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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Teacher Looking For Fictional Book For Adults That Highlights Bullying Behavior

by S.F.

I worked for years in special education in an affluent suburban district. My partner-teacher was known to sit at the lunch table telling raucous stories and jokes about parents, students, and other teachers she does not like. The other teachers laughed along and no-one corrected her inappropriate behavior. It even happened in restaurants after which I refused to go out to lunch if she was present. I was the brunt of her negative humor from the first day I started work there. I struggled to gain respect until she finally moved to another position. Amazingly, I suddenly became competent in the eyes of my peers and administration!

Even though I recently retired, I was invited to join a book-club formed by present and former members of the staff. At our last book-club meeting, this teacher was the center of attention again, mocking yet another co-worker (who was not present), as well as that teacher's son - making funny sounding voices as if that was how that teacher sounded, and expressing mock amazing at the absurdity of things the other had said (things that would normally be just simple conversation). I was so upset and threatened buy all this. I did not know how to stop her without looking like "sour grapes" which would not have been productive.

I believe that the majority of the staff does not approve of this bully's behavior, however, as she is rich, stylish, she holds sway with many, including administrators. It feels like being in junior high, with her as the leader of the popular clique. Everyone listens and no-one calls her out. This latest victim has already endured this kind of bullying for many years and suffers from depression. We worked together briefly and were very friendly at that time. Next month it is my turn to choose the book. I have been looking on-line for a fiction book for adults that would point out this kind of behavior. Perhaps it might be the start of a wake-up call on the destructiveness of this bully's behavior and something could at last be done.

Does anyone know of such a book. Everything I have found so far are for younger readers. I would appreciate any recommendations for such a book.

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