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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Television Producer-Director

I've been a victim of workplace bullying for my entire career. Both parents smacked me and my brothers around at home, from an early age. Mom "invented" reasons to yell at me,and spank me as a toddler.

My father started "man-handling" me at the age of 13. We were always relieved when he was stationed somewhere else. Mom had a boyfriend, but instead, wrote and told him that she couldn't "handle" me. So, he came home and "handled" me. By the age of 15, with him calling me a "She-Bitch", (whatever that is), he humiliated and terrorized me. I was his "target" every day. I hated to go home from school. I would lock myself in my room, and would not eat dinner.

I was bullied at school, but fought back, (I guess, from all of that smacking around at home), and wasn't bothered anymore.

I've also been bullied in personal relationships. A guy moved in on me ten years ago, and lived relatively rent and board free, until I left in 2010. He "bullied" himself in and I left him in "my" apartment. He's still there. Feeling like a fool, I moved out of my own home.

My latest workplace bullying episode, has come at the hands of a new supervisor, who is retaliating because I had him written up for yelling and screaming at me last year. He's mounted a campaign with two other females in the department, (from another agency) who are retaliating, because I complained to my supervisor, about "their" yelling and screaming, and general unprofessional behavior, at different times, towards me.

To mount the campaign, they used a "pawn", someone else from this outside agency, to go to my HR and complain about me. By now, I am a "Target", but I don't know it. This "complaint" led to giving my new supervisor, the ammunition he needed to issue me a written warning, listing ALL of the conversations I ever had with him, about these people, and labelling these "conversations" or any statement or complaint I ever made about these people as "unsuccessful" episodes with so-called "clients".

I have clearly been "targeted". People don't speak to me, my new supervisor and his 'co-bullies" have succeeded in coaxing him to take all of my directing projects away. I have been relegated to sitting at my desk, doing menial work. I am summarily ignored for meetings, training, conversations, planning meetings, and pretty much anything that has to do with the work in my department.

You are correct in saying that Management sides with the "bully", not the "target".

Everyone is now "kissing up" to the bullies (the 2 females), my supervisor, and of course, they love "the pawn"! I guess they don't want to become a victim of this "bully's" ruthless tactics, like I have.

I am now depressed, financially drained, sleepless, listless, I cannot eat, feel aimless, and always very "jittery" and unsure of myself.

Finally, I had been "celebrated" at my job, with nothing negative, placed in my personnel file, for the past 14 years, until these "bullies" put together this mammoth, collaborative, effort to discredit me, along with my "bully" supervisor.

By the way, my "bully" supervisor, used to work with these bullies, at "their" agency, before moving over to my agency.

Nobody, in my 23-year tenure at my agency ever told me that these people were "important clients", and that I could be terminated and demoted for complaining about their behavior, to my "new" supervisor, who happens to be "their" buddy.

My new supervisor also happens to have a pattern of yelling and screaming at females in a "protected group", about these so-called important "clients". He did the same thing to another female. We both are minorities!

So... it seems my supervisor has been making up the rules as he goes along, and retaliating against anybody who calls him on it, like I have. I stepped into a minefield without knowing it.

No picture or name is listed. I don't want them to bully me, mob me, or retaliate further. I can't stand anymore.

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