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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Telescum New Zealan*

by Plumtart
(Asia Pacific)

I studied hard and earned my degree and postgrad qualifications at the university, achieving grade a+ in internet subjects. Then I joined Telescum New Zealan*'s internet service group in 1996. I survived there for 1.5 years and finally got bullied until I got stress breakdown, laughing and crying at the same time, could not sleep, feel extremely scared and got pressured to leave and get silenced.

All sorts of crazy people and things were there. I worked very hard at solving all computer problems and writing many codes to create their customer billing and ecommerce systems. The bully(ies), not having relevant knowledge and qualifications, just joined in using exaggerated claims, and started their robbery since day one of their employment, where they would just rob away my property and source code and label everything as theirs, and create falsified records against written corp policies.

However the top management were also opportunists and don't enforce the policies or take responsibility. After I helped them make billions of dollars, they just bad mouthed me and threw me to the street, and ironically I was the company's minority shareholder.

One of the lessons I learnt was that I might be too nice and naive, and my faith and trust were seriously breached and violated. I was very disappointed at people's selfishness and dishonesty. Maybe you can say I'm stupid to earn a tiny $10k to make them $1000k, but I was innocently on a mission to do something great, whether it was for the large corporate, or for the country, or for the community, or for higher bosses or seniors. But again, I learnt that I should also watch for my health and not to slamp my whole life into it, for it all became someone else's wealth and not mine.

I don't dare to speak up, because I might have just helped the most evil group of people succeed with lots of money, and if I walk on the street when they're armed with all information and money, I don't know if I could end up in an 'accidental' death for no good reason. You know, they're good at playing PR games and putting up glossy ads.

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Cheated by Bullies
by: Anonymous USA

I feel your pain. I, too, was bullied while others gained the glory and money. Too nice, I took it for FORTY years. Then slowly outsider people helped me uncover that I had been made the Red Herring, or diversion, for a group of bullying mobsters who were trafficking drugs and laundering money, among other illegal things. They would attack me publicly so people would blame me for things I had not done. Yes, I almost suicided, too. Now I am finally learning that it is a common ploy to set up a naive, innocent, kind person who won't fight back to garner the public's focus while they do their dastardly deeds behind the scenes. Sadly, the world is filled with unrecognized unscrupulous bullying mobsters in the most unexpected places... most are the mules doing the errand work for the Big Boys. Their abuse of power destroys countless lives. I have no advice except to try and avoid them at all costs, and rebuild a life some other way.

by: PT

Again, I had no problems giving out all my truthful personal information in telescum companies, employment, insurance companies or everywhere. The problem is, that you do all that in good faith, while others like bank staff or agencies act in bad faith, and when you get hurt, nobody cares for you, unless you have thousands of dollars to give to lawyers, counsellors etc. Nobody cares how violated you get. What hurts is that when you hand out your heart and help to people, they take it away thanklessly, and would hurt you back.

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