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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Loneliness of Dissent


It is quite horrifying. Day upon day I am being seriously "bullied" by my manager, and dissenting openly and publicly about it. Others in my team are fully aware of the situation I am in but remain totally an utterly silent. Their silence is absolutely, and mentally destroying me.

They are being bullied in the same way but say nothing. Team meetings are all one-way: manage to staff, any suggestions for better working practices from the ground floor are instantly rejected. You are not allowed to think for yourself.

Automatons Arise, or you will be switched off.

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Loneliness of Dissent
by: Linda Guirey

Sometimes, when it is clear that no matter what you say, what you raise, what evidence you have - the management team are going to ignore the issues you raise - then you have to really think how long you want to remain in that environment.

You say that the other staff say nothing because they too are being bullied. It seems that the entire culture of that place is autocratic, and 'do what you are told'. Do you think it is possible to consider looking elsewhere for a job? I really don't think that workplace is going to change in the near future, but if they start to lose a lot of their staff, they may start thinking 'why'. It costs about 150 - 200% of a person's salary, to replace them - perhaps it will take a mass exodus of staff, to make them sit up and take notice.

Sometimes trying to fight bullying, in this sort of environment - is fruitless until the senior management team actually want to change and want to create a supportive environment.

If you want things in your life to change - change the way you think - that is what I tell my audiences regularly. I think it's time someone else benefited from your skills and started to appreciate what you have to offer.

Good luck.

Linda Guirey

To: The Loneliness of Dissent
by: LB

If one is not a clone and has half a brain, then they are doomed.

Does it ever seem to you when you have any lucid moments at work, like you're in some surreal dream, and you are the only one who sees what is actually happening ? ("the emporer is naked")

Well, join the ranks of the bullied, because one of the first things that happens when one is going through the idignity and insidious affects of being bullied, after processing the insanity, is that how sharp the focus becomes as to what is actually being perpetrated, and how absolutely wrong and absurd the bully's behaviour is.

Personally, I asked myself the sobering question, that I think eventually most target's ask themselves, "do I really want to work with these people anymore, would I be better off somewhere else where people treat each other respectfully and don't play these stupid games?"

I don't agree that you have to change the way you think. Bullies do not change, in fact, bullies seek out sensitive souls to destroy, and lack social skills, and I am guessing that you are perceived as a threat to their existence, bullies attack that which they perceive as a threat, their sole reason for being is control, or lack thereof.

Don't delude yourself, once one is targeted, the writing is on the wall.

Trust your instincts, because they are usually correct, and I am certain that after looking in to your own heart, you will find the truth.

Only you have the power to defeat a bully, and that power comes from being the person you need to be, by maintaining your integrity, bullies despise integrity.

Sending positive energy your way.

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