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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Bully in ME

by Mel
(United States)

I have a son that has a speech problem. Watching him get made fun of and pushed as I pick him up at school, is like a knife slowly piercing my heart. For a long time, I would talk to his teachers and they would assure me that something was being done. I would have long talks with my son about his feelings and what to do, yet, even as I talked, the words seemed hallow even to me.

I did my research. A lot of it. I got online like I am today and as a teacher I thought that maybe I had a student in my own class that was just like my son. I decided to implement a program in my school and found out that the books out right now are mainly geared toward elementary kids. I teach middle school. I found a book called The Bully in ME by MG Villesca.

I realized that I was the one that had to make a difference. I also found Bully, the author website offered worksheets links and resources that would help me on my way to teaching and open the discussions about bullying.

I guess to make my long story short - we all have to do something. In my teaching career I did something. I hope others will too.

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