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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Circle - Mobbing Within a Family Business

by Mari

I have a very unique workplace bullying and mobbing case. My husband is the owner of the company and his older brother is his partner. Many days the workers are close by my home. The worst one of the bullies is my husband's older brother. His bully attitude is quite contagious. His favorite tactic is telling blatant (often ugly) lies to our employees about me.

At times he has even told our workers that I have made accusations against them that I have not made.

This sort of lying gets our employees to join "brother bully" in his hatred toward me and then his mobbing team grows. There have been times that I can not go outside my home without being subjected to all sorts of harassment.

Sadly, I have been the target of some these men in the recent past who went so far as to plot to take my life. They have failed twice. Unfortunately the second time their mob bully (a paroled murderer) took the life of an innocent woman by mistake.

They have close ties to a well connected attorney who also has a strong dislike for me.

He knows all of the proper maneuvers to keep their activities covered. He has connections in the local law enforcement community.

I have been trying to get law enforcement on all levels to help without much cooperation.

The bullies and their attorney use all sorts of tactics to damage my credibility in case there is ever any sort legal action taken against them.

I believe that if they were not guilty there would be no need to go to such lengths to damage my credibility or to silence me with intimidation tactics or worse... to take my life from me.

There have been many years of this kind of mobbing that has taken place in our company. My sister-in-law was shot to death a few years ago. Her death was ruled a suicide. A more accurate ruling would have been bullycide. This kind of behavior is far beyond mere bullying.

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Kansas Murderous Bullying
by: Anonymous

Having also been bullied in Kansas for many years, I can truly understand what you are saying and I know how scary it is because it is next to impossible to find help. No one believes that these things happen in "sweet little old Kansas" and yet it is a hotbed of criminal bullying activity that the world does not yet recognize. Please contact the Kansas Attorney General's Criminal Division at once. Also, get written, signed documented statements from witnesses and send your story immediately to national investigative teams such as Sixty Minutes, 20/20. (Their websites tell you how to proceede.)

You must get protection. You are in a very dangerous situation. I implore you, please get protection outside your area NOW.

The "Circle" is a Real Mob
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your advise. I have been aware of the seriousness of this for a very long time. This has been escalating recently and has become unbearable. The mob people who have been targeting me consists of people from my husband's business, his family, his family's attorney and some so called friends. They simply want to force me out. I won't march to the beat of their drum. What is happening is what I will define as a hate crime. They just will not stop. My quality of life is zero because of their attacks on me. They are on a kind of feeding frenzy. I am not the only person who has been a victimized by them. I have watched this mob focus on others for a time and as soon as they get a victory they come back to targeting me again. I am constantly accused of bringing the attacks on myself and lying about what they are doing. I have recently talked to law enforcement making matters worse. If I contact the media I will without a doubt suffer the consequences. These are not just playground bullies. I am not exaggerating when I say Kansas City has a very real mafia and being "snuffed out" is a very real possibility. It would not be the first time. They are dangerous.

the reality of mobbing
by: Anonymous

Consider that this family is narcissistic in that they do not have connection to their "Souls" in that they lost touch with their inner emotions. That being the case they FEED off of other people's emotions most importantly the two polar emotions of pain and love. To them love and pain go together. They don't break completely from you in that they NEED some one to scapegoat. In a mobbing situation, one party (namely your husband) gets a pass or maybe even a golden status while you get the pain. Both are necessary for the Narcissist. Believe me this NEVER ends. And the person who gets the most FOOD from this scapegoating / idealizing is your HUSBAND.! Sure he has been bullied but decent person wouldn't put his family through such a tangled web. Decent people would have cut from the fake family LONG LONG ago. This mobbing doesn't look like it is coming from your husband but consider if you were raped right in front of him and he stayed PARTNERS with that rapist - he is just EVIL. And don't let that extreme touchiness of his nor that extreme aggression of his go unnoticed. Go NO CONTACT. as if you have children they too will one day (your quote) want to kill you.

Courage takes courage
by: Also Anonymous

How horrific your situation is. Bucolic Kansas? I can attest from my own horrific experience it is one of the most corrupted states in the United States. We all lived so naively for so many years while the gangsters wormed their way through everything.
My historic lifetime home was demolished a year ago with a lifetime of cultural collections left inside.....research, handcrafted family furniture, thousands of theater costumed. original art, etc........and all the while the hometown folks with their rampant drug riddled brains turned on me. While sobbing alone they cussed and screamed ugly words about me on social media. While my life came tumbling down I stood virtually alone on the worst day of my life. Even two banking professionals told me they hated me and was glad to see my home destroyed with most all of the contents left inside.
Don't bother with the law or the Attorney General or anyone else in Kansas government. They are NOT going to help you. Been there, done that, been there, done that. All I can foresee right now is to stick with emotionally healthy people far from the corrupt crowd and help in grassroots endeavors to bring them down. Or just plain outlive them! (Four of my bullies died in 2015) In my case we are heading towards Federal Court. i have a contingency attorney who helps women like me without funds. Perhaps there is a way Anton can conncet us if you wish?
You must not "do nothing"....yes, get out of there and rebuild a new life some place else but today there is so much corruption it is difficult to find a place that is peaceful and safe for good people.
Everything cycles. "Even Evil Will Eventually Expire" But how long does it take? I have been a red herring target in our corrupt county for 48 years now. Honestly,l I do not know how I've endured except I knew in my soul I was doing nothing wrong. And I have a dream to heal my hometown.
The lawsuit may upset their apple cart in a way they never dreamed about. And if enough people stand together strong, we can reclaim a once beautiful state.
Courage takes courage.
Keep the Faith even when you don't have any.
And never, never give up Hope.

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