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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Black Avenger

by John
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

For 21 years, I was a target of on the job racial harassment that turned into uncontrollable bullying that forced me out of a job and a forfeiter of my 25 year pension. I am an Ex-Marine who could have easily gone postal but at the last minute I decided not take that route.

For 21 years, I had to put up with white racist rednecks who hung nooses, wrote racial slurs on walls and carried out all types of racial acts on me and other black workers. While all this was going on my union, federal and state rights agencies stood by and did nothing to stop the abuse.

Today, I am suffering from PTSD. I can not work or can I function normally. I am still under my doctor's care. The bully only understands one language. You have to speak the language of the bully and be ready to pay the price.

To live the way I am living might as well be a slow death sentence imposed upon me by racist psychopaths who are being called bullies. My words are not in malice. I am only stating the truth about how I feel.

Pervasive bullying and racial injustice can make anybody lose their mind.

No Justice, No Peace.

Comments for The Black Avenger

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21 years of racial bullying
by: Anonymous

How I understand what you have been through. I have gone through four and a half decades of small town mobbing as their "Red Herring"....this corrupt Kasnas town is filled with drug cartels and trafficking and I became the diversion target. But somehow I never gave up, refused drugs to cover the pain, and took one day at a time, sometimes only one hour or minute at a time.....now Attorney General Grissom has a Public Corruption Hotline and I hope and pray it helps clean up the rampant evil and ugliness in America. (You might try calling them) I wish you the very best...hang tight and never never give up or give in to their evil.

best wishes
by: Sonya

So sorry to hear of your terrible experiences. Workplace bullying and discrimination is a terrible thing that ruins peoples lives and is costly for the employer and economy. Sadly, if you are a target of this, you are often on your own.

I hope you recover and get a chance to rebuild your life. I was the target of a hate campaign at work due to my disability. I am not in employment and still going through the processes of tribunal and appeal. As time passes I do feel stronger, and I continue to raise the issues hoping it will be of help to someone. I think telling your story helps. I hope you get some help and support.

Take your life back
by: Cathy

O my this is so sad John. My heart goes out to you. I have been there my friend. Bullying has little or nothing to do with race or color or creed, it is just a means by which the supposedly strong prey on the weak. I will pray for you that you will get your health back and get some joy back in your life. Five years ago I would never have believed that it was possible for me to ever be happy or content again but I have managed it by the grace of God. And you can too. Try to get a little exercise into your life on a daily basis. Try to eat as healthily as you can. Watch your consumption of alcohol and nicotine or any other substances. Talk to a therapist. It is possible to get your life back believe me. It will take time but when you have accomplished it, you will have triumphed over these little people who basically are to be pitied for their lack of humanity. God speed you on your journey forward my friend

I wish you the best
by: Anon

Hello Sir, first and foremost thank you for your service. I'm not familiar with this line of work but all I can think of is don't give up on getting that 25 year pension. You were very close and it shouldn't be taken from you because of a hostile workplace. Go to as many people as you can, try your best to pick up from 21 years in.

If this doesn't work I'm truly sorry. Your story has really upset me, just take things one day at a time my friend.

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