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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Bully Dentist!

by s smith
(Plano, Texas)

I took a job 9 months ago thinking that it was going to be secure since most of the staff had been there 19 years. I was replacing someone who had worked there 18 years. After a few months I noticed that the Dr. was a bully! He does not use foul language but he degrades you and belittles you and gets in your face and after seeing these women enable his behavior for all these years I have had enough. I walked out yesterday!

I found out that I was one of many in the position I had filled. He has ran off patients and other employees. The EEOC says bullying is really not something you can file on unless he made racial, sexual remarks. I NEED ADVISE! I have plenty of evidence to prove my case. In fact after I walked out and told him that I could no longer work under hostile environment the office manager of 19 years quit too.

HELP... am I eligible for unemployment? I need direction as to what to do. It's time this bully pay for his actions. I want to pave the way for the ones who are not strong enough to stand up to him.

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comment on bully dentist
by: Anonymous

Feel pity not revenge for this dentist boss. It's hard because 'your feelings' are getting in the way of seeing 'this man's sadness' / go for God justice.

First, forgive yourself and commend yourself for knowing your own worth as an employee. Forgive yourself for 'lack' of feeling for this 'boss' that you'd consider avenging yourself by seeking revenge. (think of a time when this dentist bully of thoughtless words and actions might have been you 'at a very very early time of living; maybe teen years) Think of how happy you were a thoughtless act or acts in this time was forgiven you. That was 'an act of God' to you. Remember the kindness and do same.

God justice: God has forgiven your imperfect nature (generally or specifically) Now, he asks you to 'follow' the way. YES; you did good for standing up for your dignity as person and walking out and 'revenge' you got when "the 19 year manager walked with you." The dentist now must get a new manager of same knowledge and skills and experience who will take his guff? DREAM ON. (you got revenge in that aspect)

But; going deeper, seek the justice as God wants. The problem is not with this dentist per se but the hardness of his heart (for reasons only God knows) The 'little devil spirit' is possibly ruling his ideas and thoughts for lack of hearing God's voice. If you were forgiven; God expects you now to do likewise. ray for this dentist with God love, ask God to shed light to him on his ways and to 'repent' (change)

Have faith God will (even if you don't see the result) God wants all 'up there' with Him. YOU who were forgiven must also forgive and pray for this one. (don't have to work for him but you were given the grace to see who needed to hear God's voice and pray for Him)

Don't just go for 'shorter value' thru monetary gain. Save a soul; pray for him to hear God.

You are free to reject this, but it will do greater good to you if you reflect on this advice.

I get that!
by: Anonymous

Yes I thank you for your comments. I don't want Revenge. You are correct when you say he is Paying the price also losing a 19 year long Employee. Small business owners seem to not fall under the same rules of fairness as larger companies where they are held accountable for actions towards people. I know I have already made an impact. You are correct that his issues lie much deeper than anyone knows.

You don't have to be a doormat to follow God
by: Anonymous

I am a Christian, and though it is easy for some to just let everything go, you must bear in mind that God DID give us a voice and expects us to use it. Jesus turned over tables in righteous indignation. I was bullied by my dentist, and my career and health is greatly effected. I will not let it go. God has a plan, and sometimes it involves using a voice and taking action. Peer review and formal complaints to the ADA would be a great start. Media is a great route too.

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