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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Narcissist Bullies

by StrawHeart

I am sorry for anyone who has been on the receiving end of a bullies tongue and or experienced the evil actions of these disgusting human beings.

I can align myself with survivors of bullying. My first experience was at school, I was 8 years old; I got called 'smelly' and no one wanted to play with me. I used to walk around at break times asking everyone if they would play with me; they never did.

I don't know how I survived that school but I was academic and pretty and obviously strong enough to get through it.

It's only recent years that workplace bullies seem to enter my life. Currently I'm being bullied by a lady older than me who hates her job, she told me. When she said that; I wanted to say; well go leave here and let all the rest of the staff enjoy their work time.

She picks me out every day for some misdemeanour or other, it's like an insidious illness in her; she cannot seem to stop herself.

But let's not be fickle here, let's see these bullies for what they truly are; they have a mental disease called Narcissism. This means that they have outwardly at least, a feeling of entitlement and greatness, they feel like they are better than anyone one else.

But dig deep and they are totally the opposite of what they seem to be, they're very insecure and feel like victims.

They can usually be spotted by being the loner and quiet one in the corner of the room with a face as miserable as sin. They don't involve themselves with the warm chatter in the office they'll be the ones always complaining about one thing or another; especially if someone upsets their poor ego in some minute way, but they're hell bent on bullying someone else and don't give a damn.

They totally lack sympathy or empathy except they have a ton of it for themselves.

They'll be the loud one when it suits them just to show everyone they're still around watching out for any little mistakes you might make, ready to pounce on you like a rabid dog.

They are the rotten apple in the box, they cannot stand people being happy or pretty or talented or clever or sweet or kind or easy going.

That is because they are everything BUT those fine things, they are unkind, mean, insecure, sour, in fact quite obnoxious.

I've noticed that they will possibly have a little harem of people around them sometimes who probably feel it's better to keep your enemies close.

But yes, they will seek out those who have patience and kindness, those who they can bully and manipulate, control and be extra mean to with no fear of retribution because people are scared of the Narcissist. Because the Narcissist can turn on you at any given moment, they are the vulture; YOU are the PREY.

For me right now working in a lovely fun office at an entertainments park, with 99% of the staff who are kind and sweet; this Narcissistic bully sticks out like a sore thumb. She is like the Elephant in the room, as everyone just walks around her. And puts up with her mean antics.

I've decided if she dares to make one more rude comment to me, or is unkind or unhelpful I am going to totally destroy her in front of everyone and make the biggest song and dance right there in the middle of the office.

No one has ever (as far as I know) brought her to justice.

Bullies are only bullies because people have allowed them to be, we need to STAND UP to the bullies and throw them out with the garbage.

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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Comments for The Narcissist Bullies

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where is the justice
by: Anonymous

It seems, that these individuals, get away with what they do with no punishment. The law is powerless to intervene.

pain gives focus
by: Anonymous

In the military special forces they say that danger brings focus. The problem is the narcissist wants your focus on them, they are parasites that feed off of others full attention. If you are strong willed enough and have the ability to be sharp with your tongue you can minimize their attacks. The problem with these people is they can charm unwitting people easily to turn on you as a group ( mobbing ) I would love to get a person like you into the company where I work so we could dissect these, "people" ( if that’s what you want to call them ) and have the time of our lives doing it. I’m sorry for what you have had to endure in life with this evil.

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