explain what was happening to me label me with a mental illness (this is always to case when dealing with individuals who says that they are the victims of workplace mobbing) and prescribe me medication and told me that what I was experiencing would stop.

Well I am here to say that it did not stop and I am still mob and harass at me job. My manager would try to belittle me in from of my coworkers for things I did not do or have no involvement in, would treat me as if I was his whipping boy. He would treat the other employees with respect. Employees in the company would gang up on me with psychological harassment tactic like shaking changes in the pocket as they approach me, as well as cover their mouth.

They would take my personal belongings and subject me to dangerous situations, like sending me to work at our other facility cross state and not provide transportation to bring me back (I have to take to shuttle van back to work and sometimes have to sit on the van floor if another person was coming back also, very dangerous on the highway). I am also subjected to my manager grabbing his crouch when to come over to speak with me, but this is all in my head and once label with a mental illness who is going to believe you.

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Re; workplace mobbing...
by: Sarah

I believe every word you say. I do not believe for one moment you are mentally ill. They always try to label targets of mobbing or psychological abuse as being unbalanced or to blame, in need of medication.
They have tried to do that with me. God knows, I know I am not mentally ill in any way, shape or form.
The thing is, blaming the victim for what is happening is the easy and cheap way out. It's the lazy man's way of 'solving' the problem I think. I thought psychiatrists would have been a bit more open minded and knowledgeable about the subject of bullying and mobbing. Unfortunately, it seems that many of them still want to bury their heads in the sand when dealing with this horrible crime.
As one targeted individual said to me on my YouTube channel, 'All we have in the end is each other,' and sadly, he is right.
Targets of bullying, mobbing and gangstalking only have each other. I am learning that the hard way, that very few other people actually care about what we go through.
Good luck with your future job prospects and I hope you can get things sorted.

by: Polly

I was set up to sleep with a director at my former company by so called Christian people with morals. I paid a high price for it as I was cruelly mobbed at my place of work and finally left.

I now realize just because people dress nicely and look decent are not what they seem. Wolf in sheeps clothing more like or bitches in high heels.

I have now moved on but would like to say people in high places are no better than you or I just people with thicker wallets who think they are god.

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