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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Postal Service Has Shown That They Are Above The Law

by Yolanda
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

With Obama being in office now, maybe the law will apply to the USPS, its harasser, and allies.

Harassment without accountability at the USPS has gone on for too long. Obama promised change and to Renew America's Promise. Many people lost their lives because of the USPS not being held accountable for their harassing managers. Postal shooting is a direct result of the USPS not being held accountable and the courts ignoring the harasser's actions.

Once your life has been taken from you for no cause of your own and the law is denied you; then your only choice is to take matters into your own hands. Now that Obama is in office maybe what we were taught in school about the law and it's protection and Martin Luther Kings' fight will restore justice for all including the harassed postal workers.

EEOC Judge Mimi M. Gendreau protected Jan Pebley by ignoring the fact that Pebley modified a written contract and then forced her victim to honor it, by verbally attacking her on the workroom floor.

District Court Judge Paul V. Gadola allowed US Assistant Attorney (Attorney for the Defendant) Nancy A. Abraham to forge a plaintiff's signature on a "Stipulation and Order to extend Discovery" Abraham submitted the stipulation 5 days after discovery ended, but someone rubber-stamped it and wrote in the last day of discovery. To protect Abraham's career Gadola made the stipulation into a motion and granted it.

Equal protection under the law? Where at when you have people that are above the law? I pray that Obama cures this defect.

Comments for The Postal Service Has Shown That They Are Above The Law

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Justice Will Not Be Served
by: John Daly

Unfortunately, the Postal Service will never be held accountable for the last 25 years. Advertising is electronic, bills are direct pay, and people can send greetings via the internet. Never will they be accountable for the system that brutalized and harassed employees. It's almost traitorous to hide a job like that behind the American flag. Good riddance.

A grateful ex-mailman.

John Daly

Joke of a So-Called Judge
by: Anonymous

Mimi Gendreau is a joke. No case is ever investigated, the plaintiff's statements are always twisted and the Agency can do no wrong in her eyes. She does not care that postal managers and supervisors lie. To her they are the believable ones. The system is disgusting. How much does she make from favoring the Agency in every case??????

by: Anonymous

What will his presidency do to change things, such as workplace harrassment and bullying. He is more of the same.

contract cleaner is routinely abused
by: Anonymous

I started out as a rural carrier, downsized routes they asked me to be a cleaner because they couldn't keep one. eight years later and seven postoffices to take care of I have seen them come and go, but right now I have an INDIAN postmaster who hates women and especially cleaners, and wants to cut my contract in half for same amount of work, after taxes I make about $12.00 hour this is hard work, I never am able to take vacation, no benefits and he abuses and harasses us constantly, even tho I do a good job, my other postoffices love me. I cannot afford to dump this contract. Anybody have advice?

"Pushing Buttons" and bonding
by: Anonymous

Employees are not only the victims of postal bulling so are handicapped customers. It soon becomes a group effort and a form of social bonding. Finding humor with the handicapped needs to stop before more lives are silently lost.

USPS promotes harassment
by: Anonymous

USPS promotes harassment. They divide and conquer. They cover themselves so no one can produce all the evidence. Last year we had an employee who I believe was driven to suicide. Management doesn't care -- they just keep on harassing. They have the power to manipulate all the figures and turn everything around to make an employee look "disgruntled". Things have never been worse than now with the economy. They will never cut the top heavy worthless creeps who don't actually move the mail.

Twenty-Seven Years of the same
by: Anonymous

For all of my Postal Career, I have undergone nothing but sexual harassment followed by numerous EEO complaints, now being no exception. The Managers feel as if an employee does not coincide with their wishes, then they take steps to harass you to no end. I have been escorted out by Postal Police for no apparent reason, three times in less than one month, written up for no apparent reason, charged with AWOL, but have perfect attendance, stalked by the very person in charge of running the floor and constantly have my health put on the line by being forced to work in tight closed in areas, even though I have Asthma and Heart Disease. I am trying to hold out for another three years until I can retire if I can. If Sexual Advances are refused, then there is a very high price to pay.

Anderson, Indiana
by: Anonymous

A excellent supervisor was set up by upper level management. They claim he falsified the Parcel Count when every carrier will tell you that the count is estimated. Rumor has it that the "District" has said that it is going to FIX Anderson once and for all... How many lives are going to be ruined because of Upper Level Managements harassment and Bullying??? They are also forcing people with disabilities to work outside their restrictions...

by: Anonymous

When will our goverment, or the media, start investigating postal management bullying? (ie harrasment )

If you are not part of the "good ol' boys club", that being, you want nothing to do with sticking your nose up managments behinds, you, as a postal employee, are a target for big time harrasment.

Is there anyone out there that can help?

Loosing Battle
by: Anonymous

I have been reading about USPS harassment and it seems like we are in a loosing battle. Who will disciple those people that are "disciplining" us (carriers)? Try going to the union and it seems like they don't want to get involve in harassment cases. Try going to EEO and still ends up with nothing coz they are part of higher management. So where else to go?

electronic verbal abuse
by: 70 cent stamp

How can anyone win with judges paid by the po much less investigate harrassment when coworkers are scared of reprisal. I was subject to electronic harrassment there for years and nothing was said and the eeo has never went to court.

Stop USPS harassment
by: Anonymous

As long as you have a voice they will harass u,write u up for lies and its endless nonsense.They never investigate complaints nor do they make management accountable for their wreckless behavior. Who do u turn to because ive only seen slaps on the hand and they continue with the harrassment like its their job!

Post Master and Manager
by: Anonymous

We have a Manager at the (branch name) that actually was part of a drug buying ring in the postal workplace a few years ago. She went to jail got out and is now acting totally out of control and tries to harass and intimidate anyone that she can. Our lovely Postmaster supports her awful behavior and brags he isnt going to really work anymore now that he is a postmaster. The (branch name) is almost run by people with such low charachter and such terrible public records that it just feels like you are in an environment you would never want your children to be around.

I am being harrassed by the postal carrier.
by: Janet Conners

Our neighborhood postal carrier started driving down our sidewalk instead of the street. This has left tire tracks. I asked him to stop and he started screaming at me. After filing a complaint he stopped. Then he started parking in front of the house and staying there for a few minutes each day. All the while my three dogs are barking at him and tearing up the curtains, the wall and the front door. After this happened a few times I asked him to stop because of the dogs. He said he didn't give a damn about my dogs or me. He then screamed at me to get my trash white ass back in the house. I filed another complaint. Now I am afraid of retaliation from this man who knows exactly where I live and who I am.

by: Anonymous

someone needs to look into the bullying and harrasment thats going on within the postal service. Upper management is harrasing middle managment in hopes that they will retire or make a mistake so they can be fired. The post office has become a very unhealthy place to work, so many employees seeking help from Drs. These are employees who are very faithful to the post office.

Intentional ripping or bending my mail and magazines
by: Anonymous

I appreciate the comments. Now I understand bullies have usually been a victim. Since this postal group is "above the law" as stated, I guess my mail will continue to arrive torn, ripped and bent intentionally.

Racism is alive and well in the states and the worst form of terrorism is within not without. It is unfortunate that we are relegated to turning on ourselves ... The economy is tough but we don't have to take it out on one another.

bullying in the workplace
by: Anonymous

Too bad there can't be an undercover boss come into the USPS Plant and work for a few months to see how bad it really is and how much bullying, unrealistic expectations and intimidation there is. Micromanaging and discipline seems to be the preferred mgmt style and very little training is given. New supervisors or craft workers are set up to fail unless they are part of the good ole boys club.

Currently being harassed
by: Anonymous

Trickery and lies. Flat out whimsical in desguise...his lies. According to him the officer in charge..I expand almost everything but my route has gone uninspected for some five years..his supv. Sat in a car, read her a book...did not finish more than two hours, then lost all the paperwork..of course she called me in after I had returned from 2 weeks of annual and this is what I heard.." For the last 2 weeks all I've gotten (from my route) is complaints in the hundreds"! I let her go on because it was fun...I said thanks for confirming you are in fact dumb..(they transferred her)...he took over the mission on me and has removed me, tried to set me up, accused me of manipulating my LLV so it breaks down..(by pulling out fuses)..I'm a a female by the way..list goes on and on..letter of ...

by: Stiknmuv

I agree/relate to everything said so far. The grievance and EEO process are completely de facto. They give the appearance of a color of law procedure. In actuality they use it as a means of escaping liability. All angles, of both the grievance and EEO process, are bought paid and sold by the usps. So the same people that caused you the problem, are now offering you the solution? When you signed your name and took the oath, you agreed to this! The postal service was formed before the seat of government. It's actually a highly sophisticated system at the top, that serves other significant purposes relating to our citizenship. You can't fight what you don't know. WE as us postal servitude employees must educate ourselves, and stop beating our chest in their fictional fight, expecting justice from their fictional procedures! They'll let you bark up the wrong tree all day long, until it's not fun for them to hear you bark anymore. We have to deal with what's relavant.

Suicides in the Post Office
by: J

To think that we live in this so-called "free country" and that federal agencies (the post office) of this federal government are allowed to push employees to the point of ending their lives. Where is the caring and conscience of these people?

Life is too short and too precious for this to be happening in this country.

Post office management is a joke! My supervisor could not keep anything straight, lied to cover up her wrongdoing, falsified my postal forms, refused my forms for my absence and submitted her own and so much more.

I have a disability and reported an injury on my job and harassment toward me began and went on for 11 months until I was fired from my job of 20 years. I am now 67 years old. I am now indigent, living below the poverty level and lost everything I worked for for over 50 years. I was even living in my car and a tent for a while. To think I worked all my life and never had a problem on any job until I went to work for the post office. I liked my job but management made our lives miserable. I can't get a job anywhere. I come from a good family and never thought my life would end this way. I have tried to live a good life, don't smoke, don't drink and have never done drugs...and worked hard. It meant nothing and it took our federal government to ruin me.

I am from Illinois and have asked for a meeting with Senator Mark Kirk and if anyone cares enough to join me, please e-mail me at amfan001@yahoo.com

I am also willing to go before Congress and I would think after reading about all these suicides and the terrible treatment in these post office that postal workers would band together and go with me.

I cannot believe that this federal government would allow bullying, intimidation, harassment (even toward employees with disabilities) to the point of them taking their lives.

This is outrageous in this country.

Doesn't anyone in this government care about the families of these employees who took their lives?

If you think this is bad now, think about 50 years down the road and how people in this country will be treated.

Please e-mail me.


Please Help
by: Anonymous

If any body is reading this I am being harassed on almost a day to day basis at this post office by shop Stewarts co workers and management I can seem to get any help threw the system , two days ago my supervisor refuse to let me out the office he was yelling ,screaming behind a closed door which he refused to let me out nudged me with his chest so I couldn't get out blocked the door and moved my hand off the door knob all in front of another supervisor. I begged him to let me out I had to go to the bathroom he refused. This happen because of a lie the shop steward and co worker told him. He never gave me a chance to speak he wouldn't listen to me. Please someone give me some advice what should do. There's so much more to this incident.

Fed up newbie
by: Anonymous

I have been a CCA carrier for two months. All through training, I heard nothing but negatives about the job. I thought it was all exaggeration but now I know it's the truth. The constant pressure of getting the mail done in unrealistic times is forcing me and others to jeopardize safety, ie speeding, rushing, it all forces mistakes. Some of the supervisors are downright bullying. I have never worked in such an environment. And I can't believe nothing is being done about it?

by: Anonymous

I have been with the P.O 27 yrs also injured on the job with restrictions for 6 it is truth too all who wrote and going through I now and past 6 yrs I feel your PAIN and hope to make it 7 more yrs to retire if we are still in business... might be better if really do go under

i read all previous comments
by: Anonymous

I worked 6 years at gmf Arizona and all these comments, stories sound true from my own observations... very sad.

Not Einsteins
by: Anonymous

Management is the definition of insanity by Einstein. They keep doing the same thing over n over again expecting to get a different result. I pray for everyone Peace on earth

They will always think they've won
by: Anonymous

I worked for USPS in 1992 to 1996, I am still at this time fighting for benefits because of the sexual harassment turned into sexual assault. I was a single mother. As I found out that's how the postmaster liked his postal clerks and carriers! (women) After the harassment started and because of PM's spitefulness I was injured on the job. I fought that claim for years before it was finally accepted but the sexual harassment continued. I had to work on a Sunday by myself that's when the PM came in drunk called me back to his office (no cameras) and sexually assaulted me! I kicked him in the groin sobered him up and he swore he would get even! It's been over 20 yrs and I'm still fighting for what the PM got for assaulting me. He continued at his job. Sexually assaulted 2 more women after I left, in which the postal service paid them to leave. I filed EEOC they settled with me. We mutually agreed to separate mine was not issued confidential never to talk about but I do know what they paid the other women. Of course the other women before me left on very scary advice from PM, one woman is still afraid of him. I am still fighting with workers comp.

by: Anonymous

i currently work at the tampa ldc after going through hell at the tampa pdc i fought for my job even after years i continued to fight to keep my job even today this is the 5th building i worked at the bullying/harassment/retaliation continues now its gotten even worse everywhere i go im harassed by the post office for nothing more than coming into work everyday and trying to get the job done im not part of the good ole boy club that goes on. even with all of my co workers and management harassing me/mocking me/following me/threatening me/employees threatening me/post office following me in and out of work spying on me inside my home. i feel threatened for my job and every time i file a complaint i have it turned on me and used against me for doing what they instructed me to do file a complaint i get retaliated against by my co workers union and management. throughout the whole process ive noticed the post office makes shady deals with people for cooperation. paying off judges, paying off employees, etc never thought that such a brand name company would ever do this there employees i wanted to believe this company stood for something but through my years at the post office i feel the pain those postal employees felt when they committed suicide. all i ever did was try and do the customer right by getting there mail there as soon as possible and through the whole process felt as it was never enough the blood sweat and tears Ive put into trying to keep the customers happy has been a failed effort. as i read through the list of people of who went postal, suicide the toll it took on their families is incredible i hate to see it. but as long as they allow this to happen it will continue they let there management do whatever they want with or without contract or with law or without with or without evidence. Ive spent many years being retaliated against. what most people don't understand you have to work their and be bullied or discriminated against to know what is and what they do.

Bullying & Harassment at the USPS
by: Anonymous

It goes on day after day. You do your job in the evaluated time, but it is never good enough. Our station manager micromanages and in our station none of the supervisors are competent, because he never lets them learn how to do their job properly or he overrules their decisions. Subs fight with each other rather than banding together, because management pits them against each other and won't follow the matrix guidelines for filling vacant routes on a daily basis, unless it suits them. People who are "in the good graces" can get their leave approved, but those who "aren't" get turned down on a continual basis even if it means a sub gets a day off and a regular works.

If you get injured - god forbid - you are labelled a criminal or that you did it on purpose. Yes, everyone wants to be injured and in pain. Then you are investigated, punished and harassed till they get you back to full duties, even if you aren't healed. If you move to another station the harassment may continue. Each station runs on its own rules, rather than each one running exactly as the one down the street. This creates a hostile work environment when one group is bullied, written up etc. for certain things that might be done, yet in another office doing the same thing is encouraged.

Sadly I am in the midst of this hurricane with no relief in sight. Only a few more years to retire, yet in many ways I wish I had stayed a sub. At least then you could get a day off once a week, since they didn't want to pay overtime. As a regular you get paid only the evaluated and many times you have to work your day off. Over the past 4 years on a K or 5 day route I have gotten about 1/4 of my actual days off. I don't see it getting better.

As things in the PO get worse publicly, the management gets worse. Our office is fairly small, open from 8:30 to 6:30 pm. Yet we have a station manager and 4 supervisors. Not sure what they do all day while the carrier's are out. If you call to report something no one answers the phone, oft times they are nowhere to be found in the office. They talk about all the money spent, but if they got rid of the extra management and had more clerks and carrier's the frontline people who actually do the job they would find that money would be saved.

by: Rosemary Garity

My federal Court case can be reviewed. It is 2:11-cv-01805-MMD-CWH. Also cases against the Union on appeal at the ninth circut 2:11-cv-01109-PMP-CWH. Cases involved the usual forced psychiatric exam, lockdown with no threat, mobbing, wrongful termination, etc.
The department of justice has their priority as eliminating workplace discrimination and bullying except if the government is the one doing it, then they defend them. The head of H.R. has admitted that discrimination is not considered in promotions and US attorneys office agreed that only Donahoe is liable. the Union president and shop steward helped in the wrongful termination.
I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the EEOC and federal court based on my knowledge. My e-mail is geritz1@outlook.com and my telephone is 775-751-3374.
I am happy to share the deposition testimony that shows discrimination is promoted.
We need to figure out a way for employees to join together to stop the devastating abuse.

Sexual harassment and retaliation USPS
by: Anonymous

I am sicken by all the comments. I know they are all true. I am a victim of sexual harassment and retaliation. I spoke up my locker was vandalized heavy equipment was pushed in front of the ladies room door and supervisor's did there best to set me up along with the union. I continue to stand up even now for the those who cant fight for themselves. I look forward to taking myself along with another victim down to our senators office along with tons of documents. You all should do the same. Every post office along with management, union, inspectors and please let me not forget eeo. Enough is Enough. Even now the union along with management there really isn't much difference between the 2. The postal service treats there employees like trash. Everyday I have a pad and pen with me.

Not much difference between union and management
by: Anonymous

The union is totally all about themselves. They pick and choose who they will represent. They work with management to divide and conquer the workroom floor. Just last week another employee told on another employee to a shop steward. The shop steward came out onto the work floor and told the supervisor to write up a fellow employee that also is a union member. The shop steward then said if you don't write her up Ill get a witness statement. This union also tried to set me up not once but twice to be thrown out of the building by management. Thank God there were witnesses that came to my defense. I trust no one. Please note I believe in unions just not corrupt unions.

Tax payers money
by: Anonymous

Each time an eeo is filed or goes to an hearing the tax payers and the victims pays for the managements lawyer fees. Amazing. This is just great for all sexual harassers. The victims not only have to pay for their own lawyer you get to pay for the man that is sexually harassing you. It really is time for accountability at the postal service. I look forward to change.

Small minds
by: Anonymous

Bad management is everywhere at the post office! They were never much successful at anything. Always a want to be but never to be, but want to prove they are something or somebody now! Most of them do not know how to direct the power they have and become bullies themselves after being bullied in their life In General. How the evil world and tables turn. Just goes to show how small minds make big problem for everyone with their immature actions!

Stop Postal Harrassment to Employees
by: Anonymous

Yes, is there a way to get the media to investigate and expose all these harrassments going on in the Post Office? If you go to court all the way, what happens? Will the Postamaster and Supervisor go to jail? Will they stop harrassing? How can they get away?

Stop the bullying postal system
by: Anonymous

Employees have to reach out not one or two. Reach out to the Oversight committee for the postal service. I have started reaching out to Congressman Elijah Cummings(he sits on the panel) write or call the Washington D.C. office about your concerns. The bullying tactics have to stop at the postal service not to mention sexual harassment. Changes need to be made in the treatment of the workers. Please note we are taxpayers paying for the postal service management legal fees. If there was better training programs for management communication skills and more professionalism. Enforce the laws of Sexual Harassment, Retaliation and Abuse of Power. Hold management accountable.

she is out of control
by: Anonymous

bullying, retaliation, harassment, call it what you like. I transferred from one state to another and from a clerk to carrier. My manager has harassed me to the point I am physically sick every morning before work. I have taken several sick days because of her harassment. Thank God for FMLA. I asked for a special inspection on a route (that was assigned to me, when I went regular again) The route was overburdened and needed to be inspected. I have been followed almost daily (at least 3 days a week) since September 2013. I finally bid off of the route (no inspection) hoping the harassment would start. Nope, Day 2 and Day 3 on new route I was followed. I was told after 2 weeks my time on the street was unexceptable. I was followed today for 2 hours. I have had to see a EAP counselor and a have a doctor prescribe me antidepressants because of this woman. Even the supervisors think she is out of control. I was going to file a EEO complaint but after reading comments, I feel they would be a waste of time. I wish I could retire because I would. BTW they never find me doing wrong on the street. the manager made something up on one of the forms and signed the supervisors name to it. The supervisor was confronted by postmaster and he told her he didn't write it. the postmaster confronted the manager and she lied. did they do anything. falsifying paperwork is a fireable offence. guess not when it comes to managers.

What does your union do?
by: Anonymous

The union is management. Sometimes they even cut deals with management to set someone up to be fired. Trust no one you have to reach outside of the postal service.

harassed by former NALC president turned supervisor
by: Anonymous

how do these people sleep at night!? total 2faced, hypocrite bullies!!! nobody backs me up. i feel all alone. everybody is scared to speak up because they dont want to lose their jobs. and the bullying and harassment continues. and so does going postal and suicide. i just dont get it. i work my butt off, but still get nitpicked and harassed. eeo has done nothing. i'm lost. where do i go. this guy is trying to remove me and i dont know what to do....

Harassment goes both ways
by: Anonymous

Yes management is notorious for harassment, and yes they are praised and promoted for harassment. They will always do so because management is who is in charge of labor in local areas. Its an awful environment. But think of the front line supervisor who is being harassed by employees, union, and management. Bullying goes both ways. Employees who refuse to do what they are getting paid for. Employees who threaten supervisors. Supervisors are caught in the middle and fear for their jobs as well as their lives. To make this sound like management always does something to employees is one-sided. Supervisors are the most harassed employees within the postal environment. Managers, Union, And Employees.

Rare case
by: Anonymous

Not unlikely but rare. A supervisor can be transferred more so than a victim of sexual harassment, retaliation, and abuse. Ive been in the abusive system for almost 30 years. I am a victim of sexual assault, retaliation, and harassment. The system is broken. The postal service is a Good Ole Boys Club. Even when a victim is transferred she or he is looked down upon as a trouble maker not a victim of abuse. A manager can move on and nothing happens. Nothing has changed the union is not much different than management self serving. The ignorance of the management and union will be the downfall of the postal service.

Judge Friendly With Management
by: Anonymous

I am also one of the Post Office victims.I was awarded my job back on a Saturday a arbitrator saw through the bull....,the post office sent me through so he awarded my job back on a Saturday and on Friday,I was placed on payed administrated leave for not speaking to co worker's,So I Am paid to sit at home and a CCA is paid to carry my mail,I thought the post office was going broke,I filed a Eeo once and went in front of this judge,The post office was going in taking my sick leave without my permission,The Supervisor signed a 3999 that she was pivoting my sick leave and this Judge said the Supervisor didn't mean any harm,On the form it states u will be fined 10,000 or jail up to 5 years,I am still in shock that no one was held accountable,Thanks for all the comments about this judge,when I saw how friendly she was with management during the trial,I should have known they had her in their pockets

The EEOC is completely corrupted.
by: geritz1@outlook.com

The EEOC is completely corrupted. They are in protection of the government. It is really just a sham to make you think you have rights when you have none. If you file a claim in the USPS they will retaliate against you. The USPS and their managers know they are above the law and untouchable. That is why they take the abuse so far. My story is the usual forced psych exam, cut hours, lock down without threat, false stalking charges, wrongful termination, unilateral reinstatement and finally constructive discharge. The union helped to fire me and were even heard conspiring with the postmaster to fire me. We need to start an organization to protect the employees perhaps a non profit offering representation to those who get out of the union. E-mail geritz1@outlook.com

NO truth from postal managers
by: Anonymous

It is really unbelievable how many lies that postal managers can get some one to publish. None of what they say is true. There is supposedly an EEOC with in the post office but it is still management and does nothing to serve the workers. I would say their eeoc acts more to discourage complaints than anything else. The reason the atmosphere is so bad in the post office is no one emphasizes doing your job. If you work hard, you are treated like you are stupid. The biggest bullies in the post office are the managers. It's a disgusting place to work. All the wrong values are emphasized in the post office and managers usually are the ones with the poorest skills. It's illegal to carry recording devices inside a mail facility but if it was done, you would see a lot of childish, stuff going on and the managers are the worst. There's usually a lot of affairs going on between postal people especially the managers and it's encouraged. Everything but work is given attention at the po. It is an insane place to work and the ignorance of the managers takes all incentive to work and do a good job away. Something should be done. Private industry would not tolerate these kinds of conditions but it has been going on for so long in the post office, you would have to get rid of everybody and hire all new people. There's no cure for stupidity.

Bullied for 25 years frrom postmaster down
by: Anonymous

I don't know how I still get up n go to work. They just keep repeating the same vicious cycle n steward n co workers too pick on me I'm tired of fighting. Karma will punish them all one day hopefully before I retire

Reach out
by: Anonymous

I started reaching out to the Oversight Committee please contact Congressman Elijah Cummings. Please let them know about the fact that the congressman sits on the Oversight Committee and your comments about the Postal Service. I went as far as to tell the aid about this website. Write your own personal letter to the congressman. The Postal Service with the management and weak union is its own worse enemy. I am deeply disturb about the union where I work. They are self serving and very close to management. The union to me is management.

Feeling like there is nobody to help
by: Bill

I was a transitional employee at the Post Office, Actually my 2nd time being employed by the government. You would think that I should have learned my lesson the first time I was abused by them in 1995 after a 6 year work history. However, I have a family now and I needed to work to take care of them.

To make a long story short, I became a transitional employee in 2011 and my time was shortened when delivering mail a wall unit mailbox in an apartment building fell on my left foot causing nerve damage. When the supervisor came out to the scene I was treated as if I caused this accident. He appeared as if he did NOT want to report it. I was treated like trash! I was in a battle with Workers Compensation for months! At the end they refused my claim to collect Workers Comp for an injury that happened as a result of delivering the mail on their time. They pretty much said I was not "really" hurt although they have documentation from the neurologist that I suffered nerve damage and gave me a few months to heal. They consistently took the first report of the podiatrist who stated that nothing was broken.

When I returned to work after the injury I worked for two weeks and then I was told that they will not renew my contract. The supervisor called me in and made me sign over my last two checks. Recently, they took my wife's tax return stating that I still owed them for money they said was given to me during the time of my injury.

Who do we turn to? Where did the money go that they made me sign over? What do I say to my family that had to go through this hardship with me when I could not provide for them for 6 months? None of the doctors approved me to go back to work and Workers Comp just waited me out until my foot completely healed. I wanted to work but just couldn't on crutches! As soon as I could walk without pain I went back and they let me go! I'm now left feeling completely used, mistreated, angry and abused. I would like answers but feel as if there is nobody to turn to.

by: Anonymous

You really should have consulted an attorney. I was also ripped off by the union for my back pay. That's is something I have not given up on. You need to go to your congressman and senator with your information. They have postal aides that may be able to help you. Also you can get in touch with the Ways and Means committee in Washington D.C.. The most important pray.

Help Bill
by: Anonymous

Call the Labor Dept. and State and wages. That money is yours. The managers and union that work at the postal service give you the idea they are smarter than you. There are many con artist.

I feel yalls pain
by: Dan

Ive been followed 7 times now. Im a vet with 10% disability. Im also on FMLA. The station manager who I filed an EEO against 3 years ago called me in the office and said they would get me for not being fit to do my duties cause I told him I get side effects from the meds I take. I have insomnia and GERD disease. Im about to file another one. I know itll be a joke cause he got away last time but after being in the Air Force for 21 years its hard to give up a good fight... I still can do my route in 8 hours when its not overburdened but I get denied a 3996 when I tell them I need help when I get a lot of mail...

by: ED

They used to unlock my toolbox regularly to screw with my memory. They caused a couple of different style attacks. (respiratory and heart).

They coughed in my face.

They used to repeat things that were said in my private life. Listened through "open mic" radios and cell phones.

They would follow me and show up at restaurants that I had reservations with.

They also unlocked my garage at home and home toolbox.

They get in our cars.

They would step out behind my vehicle when leaving for work.

reasonable legal rep..Spielberger Law
by: Anonymous

McGrath n Spielberger Fed EEO harassment issues. All they do.

Harassment in the Postal Service
by: Michele

My name is Michele and I worked in the Postal Service on Petersburg Virginia. After a co-worker won his job back after telling a customer that he was going to kill me. The Postal Service insisted on putting us back into a non supervised environment. I literally had a panic attack when I was told this. My doctor made it clear that due to the Trauma of being told that I was going to be killed on the Job that I had PTSD. In addition to medication, the only thing that he wanted the Postal Service to do was to separate us. They refused to provide me work. One day after I was told to come in, I was told to leave. As I tried to leave, a supervisor tried to take something form my hand but he hit me in the process. Distictively, I swung and hit him in the face. The Petersburg court found me not guilty due to self- defense, but the placed the 204-b on probation for a year. I lost my job, he kept his with no punishment. He is a 6'6 white male and I am a 5'1 black female. The federal courts said that had to intentinally hit my supervisor because I hit him square in the face. The courts upheld the very blatant lies that the managers told. There was only one supervisor who made it clear that my OIC hated me and did not want me to get hours because of my Union activities. (I was the Union President). She stated that he told her to call the help desk and to change my pin code so that they can go in and change my stock accountability. All of this was heard by the courts. MSPB totally avoided discussing Harassment in the Workplace. The courts support the Postal Service bullying tactics. It is a shame.

No Accountability
by: Anonymous

The taxpayer pays the price of the federal government looking the other way when it comes to the on going violence in the postal service. Harassment, sexual harassment, and on going retaliation is over looked constantly. I am being harassed by management and the union. I also suffer from PTSD. They don't care as much as we see sexual abuse is being displayed on the news nothing is changing in the postal service. I will continue to speak up. I hear women speak about sexual harassment and the union take advantage of women all the time. I was out of work for 2 years and could prove that I was unjustifiably suspended the union agent yelled at me told me it was his decision. My right to be heard at an arbitration was taken away from me. I was misled and deceived my back pay was taken from me. The business agent signed off on documents with a supervisor who could have been anyone without my consent. I trust no one I am a black female also. The system is corrupt. Nothing will change unless we speak out together. The key is to not react to anything that is done to you. I have learned to pray and fight outside of the postal service. I have been threatened, harassed, setup, and constant retaliation. I stand on the truth. They cannot take that away from me. I am a women first.

Management Bullying
by: Anonymous

I am a letter carrier with 28 years service in the Dallas District. Unfortunately, for the last 10 years I have alternated between being shocked by the deliberate bullying of several post masters and supervisors for reasons still unknown and begging for help to make it stop from any and all agencies and personnel that one traditionally goes to for help. The abuse continues with abandon and the people who are to supposed to help are just tired of hearing about it and just expect me to suck it up. I can check off suffering from 9 out of 10 of every mental and physical consequence of bullying that I read about. The lack of consequence for the abuse I have endured is appalling.

Postal Environment
by: Anonymous

In the Postal Service, if you are not a manager, then according to postal managers, whatever you are suffering is your fault. while I was an employee I moved a lot because I liked learning new things and frankly all the facilities were so poorly run that it gets old fast. I was always one to speak my mind so I made enemies. One mail facility I worked in was like a kindergarten. The work didn't matter as long as the people were happy. The males were bullies and the supervisors were stupid. The few female supervisors were so busy flirting with one male or another, they were pretty much useless. Most of the male supervisors acted like they would wet their pants if an attractive female was anywhere close by. Frequent work place affairs was the norm for management and the worst that could happen was that one of the participants got moved. In one city post office I worked in they seem to prefer male supervisors who were always looking for sex partners. It created a very unhealthy environment but no one cared. When it would finally result in an EEO, the EEO people would come in and try to discourage new complaints about the male while they looked for somewhere else to move them. All females took abuse of some kind and once they started trying to get females in management, they preferred the ones who would rather flirt than work and they also usually chose people for management that wouldn't work anyway. If they had an employee that wanted to work, they usually ridiculed them. The postal environment is not conducive to good work habits. The general idea is that you are there for a set period of time and it wasn't in your best interest to accomplish more than necessary to placate the managers which wasn't very much. The postal service caused it's own problems with the lack of incentive to work, poor management choices and encouraging sexual activity within in management. And the worst part is once an employee has been targeted for unwanted attention, they all follow suit.

by: James

I tested successfully for employment with USPS in August 2014 after paying money for a training package and believing lies regarding employment opportunity, and today, 02/01/2015 they've decided to add insult to injury by harassing me over already applied permissions and consents. There's no end in sight and I'm out $56.

The non supportive union local APWu
by: Anonymous

I feel for anyone to think that the postal service is a good place to work. If you can make retirement now you are blessed. If your a woman where I work especially a women of color. Beware of a non supportive, racists and Good ole boys club mentality. This union is doing back door deals with management stealing employees back pay. I was suspended for no reason for 2 years and they all knew I did nothing wrong. I had all evidence along with witnesses to prove it so. I nearly lost my home and everything. My family was effected greatly. I was called told to go back to work with no reason way just yelled at by a nat. business agent from the local who was suppose to represent me. I am still seeking answers is to why he signed off on paper work without my consent with some manager I don't know. Really he could have been anyone. I will not rest until I get answers to where is my money and benefits. This effects my retirement. I know for a fact I am not the only one they have deceived. I look forward to sharing this information with investigative reporters. This is stealing. I am losing my home.

being hassed by post master

my post master is a real bbbbb! she would not let me return to work after fmla leave and then she made up a story to try to fire me! (5 months later.) the union i have is a major joke, they didn't really do anything, but protect my postmaster. is this really the united states, i thought that each employee had rights from bullyying and harassment? i need a good lawyer!!

Co-workers harassment
by: Springfield, Ma

Been a driver PSE since august of 2014 at the Springfield Massachusetts P.O. I say after a few days of working a black woman by the name of ... began with the derogatory jokes and name calling. This woman since the day she was hired about 15 years ago has been nothing but problems. Then another employee in the VOA office who likes her by the name of ... joined in. It went on for MONTHS until I changed my mood to aggressive and at one point cursed her out right back over the phone while checking in a trailer. Then, all of a sudden it stopped and the silent bad attitudes and gossiping went rampant. The conspiring and egging on management/supervisor to ridicule me began a few days ago, March 18 2015. I had to out loud say enough is enough and announced I will be doing my best to sue them for harassment at the union office. If anyone is considering a job at the P.O BEWARE!!! None of the comments here are an exaggeration. The P.O seems to make it a mission to hire mentally inept people who like to cause trouble. Why? Heck, who knows, but I am hoping to find an attorney to help me lay a multimillion dollar law suit on this despicable place and outfit! I also have told my family, NEVER EVER use the P.O for mail of shipping. Use another outfit and cross your fingers to see this one end up in the history books as the biggest disgrace of employer in America! Also, they think they are some sort of mobsters as they treat you like poo until you become what they call a regular. And thats when you get benefits and over time pays. It really is a despicable place to work at not because of the job but because of the ""mental rejects"" that you will have to put up with.

A Sinking Ship
by: Anonymous

PSE it doesn't matter there are many ignorant people that are allowed to work there. It is shameful. The union is not supportive because they are a part of management. This union does not operate the same as a private union. The APWU is just a buffer between you and management. I am a full time worker they (postal service) does not like it when you stand up for your self. The key is to write everything down. The best way they get to you is when you respond. Reach out and express your complaints outside of there. Think outside of the postal service. I know and feel your pain. Please know your in my prayers PSE. I look forward to writing my own book about the abuses suffered for speaking up about anything that deals with truth.

Believe it when I say these stories are true
by: Anonymous

I have been with the USPS for 21 years and when I first started I was young and clueless loving my new career. Its all good until you learn to speak your voice pointing out the wrongs. It is very much so the GOOD OLE BOY system. You can't trust anyone and even your co-workers that you've worked with for over 20, it's very sad. You have so many types of harassment and bullying that goes on in the postal service, many think its just unbelievable until they see it for themselves. They harass over race, sex, medical issues, fmla, and the list goes on. I've seen it all and have experienced some for myself which I never thought in a millions years would happen to me. I want so bad to leave but after so many years invested and trying to find another job that pays as good with benefits and retirement I feel like most, STUCK. The past few years I have just been trying to figure out how to hold it all together. Sometimes I think maybe its just my imagination but my family assures me its not and after reading these comments I know I'm not alone. This job can make one want to take their own life, I know I've been there and its a scary place to be. Somebody needs to do something and it just can't be us employees because we will pay the price in the long run. The Post Office will lie and do what they have to do to stay above the law. I wish there was something I could do but I'm just the low man on the totem pole and it makes one feel so hopeless and so helpless.

This is not a union but management
by: Anonymous

What kind of union rep can become a team member of management and also be management undercover. If the union doesn't like you whether you are a member or not they will work with management to set you up to fire you. This happens all the time. Please note you trust no one. I myself feel trapped too. It feels like a working prison or slavery. Only when I get my paycheck brings it to reality this is your job. There is absolutely no I mean no accountability even eeo counselors are under the thumb of postal management. Whatever you say to the eeo counselor starts your retaliation with management. Torture if you are not strong. I owe my strength only to God.

I know I am not the only one
by: Anonymous

I believe that the US Postal Service is using your mail against you. They are giving personal information to other benefits to use against you for profit.

by: Anonymous

I think they are to worried about there own jobs. It would be nice if management and the union learn from the years of ongoing abuse of power. It is what it is. I pray all people including the media get a chance to see what's really going on in the postal service. Exposure is good.

Harassment and bullied by PO workers
by: Anonymous

The CCA's at out office are constantly harassed and bullied by perm PO workers, they are calling us rod runners, speeders and name that I won't repeat. They mess up our mail on purpose, they tell lies to management about us, they disconnect parts on the mail truck and make treads and all this is going on while management is aware and they are doing nothing. You would think that a government job would be run better, but this is the only job where people get away with harassing and constant bulling tactics. I'm surprised that the PO is still getting CCA's, they way we are treated for $15.00 per hour and lousy benefits it is not worth the aggravation. We are all doing the same job so we should all have the same pay after the training or at least after becoming permanent, but no wonder that out of 30 people only three will stay the rest all quit after a few days at work.

deja vu all over again
by: Anonymous

April 2015
I have worked at the USPS for 25 years. I have never had discipline on my record until I WAS ASSAULTED. Somehow, the victim always becomes the target of discipline. WHY?
I have been assaulted twice and threatened twice. Three times I was able to rid the office of the villains ONLY after months of phone calls, certified letter writing to everyone in the USPS from bottom to tip top, Congressmen, the House of Representatives, Mayors, City Police, Sheriff's office, APWU and NALC from bottom to tip top, TAT in DC, , the newspaper, two petitions with employee signatures and various Conflict and Threat assessment organizations across the US. Even then, these villains never lost their jobs. They were simply moved to another office to create more havoc in a new location.
Recently I was threatened by a co-worker IN FRONT OF A SUPERVISOR. She will be returning to the office in two weeks. Management was not even going to remove her from the workroom floor UNTIL I wrote up my incident report which informed them that I was filing a police report after work.. I filed a police report, a report with the Sheriff's office, and a report with the Inspection service. As previously mentioned, she will return to the office this Saturday.
The USPS says that it has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on threats, harassment and violence but we who work there know that it is actually a zero ACCOUNTABILITY POLICY. For someone to have the temerity to threaten a co worker in front of a supervisor speaks clearly to the fact that no one fears any reprisal for any actions.
Will it take a DEATH for the USPS to wake up and do the right thing? Best regards.

What does your union do?
by: Anonymous

I am upset the union is no better than the management. The postal service continues to dig a hole for itself and Congress is just watching. I just want my back pay and benefits from 2 years that the union stole from me without my consent. This is indeed sad. I will not stand down to the union bullying tactics not to mention the retaliation. I believe in unions not APWu. I look forward to retirement when this legal matter is resolve. If this happened to me. How many others?

harrassment after retirement in the p.o.
by: Anonymous

After working 28 years + for the Postal Serv. , I find myself still being harrassed even after retirement. I know for a fact, that both my and wife's car are bugged. I see the same vehicles and people that I used to see while I was both working and off the clock.There are people both walking and bike riding that delibertly want me to be aware of them, They [the P.O.] want me to know that I am always being watched.Even walking or bike riding myself, I know they must be using my cell or just have people watching to know my where-abouts all the time.Most people would find this very hard to believe, but I'm sure that those who've worked in the P.O. know that it is very possible.Needless to say, I am very uncomfortable with this situation. I have already seen one doctor and have another appointment with another.I believe they are trying to harrass me to the point where either get sick or provoke anger in me.Thiis what I get for all the dedicated years of service I gave? This, I guess could only happen in P.O.

Enjoy your retirement
by: Anonymous

I will keep you in prayer. The postal service is on the verge of collapse. They are to busy worrying about there own jobs. You made it. God Bless. I pray I make it.

USPS Inspection Service (Government Collusion) in the American Holocaust
by: National Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr.

USPS Inspection Service role in the American Holocaust (Government Collusion)

I have never had my day in court only Alienation / Terrorism (Beyond Cointelpro Tactics). ISIS need not recruit in the American Holocaust. My case and others proof and evidence can be located on line.



The Postal Inspection Service uses terrorism (beyond cointelpro tactics) responsible for the total destruction of entire American families (suicides & executions / Postal Holocaust).









I would have saved many people in the American Holocaust if only they knew they were in the American Holocaust. National Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr.(OSC MA 93 1872 & USSC 99-565 + supplement)


Why kill Ed Winsten investigative reporter for Federal Times, Richard Brown President of National Federation for Federal Employee (NFFE) and Employee Thrift Advisory Council (ETAC), and Joseph Harris postal employee Ridgewood, NJ.?


Congress Please Help!
by: US Vet

I have lost all faith in my my government, labor management, and my fellow Americans because of the harassment permitted USPS. I don't understand, why won't our government step in a stop the abuse?

Postal Holocaust new link added Beyond Cointelpro Tactics
by: National Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr.


linked added to USPS Inspection Service (Government Collusion) 6/23/2015

Share this please
by: National Whistleblower Allen Carlton Jr.


hit the carriers hard when they are down!
by: Anonymous

I have worked for the USPS 30 years and had my very first accident-broke my leg on route.
My comp case was approved and my FMLA was approved but my station supervisor put me on LWOP status. She actually broke the Federal law by refusing to pay me COP and also refused me to use my already pre approved FMLA leave-broke the Fed.law again! You go USPS! Talked to union 4 times and now they don't have a record about my calls! As you have all notice ,all managers go nuts in the end of their careers...and the entertainment goes on and on...

Not surprised
by: Anonymous

The union of course does absolutlely nothing. That is because they are no different than management. The union is self serving. There are shop stewards in the union office for eight hours a day while having a job bid. That alone tells you they are working for management and not the post office. I call it stealing time. Who are they representing?

Ever notice....And bullying!
by: Anonymous

Ever notice on TV and at the "front counter" in the post office, there are no handicapped employees? (Interesting!)

The supervisor heard, via third party, something of me that would intimidate her. So she harassed me EVERY DAY! (And I had no place to turn to!)

I once thought I would work at the post office in my olden years. From how terrible working at the post office has become, I'm looking to get out of there ASAP!

Bullied and Harassed at PO work in Sparta NJ
by: Anonymous

New employees are bullied and harassed by a group of old coworkers, the work is sabotaged, verbal intimidations, gossips and daily rumors are creating bad environment. Management is aware and does nothing because they also intimidate, yell and scream and behave very unprofessional. For $15.00 per hour we can go to any fast food place and work in peace not do double the work that others do for $35.00 and more per hour. What happened to Equal Employment Opportunity?

It started with Ronald Reagan...
by: Anonymous

Before the Ronald Reagan event, coworkers ENJOYED working in the post office. THEN RONALD REAGAN said to the Air traffic controllers (who were on strike). I E. "You come back to work, or you're fired!" And the air traffic controllers who didn't return to work, were fired!

What this does with the post office is you employees can be harassed, YET YOU HAVE TO GO TO WORK. SUPERVISION CAN HARASS YOU TO NO END, YET YOU STILL HAVE TO GO TO WORK!

"Harassment" is listed as a reason an employee (who harasses) can be fired....Yet the post office SELECTS what specific person, who harasses, is fired!

by: Anonymous

I agree pse's are treated with cruelty. I see it first hand. Anytime anyone new comes in the some of the old timers act as if your taking there job. You think they would no there is no accountability at the postal service for any of the bad apples. I agree the level of disrespect will never stop. There is not a real Equal Opportunity only with the managers, union, and employees that are allowed to continue to get away with not being held accountable. It is sad. I look forward to retirement. After 30 years of trying to survive the abuses of the management and union. I am fighting the union over stolen back pay and fraud. Exposure is needed.

Bulling , Harassment from 204b
by: J F

It seems like some things never change . I continue to get bullied and harassed by a damn 204b . I get yelled at like a dog , disrespected on a daily basis . Im sick and tired of it , i was thinking about filing harassment charges on her until i started reading all the comments on this thread . Me being a sub and only being there 16 months i prolly have no shot at winning anything . If i go out though im going out with a bang im fixing to fight back , that bitch will not yell at me like that again , i can promise you that. As a sub u get no days off . Well i havent been able to get shit done because iv been working so much lately and having family issues on top of that. Its a never ending thing and im sick and tired of it !! Today is the day i start fighting back . Fuck that bitch !!!

Trust in God
by: Anonymous

Calm down breathe and pray. I have been through a lot worse than you for 30 years. No one in the postal service is worth your job or life. You are doing exactly what is expected. Reach out of the postal service to your local district congressman or congresswoman. Print out the complaints you see here. Exposure is the key. Eeo's do protect the supervision. Where is your union? Let me guess nowhere. Say nothing and do nothing to her but reach outside of the postal service. File a grievance. Regardless if it goes nowhere. Try speaking to another manager along with a shop steward. If that doesn't work reach out of the postal service to your district congress person. Prayer is the key. I myself will keep you in my prayers.

They destroyed my life
by: Anonymous

I am 17 years into this job. Right now I have been denied workers comp for hip replacement. I have 2 small children, will lose my house,car and health. No future for my kids. Was followed around by crazy janitor who broke out my car window. Made me have a miscarriage by having stress and frightened feeling everyday in my stomach. The bosses encouraged him and just laughed saying I am crazy. They alienated me. Every time a new person would come in the coworkers as well would say things. She's got emotional problems, she's a nobody, and one girl told me I am not allowed to talk with you. The carriers give the bosses money and food so they would get help on the street. Who do you think was the helper. They gave me the heaviest and most steps parts of the route. I have to do it as a pivot (meaning don't get paid for it). One girl carrier gets to sit at the bosses desk everyday dressed up doing the bosses work and giving us senior people orders. Another guy comes in 4am and throws parcels.

Then they say they have no carriers and give me extra work. Now my hip and spine are broken. They are using all my sick leave. I work 3 hours and go home. His friends stay the whole day do nothing and get paid overtime. Shop stewarts are as corrupt as the bosses and carriers. This place should be shut down. I never thought I would be bullied at this age. Until I ran into these horrible people. I worked so hard and ended up with nothing but lots of tears and grief wasted on a bunch of criminals. They should be investigated and put in jail. I hope the day will come when someone will stand up to these bullies. Everything they are doing is illegal and they get away with it.

Do not fear bully's
by: Anonymous

Eventually the exposure will come. What is in the dark will come to the light. The times are changing.

stolen retirement
by: Anonymous

years ago the post took my retirement funds I recently found out his happened to a whole group of us in my area in ny. I believe i now have a way to get this into court and would like to hear from others that want to go to court also now it will be public record and publicly scrutinized i intend to get this in the news a i have friends and family that are news reporters and camera people

If management didn't spend all their time harrassing craft employees, they would have nothing to do.
by: Anonymous

I am currently being falsely accused of something very serious at work (apparently, my accuser knows who to contact to cause maximum damage, so I am assuming this person has pulled this stunt before). I have been told that they are investigating me by getting statements from all my coworkers. Wow, only the USPS could get by with telling people what to write against an innocent victim and then using that false documentation as "evidence". I have worked for the USPS several years, and it has been miserable, but I can't afford to lose my job - especially for something I did not do. Everybody knows the USPS treats their employees in an inhumane and abusive way . . . how do they keep getting by with it? Where is help for the one who gets ganged up on by management?

Reach out
by: Anonymous

If you know your innocent you need an attorney, your local district Congressman or Congresswoman. Documentation is very important. Its important to have an attorney to represent you in an EEO not a shop steward they are cut from the same cloth as the management. Look into Legal Shield online. It's important not to respond to them {management}in any small negative way document everything. A paper trail is important. The management is good for setting employees they don't like up. I say this from experience. A lot of bad politics is involved in that place with the most legal problems than any government agency. Even though the Postal Service is not totally government. The managements legal services is paid for by the tax payers. Stay in prayer.

Our lives matter
by: Anonymous

Please remember that we are good honest caring people. Never let those rotten losers bring us down. They want us to feel that we are bad and worthless. Your life is important. We are people that care and are good. They are crazy and do disgusting things to other people that are good
like us. They are sexual predators, extortionate,
evil, and don't forget crazy. If they can go to
work everyday and do that to people and enjoy it
they have to have screws loose. Never give up and
never let any kind of filth like the post office
take your life. They are not worth it. They are

by: Rosemary Garity

I worked at the USPS and have a current federal court case on discrimination. I believe all federal employees need to join together to a point where it is too costly to continue the abuse. I am open to any suggestions. I can be reached at geritz1@outlook.com or at 775-253-6127
I am also willing to give my personal opinion on any like related matter or give direction on where answers can be found.

Called in sick and my supervisor is treating it as a criminal caase...
by: Anonymous

I recently called in because my daughter was sick and an actual supervisor accused me of being with another (male friend that also works at Ups)..My mother had her for the evening until she got sick..Now because I was eating dinner with several other co-workers before my shift she came into the establishment and slammed her fists on our table and pointed to me and said " I thought your daughter was sick"... Now she is demanding phone records of me talking to my mother, etc... She is acting like I committed a crime for calling in 2nd time in over 1 year and 2 months..
... I this allowed ??? It was all caused by my boss wanting to date me and was with another male co-worker plus a few other UPS workers I work with... Calling us all in for "investigation" purposes... This is just wrong !

Harrassed by an on the clock postal employee
by: Stressed out in INDY..seeking resolvement

My once special friend which was dissolved, caused by a co-workers girlfriend (baby Momma) who is an employee of the ... post office. Spends most her night on the phone harassing my once special friend. Calling her out of her name and disrespecting her in every way imaginable. Saying things that are not true such as certain people have aids. Fake profiles on social sites (over 6 to be exact) where she exhibits the same type of conduct while on the clock using her prepaid (throw away / burner) phone. Going on a year we've endured while being told there is nothing they (police & lawyers) can do

Now Is Your Chance
by: Charlie At The NDC

I am employed by the U. S. Postal Service as a Tractor Trailer Operator "TTO". I have been monitoring this web site and other sites about wrongs done to Postal employees by their managers, supervisors and union representatives (Mail Handlers / APWU) since 3 October 2013 over 2 years. And have been trying to find a way to tell what has been happening to me and what the managers, supervisors and union representatives where I work at the NDC have been putting me through the past two years as well as the 16 years prior because it is the same as all of the people on this web site. I will tell you managements side of the story, the union that is representing me the APWUs' position on the matter. And then. My side of the story. To begin with. I have been on suspension the last 2 years for violating the 0 Tolerance For Violence Policy which basically states: The Postal Service will not tolerate violence from it's employees on any level (Workers or management) as well as ensure all it's employees have a safe work environment free from threats, harassment, intimidation and bullying. The management is in the process of trying to fire and accuse me of assaulting and savagely beating up their supervisor. The union representatives take the position that management has the right to lunge, swing at hit and try to hit the people that work for them. And are allowed to do those things regardless of the 0 Tolerance Policy because they are management and "They can do that" (The NDC APWU shop steward catch phrase) as long as no one sees them. My side of this is as follows: 3 October 2013 this same supervisor WENT POSTAL and attacked me over his friend (A fellow TTOs) yard tractor. He LUNGED at me through a window. Over the counter the Time Cards (Badges) are kept on for the TTOs and VOAs (Vehicle Operations Assistants) to swipe in the time clock. To either head but me or punch me in my face which he came close to and almost did. It ended up with one of my fellow TTO (And good friend) pulling off this supervisors back. While trying to prevent him from retrieving whichever weapon from in or under his desk to use on me. I have never denied doing EVERYTHING in my power to defend myself against him when he did this when the Postal Police showed up (After he called them). I DID NOT run away or leave like one of my fellow TTOs told me to and said to me "Don't worry Charlie we got you covered just get out of here". When the Postal Policeman asked this supervisor what happened he told the Officer "he assaulted me I made a hand gesture to him and then he hit me" Right then and there the Postal Police Officer told him to "SHUT UP"! And I said to the Officer. "That's right officer he did have his hands up to me and tried to hit me in my face first" He told his fellow Postal Police Officer "Take him into the other office and keep him there" But before all of this. This supervisor has a history of threatening and intimidating people. (Women as well) The transportation manager had to give a statement to a threat assessment team about a verbal threat he made to me in front of her back in March 2011. When I reminded her about that she told me 'That has nothing to do with what happened tonight" I had to take a drug and alcohol test on my own time. I have no problem with tests like that because I do not drink or use drugs. But when I ask my union representatives what the results of this supervisors drug and alcohol test or if he was even given one they tell me they don't know. If this supervisor was high on drugs or drunk when he attacked me how would that effect me returning to my bid job. If they found out that the transportation manager hid if this supervisor was high on drugs or drunk the night he WENT POSTAL and attacked me effect my return. From March 2011 until the night this supervisor WENT POSTAL and attacked me 3 October 2013 him, his fellow supervisors and his friend the union shop steward have been trying to get back at me for giving my statement about the verbal threat he made to me to the Postal Inspection Agency. When I try to explain this to this shop steward back in the early part of 2012 she told people (My coworkers) I was a "drunk and an idiot" I DO NOT USE DRUGS, DRINK OR GET DRUNK ON ALCOHOL. When I ask my union representatives when will I return to my bid job? I am told "You will never come back here (The NDC) to work because a supervisor on your tour gave excessive amounts of overtime to the VOAs and TTOs on her tour and the plant manager will have to pay you "back overtime" Over 2 years worth as of this Pay Period 22:15. From all the stories I read on this web site and mine own experiences with the managers, supervisors and union representatives where I work at the NDC I do not believe I will be treated fairly in any grievance or arbitration process in the future. So I have contacted 2 investigative reporters in my area WPIX 11 Help Me Howard www.helpme@wpix.com (212) - 210 - 2490 and News 12 New Jersey Walt Kane: Face Book - Kane In Your Corner. (732) - 738 - 5263. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Get in touch with these investigative reporters leave messages on there voice mails, e mails and face book pages with your stories and show them this web site. It seems the only way to get justice is to get these things out in the open so the people responsible have to account for what they do and the fact that is coasting Postal Customers (OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS) The people who pay our salaries their hard earned money. When these managers, supervisors and union representatives do this to us. In the United States we are ALL innocent until proven guilty and have the right to face our accusers (In my case false accusers) I am a Disabled Veteran I made 2 Deployments (Voluntary) during The Gulf War. Desert Shield / Desert Storm with my Shipmates while serving in the U. S. Navy to make sure NO ONE will ever take these rights away from us. Before these managers, supervisors and union representatives are successful in denying me these rights. I WILL get this story out. Good Luck And Gods Speed Charlie

The union acts like management
by: Anonymous

The union is management. The union stole my 2 years back pay. I can prove it.

Letter Carrier
by: Anonymous

I am the letter carrier who has worked 20 years. I am a women. I Have 900 deliveries on my route, while the men next to me with 600 deliveries cry everyday. I worked pregnant through the hot summer months of over 100 degrees. I have never claimed disability although my hips are about to give out and when I wake up at 4:00 a.m. my hands are numb.
I have been forced to work 70 hours in one week.
I am highly educated but stay at the post office because I actually love delivering the mail, my route and my customers....

I am also the employee who is sexually harassed. I constantly have my work undermined by management. I have a mind of my own and I am intelligent and outspoken. This intimidates insecure management and I am victim of constant bullying. They want you to be a robot and if you don't give them what they want; they retaliate and bully you to no end. It's hell. I'm retiring at 50. Getting the hell out (OF HELL!) The post office is the epitome of slave labor. Shame on the Post Office and all the Managers who were once Clerks, Mail handlers, Carriers etc. Shame on you for forgetting where you came from. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

Relief on the way
by: Anonymous

I was also bullied by managers.
I did not get any COP(continuing of pay) after my accident on duty. The managers prohibited my access to my sick/annual leave.
Union was no help.
Filed EEO and the retaliation started .

My heart goes to all of you guys but this is the way to handle all the cases.
1.do not share any info with the council from EEO just be polite and let him know that you have an attorney.
I did just that!
The managers went nuts!
I was left alone TOTALLY.
Always remember that YOU NEED TO READ about your rights in the USPS handbook.They do not like intellectual workers.
Do not call the supervisors -text them, keep a record of such as dates and times.
Take pictures ( you are not allowed to take any pics inside of the PO but make sure that you take pics of any group pictures in the building first.)
You keep your union out of your mess.
Do not sit down with managers once EEO has been filed. The situation is sever enough already.
They do not negotiate ,it's their way only-don't waste your time.
Managers do not manage they bully.

Keep on doing your job .Do not start showing signs of anger such as calling sick etc.
Once you get yourself an attorney they will leave you the hell alone.
I am working with an attorney firm at this time and will negotiate a deal with them where the postal workers will get help with their legal issues . I will push forward with my attorney and will talk to the people on top .
We desperately need relief! We need a change from the bullying ,we need reasonable people in the system who will see to it that all the grievances will be rechecked according to the Federal laws and regulations of the Postal Service.
We can not go on like this anymore.
I am tired of seeing an ambulance coming to our postal unit and picking up fellow workers.
I promise Ill push forward with this. Managers need punishment such as warning letters and suspensions etc.
Managers can NOT be allowed to be transferred to other facilities -they can not start the same abuse at a different location again. People will not change.
Postal managers do these things because THEY CAN. Nobody has stopped them.

by: anonymous

I am so happy someone is standing up for the truth. I am also annoyed with the union I am dealing with retaliation from them. I do have an attorney for any eeo's and other abuses received at the post office. I hate to say this but the money used for the do nothing union that really is management. The members could have bought at least 4 law firms by now. My union is very cozy with management. The shop stewards walk around all day doing absolutely nothing on a job bid. A job bid that a fellow co worker use. Stand up to the bullying post office stand up. Please document everything.

horrible memories
by: Anonymous

I was pregnant and working outside in 100degree heat. I had a doctors note to work but up until a certain point. My bosses yelled at me"You have to do pivets.I don't care if you are pregnant." The pivots were all pieces from his lazy friends who bought them gifts and sandwiches and sodas. They would get help everyday. The same people. Meanwhile I am carrying this heavy weight in my stomach in the heat doing extra work. I could have lost my child back then who is now 5. I always get sad to know I took a risk over stupid mail. But I needed my job. Its not easy. You think you are trying to do the right thing. How stupid I was that I listened to those idiots. They basically treated me like trash while I was pregnant. I also was harassed by janitor who made my stomach hurt so bad that I had a miscarriage. My kids could of had a brother or sister probably. This happened almost 6 years ago but the pain remains. For my kids to know that still to this day I am harassed and bullied to no end kills me. I have to go home and put on a happy face to take care of my kids. But at night I cry and on the way to work I feel miserable. I have a bad hip now and have to wake up my kids for 3 hours of work. Then I am sent home. They have no work for me. Their friends only. His girlfriend never goes on the street. This other guy buys breakfast everyday and never goes out. Another also. They all stay in and work full day and OT. Days off. I am struggling to pay my bills abd and his girlfriend just bought a new truck. I hope what comes around does go around. It just takes forever. Plus no one deserves to be treated like this. They are a disgrace and are oblivious to how bad they actually can ruin lives.Thanks for reading. It feels good to get all this out.

Speak Out
by: Anonymous

It's time to oust the bullies. The workers should do research get a good labor attorney on retainer. Please check out Legal Sheild. That union is weak and are self serving. Reach out to the social media. Maybe it's time to get in touch with the Oversight Committee. There is also the Oversight Press Committee. The postal service is digging there own hole. That is why congress is not going to help the postal service they know it's a sinking ship. Senators, Congressman have these so called postal aides that don't have a clue on postal affairs. What a waste of tax payers money. Congress only cares about money.

harassment and the unhealthy work environment
by: Anonymous

I'm in my 36th year in the post office. Until recently, I was in great health for my first 34 years in the post office. Then the past two years, suddenly I had many health problems! (What happened in the past two years?) Right before my health went down hill, I received extreme harassment and stress from some supervisor! (Stress weakens the immune system. {Google "Paper dust" and read the Scientific America report....Also asbestos is in many post offices.} So the stress weakened the immune system, and I suffer, physically in an unhealthy work environment.) Supervision harass and caused stress, for their own entertainment!

The supervisor harasses me, without any worry of being punished. So under the working environment, I now have lung damage, and I had doctors find two polyps, before this became cancer....All this from work related stress!

Killer Fumes
by: Anonymous

the trucks back into our office and all the fumes come in to the building. All the windows in the office are closed. I cant breathe. I have to go to sit in the bathroom. But its still in the air for a long time. It is so strong it burns my nostrils.

the day the music died
by: Anonymous

I am a single parent ,I am a musician I went to school for but unfortunately cannot make a sufficient living doing so I often wonder because of its inconsistencies' three years ago I was franticly looking for full time work you see I also have a chronic illness and am in and out of doctors and hospital SSI cannot support my lifestyle so I decided to give the united states postal service a try it will be almost three years now my hair has fallen out I have panic attacks and currently need a biopsy my postmaster is going out of her way to make my life a living hell I bring in documentation its always insufficient I find myself everyday holding back my anger and frustration I am currently in trouble for cursing out loud because I was expected to work 12 hours straight and I need to be home for my child my music I teach voice in the evenings this jobs makes me want to jump off a cliff I have no energy for anything myself included I am being bled dry the music within me I am afraid will soon die out if things do not begin to change why is it ok for my postmaster to degrade belittle and manipulate and abuse her power who protect me and my source of income the same rules do not apply to them.

no more-no more!!!!
by: Anonymous

If you are harassed -call an ambulance and go to the hospital. This way youll have a record.
1. Read the postal rules and regulations .
If you file a grievance make sure that the grievance papers include the rules from the Postal SVC.
2. Make sure that you'll note in your grievance papers that you have included a statement from the USPS rule book concerning the grievance such as :if you are grieving the fact that the managers LWOP 6 hours the day you when you went home home sick - you add the rule with your grievance!
Now you all ,it is time to work and get knowledge... knowledge is POWER! The managers do not like smart people. This is the only way to win.
I have an attorney with my EEOC and nobody on the top bothers me. I am bold and will force the doors to be opened in Washington DC once my case is done. We are on the way to be formal. We have passed through the lies of the postal svc.
If you do get an attorney ,do not stop working and getting info -work with him.
If we can NOT stop the bullying-our retirement will be lost!

Hostile Work Enviroment Postal Service
by: Michele

The story I'm about to tell you sounds like I'm making up a horror story but I can prove every single thing I say to you today. On April 30, 2011, my co-worker who had previously been removed from the postal service for inappropriate behavior towards a different female, told a Military wife that he hated me and was going to kill me. This happened on a Saturday at 9:00 in the morning on a Military Base. He made this statement after I had repeatedly reported to my Supervisors to come to the Postal Installation and to give him direct instructions as he would blatantly ignore me and I was the senior clerk who was being held responsible for anything that went wrong. I was waiting on a job to become available so I could bid out, just as others had because of his unsettling behavior. Anywhoo! the customer called the Supervisor in The main office in VA, and she told the customer to call her back on MONDAY!!!!! I panicked... I called the Postal Inspector office and reported the situation at about 9:30 am. I was told to wait until someone called me back. I got my call back around 1:00 to 1:30 that day. We closed at 12:00. I had to work in the office with this man, crying asking customers to sit with me, calling the MP"S who said that this was a Postal Matter despite the fact that it happened on a Military base. I thought that he would be put out of work immediately because that is the instructions of the policy that is written by the Postal Service. Good thing I called to ask them where did they want me to report, because the supervisor hadn't reported what happened. Mind you this is a supervisor whom I had to take to court because as she tried to snatch a phone from me while I called the Postal Inspectors, she hit me in the ear. Case was dropped because the Postal Service sent a Lawyer for her and not me. (I was a very well spoken Union Official who submitted very thorough grievances and communicated effectively...in other words, management hated me). So she didn't report it and had I not called, I would have been in the office with someone who told a customer that he was going to kill me. So he went to work Monday and Tuesday and I had to report to the Main office until he was placed on Emergency leave. Emergency leave is supposed to be done during an emergency mind you, which was days earlier. Anywhoo, fast forward about 8 months and he won his grievance because the Postal Service failed to provide the Customer as a witness (the one that he told that he was going to kill me) and the Union who represented him and myself stated that I couldn't have been that scared because I didn't leave the building. So he comes to work and my doctor has to take me out because of the trauma it had done to me to think that management was going to place him back into his job at the military installation with me and no higher supervision there to monitor the already established Hostile work Environment. My doctor never should have had to get involved, because the Postal service has A book written for supervisors that spell out how they are to treat an environment that has been established as hostile. My doctor said first that I had to work in a different building. My Postmaster at the time was supposedly under investigation for already creating a hostile work environment for retaliating against me for EEO Activity and for Union Activity. He used this opportunity to deny me work. I have paperwork (emails and letters from him) which shows how blatant he was in denying me work. Finally, because the stress of not working and not being able to pay bills were making me even more sick (sleep apnea, high blood pressure, manic depression), he stated that I should be allowed to work in a Well supervised building where there was work available. ON 8/1, my supervisor told me to report to work on 8/2 before he spoke to the Postmaster. On 8/2 or 8/3, 2013, I reported but he told me to go home. I asked why and he said "hostile work environment or something". I took notes as I always did and as I left the building he followed me trying to snatch the notes from my hands. I made it to the docks, and then I felt someone tugging on my shirt and I felt this one last hard hit to my hand where I had my notes and I turned around swinging and reflexively, my right palm caught the side of the supervisors face. It was witnessed by the carriers who were soon after told in a threatening way to not make up what they saw. There is so much more that I can tell you about this particular supervisor, but it would take too long. I pressed charges and the Postmaster told him to press charges since I did. I got a lawyer this time. He kept coming to court with a note from my supervisors asking for a continuance because they hadn't had time to find him a lawyer yet. Finally on December 11, 2012, the Judge said, well how is it that they got you a lawyer but didn't get one for her. She told him that she gave him enough chances and she said that "I'm dropping your charges due to self defense". She looked at him and said that "I am putting you on probation for a year and you are to stay away from her" I will drop the case on these conditions. The postal Service kept him and I was removed. I went through MSPB and it was very clear that the Judge was there to protect the best interest of the Postal Service. I don't think that anyone in the History of the Post office had documented the Harrassment better than I did. I utilized every right under the Freedom of Information to get info, and I had my copies of the grievances which showed that management was admitting that they made mistakes with me. I had workmen's compensation papers which showed that they changed my information after I signed in and turned it in. I had a supervisor who testified that she was in meetings and had been given letters that I had written to Congressman Forbes, and the Postmaster said to "target her". I had another supervisor who testified that the Postmaster often used deragatory names to refer to me. I had a discipline that was written by one supervisor who only gave me 2 weeks suspension and he wasn't allowed to go back to the Post office in Virginia. He filed an EEO, and had me as a witness to state that I witnessed the Postmaster give him unethical instructions. Those instructions was for my supervisor to make me go against my doctors orders to work in an unsupervised building with the person who said that he would murder me. The Postmaster has since been promoted. The supervisor who never supervised me but was willing to sign the new discipline that removed me from the postal service is very Religious and also promoted. The supervisor that hit me is still working. I lost my home. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Everywhere I go, I search faces to see if I see the person who said that he would kill me. The only thing that keeps me going is Faith and my Husband. The Union did nothing to help me, I think this is because I kept representing people who were injured on the job, to make sure that they were not discriminated against due to their injuries. I had a Union official to tell me to not help them because they were taking "our jobs." Our new contract at that time made a way for new employees with a different classification. They were only to use the UNION's insurance (CHI-CHING). Soon as I left, jobs that were meant to be for Veterans (custodial jobs) were given to anyone who paid Union dues and got their insurance. MSPB blatantly did not address the MSPB issues in it's entirety. I had the case won on just timeliness. The Postal Service didn't get my testimony until 21 days after I was assaulted and removed from the facility. The supervisor wasn't placed on emergency anything even though he snatched my notes from me and admitted it, and he blocked my entrance as I was trying to leave, and admitted it, all of which is under the Zero tolerance rules. This same supervisor testified at my hearings both the MSPB and the EEO (I"m a 5foot 1 black female, he was a 6foot 1 white male) the the Postal Inspectors told him on August 2, when the incident occurred that he was not guilty and that I was. Whenever I read the transcripts it still to this day seem unreal, but it happened. I can't believe that these people will retire with full benefits.

non discrimination matter
by: Anonymous

I understand that someone can't be discriminated against because of physical or mental handicap. But in the postal service, irritating individuals (including those with mental handicaps) are often PROMOTED into another post office (so the former post office GETS RID of the mental case {and the irritating individuals}!) In the end, postal employees may SUFFER from all the bullying done by these irritating people in high positions, and those whose mental handicap would include bullying! (I know a few VENGEFUL people, who were in positions above my position, in the post office!)

Fraud and forgery
by: Anonymous

It has been years fighting for my back pay the National Labor Relations Board is defintely father to the union. Just recently I started showing my Co workers the document that brought me back to work after 2 years. I did nothing wrong I had all the documents to prove it. I always felt the agent that was to represent me did wrong by signing off on the documents without my consent. A good friend asked me recently to email the documents. She notice the union business agent signed off on. She notice the document was not at all proper,but what she did notice was not just the union agents name but the so called managers name looked somewhat like the agents signature. Immediately she said get a fraud and forgery export to check the signature of the so called manager. I did just that. It turns out he forged the signature not just fraud paperwork but forgery. Just think all these agencies I listed saw the same documents and did nothing. NLRB,State Inspector General, Postal Inspectors, APWU president, District Congressman, they did nothing. They all chose to look the other way. When I did get an attorney we went back to NLRB once again they refused to do an investigation. Now I am dealing with Fraud and Forgery. Pray for me. I have suffered so much retaliation and harassment. I am also a black female with a lot of support now more than ever. If this happened to me think of all the other employees frauded out of they're back pay. This union would bring suspended employees back to work no paper work or back pay. It makes me sick. You are all in my prayers. This was done to mostly women.

the post office is like the movie the "HOSTEL"
by: Anonymous

It is the truth!! I have just got hired as a CCA at an office from hell!! The union lies just like management, they protect one another while they take the workers money!! I asked if I could trade crafts and the president of the union said he would find out and call me the next night... shocker !! He never called!!
They pretend they are backing us but they are not!! Management bullies and lies and pushes use to work unsafe!! To make time so theyou can make their numbers!! Conshohocken office is a hand me down PM supervisor position!! My first day I was told that I am a robot , I was not to think. The manager told everyone I was thin skinned!! Because the first day he through me out there with no training and was berating me because I didn't know what to do!!

by: Anonymous

I read above in one of the articles that the union said the person couldn't have been that scared that the person threatened their life or they would have left the building. It seems no matter what the carrier does they are always wrong. I was threatened by my manager who physically picked up a garbage can and blocked the door so I couldn't leave the building. I left because Felt threatened. The union sided with management as always and said I ABANDONED my job.

by: Anonymous

My post office has 3 rotten bosses. They accept gift cards money and food soda and sex. If you do these things you can work inside. You never have to go outside on the street even though u r a carrier. Shop steward brings cases of soda so they get help everyday. One girl carrier allows the boss to feel her leg up and he kisses her neck. Then she goes into the bosses office and they close the door. She never has to go on the street. She sits at the bosses desk across from him while the other carriers are working. She has access to the postal computer. Now she is going to become a boss.
I am a worker so I am harassed by my bosses and the coworkers that never go out on the street. The workers get more work and the lazy people stay in and make tons of OT kissing butt. Post Office is a disgrace

Not Getting Better
by: Anonymous

The postal service is going to be a thing of the past eventually. The union is management. It's not a real union they are nothing but a buffer between you and management

When any kind of abuse that happens coming from management watch how far your union runs in the opposite direction. They are useless.

"ME" steward
by: Anonymous

My "Union steward", in reality is a "ME STEWARD". He gets the "inside scoop" so he can find or CREATE (Lie) a defense, so he gets his way! So he gets the INSIDE SCOOP, he ACTS like he likes the postmaster, only so he can get inside scoops on what's going on with everyone. He even convinces her to go in a specific direction (that, in his mind, benefits HIM).

Learn how to protect your reasonable accommodation request
by: Anonymous

See YouTube videos titled "Conrad Johnson, reasonable accommodation" This guy was a manager, believe it or not.

Same thing with "Steve Owensby, reasonable accommodation"

This guy was Johnson's supervisor.

You people are nuts!
by: MBlair

Everyone is trying to bully you, Your always the center of attention! Get over yourselves! Everyone deals with nastiness day by day! It's called living in the real world! You morons know nothing about it because your feeble minded and still leeching off mom or dad or grandparents! Grow up!

I worked at the post office as a rural route carrier for years! And none of what you say ever existed!

by: Anonymous

God bless you rural carrier. I have proof. You are in denial. The post office little by little is being dismantle because of not just low volume, but they have many legal problems. The tax payers have been paying for years. Change is coming to the United States Postal Service with all the levels of abuses of power and no accountability. God us all.

get over. we are nuts.
by: Anonymous

You are mostly the moran that pays off the bosses. If you were a carrier you probably got help everyday. Be a man and do your work onstead pf giving it to someone else. Sure you don't live with your mom because you made so much standing money getting free overtime pay for paying bosses. You are nasty. This is what I have to deal
With self centered dishonest people. Thats the real world cause ofjerks like you

That's true.
by: Anonymous

The guy that wrote You Are Nuts is most likely a boss. He is corrupt like all of them that's why he says Get Over It. Easy to say when you steal money and don't have to work for it. What a jerk.

Bullying in the work place
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately my life will never be the same after working for the Columbus, Ga. Post office. I worked almost 12 years in California before transferring here because of my husband and the Military. I really loved my job and my customers, but the management bullied me so bad until even after being retired 2 years, I'm still going to the Doctors because of my health. I continue to see a therapist because of how these jerks treated me. I reported their behavior in as many as 18 EEO's, I won one major one for begin fired for s supervisor lying on me by telling people I struck her, now I still have two cases pending which started when I busted the supervisor for going into my personal leave when I clear turned in a 3971, showing LWOP for my visits to the workers compensation doctor. I haven't heard anything from them but against I'm looking for a judge to throw it out, this wouldn't surprise me any, it seems that certain individuals here gets justice and certain ones are ignored. I have many years of complaints, it's a damn shame that common sense don't play any roles here. God bless them because I know something is going to happen at that post office, I'm just glad I'm gone. The supervisor who bothered me so much was in the grocery store Winn Dixie on 4/27/16 at 2:00 pm with his badge on and still working, when he saw me he had a basket full food he was putting in his car, so I asked him if they paid him to shop on the clock and he ignored the comment, this is the same man who wouldn't allow me to pick up my prescription when In route to my route. What a shame. This is the sand Pist Office who's Pist master was fired for stealing his favor supervisor, both whom I'd had many complaints on. The catcher is, they were both allowed to retired, ain't that a bitch?

by: Anonymous

The postal service is doom to fail it's being ran into the ground by incompetent people that don't have a clue as to what they're doing. They are all in bed together Eeo. Postal inspectors, postal police, etc. it is one big sham slowly but surely unraveling. They have ruined many lives. It's sad. It feels more like a modern day working prison. The union is the biggest joke of all.

by: Anonymous

I have been harassed for over 10 years in the USPS by a coworker. Management turns their head because the abuser does favors for management outside the work place. How can I win? I am seeing counseling and taking anti depressant medicine. Nothing changes except I get punished instead! Now I understand what a rape victim feels when they are being accused as the problem. The worst work environment I have ever experienced. Stay away from the USPS work force!

Day one I was harassed
by: Anonymous

Harassments or are so bad at the post service you can complain to the upper management and they do nothing about it I have been told many times by co-workers hope your make up doesn't wash off your face today. As for the the regular Carrier who tells you they want take a Saturday off for you spend time with your family. You have worked there for 4 years and maybe have had 4 Saturday off the time the whole time you have been working. Seems to be a Sin to be nice to those full-time workers and all they do is just harass you. It's like they want you to bend down and kiss they're dam feet. I have worked in other places over the years and this is the most harassment I have ever had any place my other jobs we never had this kind of harassment it is so sad that we have to put up with all of this as of today I will not do it again. Plan is to file suit and I will do it

The day is coming
by: Anonymous

Once the Civil Service workers retire it's over for the postal service. The accountabilty will factor there is no accountability for the worst management and union. Its just a matter of time. In the meantime people should email, write, or call the Oversight Committee, Postmaster so called General, your local politicians, media if need be. The government itself is out control what do we expect. There is power in numbers.

get smart!
by: Anonymous

Union IS MANAGEMENT! Get over it already! Time to work and read the regulations of USPS. Listen up now! Get yourself an attorney and they leave you the HELL alone! Getting an attorney is much cheaper than paying for the management /union- Once they know you have an attorney... they do Forrest Gump! They know YOU MEAN BUSINESS!!!!!

It Doesn't Matter
by: Anonymous

I have an attorney for fraud and forgery against the Union. The union and management are one in the same. They also try and set you up even when they know you have an attorney. It's important to watch your back. Always document everything very very important. They never stop because there is no accountability.

I Beat them
by: AlreadyWon

You have to get your local politicians involved, i made a folder with all my paper work and statements by other employees and physically went to my congressman's office. I kept calling to follow up and both my supervisor and manager suddenly got reassignments. Next step would have been the media and a youtube channel dedicated to my cause, eventually sue them for everything they have. Very happy and bully free today

God bless
by: Anonymous

That is a positive story. I pray the same happens for me with my fraud and forgery case. I also can sue the union rep. that used fraud and forgery to steal my back pay. I could sue him in civil court. I pray for closure.

Rotten Egg of the bunch
by: Anonymous

I'm a retired postal worker in the past yr my postal carrier has been breaking mailboxes, driving on the grass, magazines & Catalogs they have subscriptions to not arriving (mostly Female related Magazines) until that Bright Orange Label stating "This is your Last Issue", for not picking up mail when flag(s) is up, the time of mail delivery can be any where between 9am - 5pm. Neighbors ask me all the time what to do... My answer to them is to complain to their Postal Supervisor. Now this Carrier is treating my delivery the same as the neighbors. I spoke with him about not picking up out going mail for the past 4 days with the flag up. Her answer, "I had no F'in mail to deliver". Now I know the postal contracts handbook 33 Route Performance
331 Line of Travel, that clearly states about the flag up to still collect out going mail, even if there is no delivery. She took my mail, threw it to the ground, yelling "F(word) you" while shooting me the middle finger. So I went down to our neighborhood Post Office, asked to speak with the supervisor. The Supervisor told me that there have been many complaints on my Postal Carrier, and there has been no investigations for reason this said postal carrier told their Supervisor that her route has many violations including the mailbox the carrier ripped off the post, took a photo of it, then had a PS Form 4056 written up on it!!! Plus that is not the only neighbor that received that form, there are many!!! Now being a retired postal worker gave me no backing, and I'm guessing her word being a postal carrier goes before above all... Anyone have this problem??? Or is she just this single Carrier.

how do I just get over it?
by: Anonymous

I have a bad hip now. Can't do much but continue to get abused everyday. I have 2 small children to take care of but since I don't payoff the bosses like my shop steward and co-workers I have to suffer and should just GET OVER IT. What the hell are union dues for?. I don't just get over it. My steward blames me for being a good worker. He said this is why they treat you like this. If I would've known I needed to do nothing so I would be treated better I would have. This is emotionally draining. You can't just get over it. You spend most of your time trying to battle against these bullies. Like filling out eeo papers. Going to court. They should all be behind bars where criminals belong.

by: Danville, IL postal service

I know this article was written a time ago and I just can't believe how familiar everyone's comments are. It's 2016 and nothing has gotten better at the postal service. I just had to resign because of the harassment and bullying. My postmaster and supervisors are sick people. I was told by a supervisor "I know it's only your third day but you are the worst employee here. You are at the bottom and have only 80 days to prove yourself." I couldn't believe my ears!! What an idiot! What part of that makes any sense? Of course I'm at the bottom I just started. I refused to keep my mouth shut for 90 days after something so pitifully ignorant. I had no choice but to resign. I don't wonder for a second why people have gone POSTAL!!! They are lucky I can control my actions that's for sure!

How horrible
by: Anonymous

I don't believe it! I would rather go away on a vacation, including going out of this country, instead of go without a vacation and work in the post office I work in. (Even the stress from possible ISIS bombings is less stressful then work at the post office I'm in.) Stress from my job includes, but not limited to ABUSE OF POWER, and UNETHICAL actions by people in higher positions then me. And yes, a superior lied and FRAMED ME, just so the supervisor didn't loose her job.

the post office is lazzy
by: shauna rowles

I can't get my mail because I moved my mailbox ten steps away if you don't want to have a job that require walling then you shouldn't aplide for the job

The ignorance is the Postal Service
by: Anonymous

Its sad the postal service as a whole is a mess. Postal inspectors, eeo, union etc. This is one big cover up organization. Even the politics play a huge part in the cover up such as your congressmen or women, senators. They are like the ceo's of the postal service. I am praying now to put my story out about my fraud and forgery case. This is not isolated. If I fraud anyone jail time for me. I called the postal inspector general. They do nothing, but when they want to help set up postal employees they are all in. I just recently ask them how the investigation is going the lady says "Oh it takes about 4 months. I said I just had a fraud and forgery expert analyze the same document (fraudulent) I gave the Postal inspector general. It took him a month and a half what are you doing. Talk about phony. I am fed up with the system. Rigged. I will not stop fighting until this union is exposed they are stealing from the very people they are suppose to represent. What's troubling is the management are working right along with them withholding employees back pay when brought back to work. Sad

more bullying
by: Anonymous

This guy in our office had cancer. He was young
and management bullied him. He was so stressed. I felt so horrible to watch this. He worked as a carrier and did a good job. So they yelled at him. Sadly he passed. It made me cry because I am sure the stress from these horrible people helped push him in his grave. These people are heartless human beings. At my office coworkers give gifts to the bosses so they get to go home and get help on street. This includes my shop steward. One guy brags about he pays the most money. He now throws parcels and that is it. He is a carrier. Another carrier woman did nothing but stayed in office for about 10 years because the boss liked her. She now is a boss who is still working in our office sitting and texting on her phone. While the other boss sleeps in front of everyone in the middle of office. The 3rd boss is outside down the street talking on his cellphone. The manager comes and goes and just laughs. They wonder why the post office has no money. Its wasted on these bums.

Targeted Employees of USPS
by: Kimberly

The Usps a place I have worked for 20 years has harassed ..set up ..framed ...thrown away mail... lied asked other carriers to lie ...have my own coworkers try to stall record and sabotage me. If you're injured at work they set off after you they don't care what they do they don't care if they break the rules they use the Postal Service as their public playground they will use mail.. they will use customers ...they will use coworkers ...they will use whatever they have in their arsenal.
They even put me in a vehicle that broke down three days in a row causing me to be out after dark and attacked on my route .. Yes a police report was made and the possible inspectors were involved I now have an EEO pending one for discrimination and one for retaliation I have pictures but I have evidence and yes it seems like they will never be held accountable for the damage and the abuse that they have put on the carriers who were injured ... It scares me because while I am not a violent person one day it is going to be bad again as it was in the past it's only a matter of time it is disgusting the way they pick on and bully... yes but I will refuse I refuse to allow them to do it to me I will tell them off I will put them down I treat them exactly as they treat me .. I am in no way scared of them they are not that smart they just have more people on their team it's painful but the more I play their game the better I get at it.. I just worry that they're going to pick on a weaker person and they're going to do the ultimate damage it's going to happen you can feel it in the air I don't know where but It will happen somewhere in the United States someone will go and I dread using this but someone will go postal you'll see...only a matter of time and nobody will have A chance to do anything because everybody who knows it's going on ...does nothing Congress does nothing ..the president does nothing nobody does nothing to stop it...

Have you noticed...
by: Anonymous

EXTREMELY rare, you ever see one government agency fight another government agency (especially Federal vs Federal). So if a postal employee has an injury or work problem, it's like the employee is fighting against the FEDERAL FAMILY (EEO, Labor Department, OSHA, etc).

Seattle district post office
by: Anonymous

My boss is slick. He will order us to do things that he knows we don't get paid for, yet if you say something, he turns it around to where the rest of the employees turn on you for speaking up. If you make a mistake, he ridicules you in front of the other employees. He constantly makes fun of managers above him, and says horrendous things about other employees behind their backs. He tells subordinates things that they shouldn't know about their coworkers (ie. the thickness of files on them and how he is so close to firing them). While he doesn't give a direct order to do so, he encourages both clerks and carriers to work off the clock. And he refuses to respect personal space when you tell him that it makes you uncomfortable and that he is standing too close. He has a better opportunity to go elsewhere, but he is too attached to his assistant to leave her.

Disabled Women Denied Postal Services because of Reporting Bad Serv
by: Cadetric

Services from the USPS were suspended because of me Advocating/Protesting for Professional Services.

I do agree
by: Anonymous

I do agree with the fact its all an inside game with management, union, inspectors, eeo, nat. labor relations board, osha etc.. Its sad you find yourself praying for one good guy in these agencies that will do the right thing. That has become far and few between. Even a lot of the politicians are part of the ongoing cover up of the postal service sins. Try calling a politician and your referred to a postal aide who doesn't have a clue about the abuses that go on in the postal service or maybe they do. All any one cares is maybe how much money its bringing in to the government forget about the employees. Its sad when you see the majority of managers and union reps dividing and conquering the work floor. So many incompetent managers that don't have a clue on managing anyone or anything. This place is so scary. Its not getting any better. I pray everyday before entering the building. God cover us with a wall of protection.

May god help us
by: Anonymous

Omg it's so sad reading all these comments makes me sick to my stomach I agree to all of them everything said on here is true I currently work here and can't wait to find a better paid job so I can leave like that's the only thing that's stopping me really I depend on this fucking job so much I pray to god things can soon change ;-(

Keep this in mind.....
by: Anonymous

When I went through grievance, I NEVER got rewarded for what the arbitrator wrote in his summary! And still, close to a year, I never got the money owed to me!...Well by accident, I discovered THE MAIDEN NAME to the woman in this picture, IS THE SAME LAST NAME OF THE PERSON WITH THE LABOR DEPARTMENT! (Ever hear of the word "NEPOTISM"!)

by: Dina

The EEO process is a joke. It's just another method to prove that postal management can do whatever they want. The judges and attorney's all get their palms greased at the expense of the victim. Judge Lana in Atlanta is the only judge that recognizes and addresses the foolery allowed at the USPS. I am a supervisor and have been harassed more as a supervisor all because I believe in treating employees with respect and like humans. The post office can be a great place to work if these officials will start being held responsible and accountable by the way of termination for their discriminatory actions. Shalom.

USPS strikes again
by: Anonymous

After sexual harassment and assault by my boss, I reported it to his boss, and was asked what did I do to give him the wrong impression. Two to three weeks later they remove him and place him in another office an hour away. During that time he changed my schedule, my days off and deleted my hours. HR refused to talk to me on the phone. I finally went out on stress leave, diagnosed with acute stress disorder. They are trying to fire me and not paying me and he is rewarded with continued pay, travel pay and per diem.
Something has to give, we live in the year 2016, there shouldn't be a good ol boy's club. No one should be punished for reporting harassment, and no one should be rewarded for harassing.

by: Justin

I have been told my business isnt welcome at the post office. Why? Because the post master is the township secretary. The Township Illegally discharged me in violation of sunshine laws

They provoke
by: Anonymous

Not only this bullying site with over 100 comments, another bullying site with over 400 comments, violent behavior done at offices by postal employees, and what I'm going through right now, all point to one thing. SUPERVISION AND ABOVE, PROVOKE THESE KINDS OF EMPLOYEE ACTIONS, ACROSS THE COUNTRY. In my case, I'm owed lots of money, from the post office. Though legally the post office owes me my money, and I've tried many times to get my money, I'll probably have to hire an attorney to get what's rightfully mine.

A Cancer Patient
by: Anonymous

I know a lady going through Breast Cancer treatment in the same month of Cancer Awareness they were treating this woman like garbage. Actually bullying her. Who does this. People with no accountability. In the meantime the union could care less and the management all the same. If a shop steward has a bid job and sits in the office for 8 hours vote them out. If a manager has over 20 eeos and grievances in the same year good bye to that supervisor. No accountability means bad business. In the meantime more and more new people are coming and going saying how horrible the postal service is to work. Its time to clean house of the bullies not being held accountable.

EEOC is not doing therejobs
by: Anonymous

I`m in the discovery EEOC case ,the judge rule I only had 45day`s after I was suspended to have filed my age discrimination case .I did not know there was a time limit on abusing someone .I was never given the opportunity to present my side of the case .my union represenitive help the OIC they were friends ,he told me on two occassions it would be taken care of ,he lied ,he was removed for helping her ,along with my shop steward .she also had the help of the head of the DRT and another member of the DRT the former post master from my office ,I can prove these but I am not allowed because I did not file this case in the 45 day period .they the USPS always give talks about discrimination ,harrassment but do not mean any of it ,its a big lie .my OIC is guilty but is protected by the system that that preaches fairness respect honesty .none of these agencies did a thing to help me ,human resource ,EEOC my union help get me suspended .the EEOC judge hear my case sounded annoyed that I was waisting her time .every person accused has a right to be heard I done thing I will be given that chance.that is a violation of my civil rights.no one cares i`m just a postal worker Ican not afford an attorney ,discriminated in N J thanks for hearing me out .

City carrier
by: Robert

I was sexually Harassed at the post office by my post master... I reported it to HR and it took them 39 days to meet with me and my union rep! In the meantime I went to see a therapist while my post master continued to harass and bully me the post office knew it was happening and let it continue after meeting with HR (39 days later) It got worst I then had to set throught an Interrogation 44 Questions and after had a nervous breakdown. It started on 9/20/16 and the breakdown 11/9/16 This is the Postoffice the don't want you to know about! A cover up ! It's 11/29/16

by: Anonymous

The level of corruption is to cover up. With this new administration in the White House the postal service will meet its match. The waste of money is endless. The union is corrupt also. Its time for a overhaul of the postal service. Eventually the postal service will go private. The waste will end hopefully.

Harassment / Racist
by: Anonymous

I have been treated beyond the title of a woman, by postal inspectors. My name has been defamed and character has been distorted. The dignity and respect, which I once had for our legal team, has been diminished. They have even turned all of my co-workers against me. They have increased their pay, by utilizing "informants" pay.

Harassment / Racist
by: Anonymous

I have been employed by the usps for 31 years. I have been harassed and tormented, beyond the term "human". They have broke down my name throughl, lies and deceit. They have made is almost impossible for me to live happily. They have paid employees hiring pay, supposedly informants. They have made it difficult for me to maintain focused. They quite often, follow me, during my travel to work.

time/date limits
by: Anonymous

I'm a bit ticked off, how the post office limits how long an employee has to dispute something (file EEO, file grievance, etc). But when the post office is REQUIRED to do something (example: do as the administrator wrote in his conclusion), the post office can dilly-dally forever! It's been over one year, at least 6 attempts were made by me, and the post office never did as they owe me! IT'S BEEN OVER ONE YEAR! This also demonstrates how the post office (supervision) PROVOKES the employees!...This kind of ALLOWED behavior must stop!

Postal trick back
by: Anonymous

Hey postal service....This message is for the people who monitor me.....I have a severe Eeoc case.I am not backing down......I know why you are deleting

my writing.....You should be worried....
What did you think about the letter I sent to my Senator....The one you stole?
To all who read this...Be careful!
Everything is monitored from emails to shopping.
I am the most straight up person with the greatest love for this country
I am not going to have you postal management to ruin it for me and other America loving people.
Justice for all. America first.

Trick back
by: Anonymous

All my comments have been deleted......Too much truth?

the post office
by: Anonymous

Though I'm not 100% certain, I suspect the "Double agent" (Union steward who is "Friendly" with management) put a seed in supervisions head, so she would attempt to get rid of me! (Seed, in my case, is to disclose private of my private life to supervision.)...I've noticed no agency (EEO, human resources, grievance, and even my contact at the postmaster General's office) would help me. So I conclude the post office is an independent agency with no one overlooking them!...And the union, as it is, isn't much better then there being no union!

Corrupt as could ever be
by: Anonymous

My co workers pay the boss off so he can do them favors. Leaving early, getting help on street, not even doing routes just sitting doing nothing playing on cell phone. Shop steward is part of this ring. He gets to come in Saturday's and magically become a mailhandler. The bosses girlfriend is a carrier who never goes on street, only if it's a last resort. She sits in the bosses seat. He leaves comes back later. While she's being bossy to everyone and texting on her cellphone at his desk. All the people paying him off get overtime whenever they like by throwing parcels in back or something not even a carrier should be doing. Union is a joke. The whole post office is corrupt from the top to bottom. One carrier buys him breakfast then throws parcels and then walks around the office eating all day. Now they have a new one carrier that helps him do that job. They laugh and boss people around to get parcels. All I can hope is that the boss gets sick from all the food he is paid off with besides the money. His girlfriend thinks she is the best because she wears tight clothes (No uniform). Mind you they sent me home when I wore white sneakers because my black ones were wet. They are same kind of sneakers just different color. That would be racist right. Unreal. This place is racist towards white people. They never hire any white people. If they do send in 1 white person (Which is rarely) the boss fights with them to make them quit.

by: Anonymous

I don't know who you are but these last 2 comments are troubling. You should check out EAP or a therapist. If you are a believer in God please stay in prayer. I will pray for you. God help us all. Get some help.

As for the comment from "Sad".
by: Anonymous

My impression from what "Sad" said in the comment, is "Sad" is probably from upper management. You suggest the writer contact EAP?! (EAP, in the office I work in, came to my office and suggested the letter carriers contact EAP, since 9 letter carriers in the district I work in in 2015, committed suicide. {If 9 letter carriers committed suicide, probably the letter carriers are being bullied by supervision!})

Union and USPS abuse/discrimination
by: Rosemary Garity

As always I am always willing to share what I know regarding the EEOC, Federal Court and reasonable accommodation. I understand the games on reasonable accommodation and what is necessary to succeed in getting accommodation. I can be reached at geritz1@outlook.com or 775-253-6127-this is my new number.

I am asking for declarations regarding Union abuse for my Federal Court case against the APWU. If you are willing to provide please contact me and I will provide the necessary language for a declaration to be admissible.

My case against the union was remanded from the Ninth circuit, with a published decision, verifying that union's are held to the same standard in discrimination. The case is now proceeding in district court. My federal case against the USPS is awaiting a trial date from the Judge.

Fraud and retaliation by management
by: Anonymous

An on the job permanently injured carrier's documentation was shredded and never handed in to the DOL. That carrier was placed in a sedentary job and then later forced back on a route furthering their injury. After hiring an attorney to prove that they suffered occupational disease, management further retaliated against the carrier with threats of termination if they didnt report to work, yet that ever popular email circulated among branches for a modified job with the carrier's restrictions and a request for a negative response being appreciated. Then HR terminated the carrier's health and life insurance without proper notification. Thats how unaccountable and above the law the USPS management is.

same ole same ole
by: Anonymous

I left the USPS some time ago. It was a terrible place to work back then. It makes me sad that after all this time, things don't seem to be getting better.

by: Anonymous

My supervisor did MANY things that were against the law. (Example: ignored the limits placed by my doctor. As a result, I have a life long medical problem.) She even LIED in the EEO hearing and in my grievance hearing. EEO, HR, The Labor Department, are all in the same "Family". (Families stick together!) I got not only LOTS OF STRESS (which resulted in I going to the hospital), from her not following regulations and the contract, I have pain in my body that's life long! How was she punished? ALL SHE GOT WAS AN EEO FILED AGAINST HER, IN HER RECORDS!

by: Anonymous

It was confirmed the union business agent did give me a fraudulent document with a forged signature. I had to hire a fraud and forgery expert. I turned all evidence over to the Attorney Generals office and a Senator. That did not stop the harassment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That didn't stop the harassment either. I was being harassed through the mail by the business agent and also by a manager that was very close to the union. The manager knew I was being treated for breast cancer. I was at the time going for Radiation Treatment. I would get into the details but I get very emotional. This supervisor did something that will never leave my mind. This supervisor is on detail right now. That doesn't take away the pain and suffering she caused me. I worry about her coming back the thought of seeing this supervisor horrifies me. I watch my back in and out of the building. I am worried about losing my home. I have medical bills piling up, and financial problems. I am fighting for my recovery also. I have been cancelling doctor appointments and using my vacation time to take off days I cant afford to go to work. I am now getting some relief hopefully with my cancer counselors. I did put in an EEO on the supervisor which seems one sided for the victims. I fear for my life and continue to pray for justice. I am on a Battlefield for my life. please keep me in prayer my name is Ertha.

Employees harassing postmasters
by: Anonymous

I understand the issue here and I feel it is very true, but there are many postmasters like myself who are routinely harassed by their employees. I myself are being harassed by employees either because I am female or they simply don't like me. I am a great postmaster. I care and treat my employees very fairly. Sometimes I'm too nice, but when you have employees who don't want to work or do their job properly they cry and complain (falsely) that their postmaster has discriminated against them. This happens more than people know and there is no protection for postmasters. Employees abuse the system.

i believe you
by: Anonymous

I have to say postmaster you are the minority. I think they should have meetings once or twice out of the month before your workplace gets out of control. The employees should understand things are changing not for the better with the post office. That has a lot to do with less mail of course. No one cares unless they see the urgency that they could be out of a job. Due to the workers not wanting to do they're job. Maybe there needs to be more incentive given to the workers. Its important to know the post office is endanger of downsizing way down. The bad attitudes are not going to help. If the postal service goes private they will be fired because of the poor working attitude. The reality will soon step in. I pray that things turn around, but I heard this from other employees that are good workers complaining there is no filter on who they hire. There are no examples being set either by the people that already work at the postal service either. Sad I pray things work out for you postmaster and all other postal worker.

The question is
by: Anonymous

Do federal agencies not conflict with each other, or DO EMPLOYEES OF FEDERAL AGENCIES PURPOSELY NOT CONFLICT WITH OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES? I see, where I work, LOTS OF COWORKERS RELATED TO OTHER COWORKERS. (BROTHERS, SISTERS, PARENTS, SPOUSE, ETC.) I even remember postal inspectors made up a reason, a case couldn't be solved, because the postal inspectors feared retaliation!

Seniority, in my office, means nothing.
by: Anonymous

30 years ago, working at the USPS, you were treated like a social security number. Seniority meant everything! Today, in the PO I work in, seniority means nothing! In the PO I work in, "It's not what you know {seniority, in this matter}, it's who you b _ _ _."

Three against one
by: Anonymous

I have been a loyal a postal worker for 12 years, never saying no to work. I worked as a trc for 1 1/2 , took over a aux rte for 9 1/2 year was the regulars carriers sub the whole time, and finally made it to regular in April of 2016. Had 3 post masters and someone from Maintence acting as post master in the last two years. My rural office has always been a super hostile work environment!! I recently have been accused of taking first class mail home because "I don't wanna finish my rte". The evidence they think the have is blurry pics, no time stamp, no proof it's my car and the funny thing is they can track me through my whole rte, and accusation and statements from the aux carrier! And the bad thing is the aux carrier, post master, and clerk all are in on it.. And the post master is the one who gets to decide my fate! How is that justice served! I'm not a whiner or a tattle teller, ever one has their days but come on, the postmaster hides mail so she doesn't get in trouble when we have case inspections and the doors are never locked, the aux carrier is always taking her mail to her second job and then finishing her rte after, is allowed to refuse to work when she see fit, and the clerk is never in trouble for not showing up to work and delaying the mail, hasnt locked up the post office for the night, leaves the safe unlocked and wide open, and is allowed to bully fellow employees without reprimand!! where the hell is the justice for the honest hard working people in this country! Clearly we all need to be liars, worthless, and lazy to get ahead in this company!

Sad comment
by: Anonymous

That is definitely from a boss or shop steward. They always say to go to EAP. Try to make you feel something is wrong with you. Obviously the person writing that is crooked. Every time the truth is out they change it to make it like you need help. Don't believe it. They are the loser. Probably feels a bit guilty reading all this TRUTH. EAP is a place the management try to say you should go to make it like there is something wrong with you. Don't fall for it. Believe me its them that need help. They are criminals who steal money, hurt people, actually kill people with stress. They sleep with each other and lie. Disgusting. Remember we are the good people that is why they don't like us.

How funny!
by: Anonymous

I saw at work, on this board about the "Code of Ethics". There were 14 "rules" for federal employees. At the corner of this paper listing the code of ethics, it said if you had questions, you can call "XXX-XXX-XXXX". (SO IF SUPERVISION IS IN THE WRONG, THERE IS NO ONE TO CONTACT!)

Watch that union
by: Anonymous

APWU and the management are one. There is no they tell you that. Watch them very carefully. The union wears 2 faces they will stab you right in the back. When times of need they will team up with management and break you down like a common criminal. I hate that place so much and the way I am treated like many others is disgusting. The postal service gets away with the worst abuses without any accountability. I will always hate the way that place is ran. What I see is pure evil.

I agree with
by: Anonymous

the person who said the APWU and management are one! (I say the union steward, in my office, is a "Double agent"! {Co-coworkers tell confidential things to the "union steward", and the "union steward" uses this information, and gives it to supervision!)

retaliation, harassment and humiliation
by: Anonymous

Letter Carriers are afraid of speaking out to the USPS, because of the retaliation they get every time someone goes to the union, they get followed and harassed on the street and workroom place. Humiliating them to their customer or co workers.

I found
by: Anonymous

in my grievance hearing, ONLY THE ACTION OF THAT SPECIFIC DAY WAS DEMANDED BY THE ARBITRATOR. What that shows is I being "SET UP", by management, never happens. (Look, the police forensics, doctors, etc, look back as far as needed to form a conclusion.)

I saw SET UP, and I have data to show this, by management. Too bad there isn't anyone I can present this to!

Union and USPS abuse/discrimination
by: Rosemary Garity

regarding the comment on being set up can you file with anyone are the time limits expired. I know a little. More than willing to answer questions based on my own experiences. My # is 775-253-6127 and email geritz1@outlook.com. The more exposure to what is occurring the better.

As for "Sad" comment
by: Anonymous

Do not listen to Eap comment. That is definitely comin from upper management or shop steward. They always use that tactic when they don't like you staying the truth. They are the ones who need help. They are crooked. They steal, lie and cheat. They know this, that's why they always say RAP when they see someone strong and smart. Keep your head up... remember karma.

"Birds of a feather flock together".
by: Anonymous

The post office, through the arbitrator, OWES ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Yet with the illegal actions management has done, including my attempts to get the money they owe me, nothing has happened for me! It's like supervision sticks together. Also government agencies stick together....Also, when I called a person, who works in a high position in the district postal system, I was told (in this phone call) he was busy. In the same phone call, when I said I got his name from someone who works at the postmaster generals office, IMMEDIATELY he answered my phone call!

Postal employee harass customers
by: Anonymous

It's true that managers at the post office harass employee's but don't forget that those same employees are harassing customers. I speak from experience as a customer and I found out that complaining doesn't do anything. The employee harassing customers at my post office is hiding behind the union and abusing it. The union should really have a look at how some of their union members treat customers.

gang stalking
by: Anonymous

Here in Pittsburgh I had to report my cases being used in a fraudulent hearing. I discovered a gang member who is networked with police is behind this. They tried to kill me in an accident after i reported being stalked by one of the people in my EEOC case. I have been chased by police one night before my accident. I now know who it was after so much has been brought to light. I'm seeing a lot of conspiracies with my cases and I'm praying this judge will do something. I am in federal court so I'm remaining faithful and prayerful things will work in my favor. They didn't want me making it to federal court. This person deceived me in acting like they were my friend only in an attempt to steal my EEOC information and do fraud. Even in Tampa they tried to say a hearing was done. I believe their are more victims of this and probably too afraid to come forward. The time is now to stand and fight in federal court to be heard and justice served.

Sexual Harassment is really bad at USPS.
by: Anonymous

The Post Office goes against their own policy. I was Sexually harassed for many years by a supervisor with many years that had a lot of knowledge regarding the operations. I was retaliated against by the agency. They continued to lie and cover up for this miserable supervisor. The agency allowed him to continue supervising me. The agency eventually forced me out. The Post Office is a terrible place to work!!

Postal Carrier's Being Abused
by: Sara

If every mail carrier would quit paying union dues, I think the union would sit up and take notice. I believe they would start doing something about the harassment and bully supervisors.

Union and USPS abuse/discrimination
by: Anonymous

Absolutely everyone should get out of the union as quickly as possible. They no longer represent the employee but do a good job of representing management. Also no one should agree under any circumstances to automatic dues deduction this is how they keep their control

Union and management
by: Anonymous

This is not a real union they work for and with management. Notice when you start working there immediately the union gets your money. Not good you have a right not to join. Its almost like a scam. If you are not liked by a manager and even the union they will set you up in a heart beat. Their is no loyalty in the union they are a buffer between you and management. Don't be fooled. Corruption is everywhere.

11 years and still "non career."
by: Unhappy RCA

I have been waiting for a regular route with no benefits for 11 years now. I watch regulars calling in sick seven times a month and wasting time, while my supervisor tells me there's too much work to handle; that's why these poor work ethic regular bozos supposedly need help. Yet I am still a god-damned non-career employee. This place is the crappiest place I have ever worked. I worked 17 days straight and 83 hours in 1 week over a Christmas three years ago. I was out delivering mail one night until 9:45 p.m. after having started at 7 am. I had a stroke in 2015, and since I was non-career I didn't get paid for 6 months. If you are thinking about a career at the United States Post Office, do yourself a favor and walk away from this shity, toxic workplace. All the employees bicker and talk about each other behind other's backs. It is a bullshit work environment that is out of control. My nickname for it is fucktardia.

What's an arbitrator?!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

When I was in grievance, the arbitrator I had, only wanted to hear about the specific event in question. (I wonder was this HIS decision {to request only the specific date} or the post office's decision? Translation: The employee wouldn't be given the opportunity to say the employee was "SET-UP"!)...The arbitrator awarded me thousands of dollars! BUT THE POST OFFICE WON'T GIVE ME MY PAY THAT WAS AWARDED TO ME! What's the point on going through grievance, if the post office will do as they want to do? Who would you suggest to enforce the award? (I would have done better to get an attorney, instead of going through union! {The union isn't worth crap!})

Sanctioned Thievery
by: Anonymous

I quit working for the USPS months ago because I waw appalled at how dishonest and dysfunctional this "organization" is. Not least among my issues with the USPS is the four days of pay they owe me that apparently they are allowed to disregard. I have documented proof of the hours in question as does the USPS, but still no resolve after countless conversation with the union representative and postmaster. The National and State Labor Departments both seem to be at a loss to address the issue because they refer to the USPS as a government entity which they have no jurisdiction over. Not surprisingly, the USPS refers to itself as a private entity. The truth lies in the middle. The USPS is a failing private entity, sanctioned by the government and allowed to police itself and dismiss all manner of reprehensible behavior.

by: Anonymous

I am going to Washington DC to the Oversight Committee. I have had enough of the Corruption in the postal service. I have been frauded with the Expert Forensic's and no one will acknowledge it. This is a crime.

Time to stand up
by: Anonymous

Start calling the Oversight Committee about the issues with the postal service.

Stand Up To Corruption
by: Anonymous

The union management and the whole administration including the inspectors. Pure cover up service. Its important that postal workers go to those union meetings and voice your opinion. If they try to shut you down stand up and say I am out of the union. The employees seem to think the union has the power. They do not have the power we as employees give them that power by not challenging the union. If they don't do their job take them to the Nat. Labor Relations. Don't forget you are paying them they are not paying you. Some shop stewards spend their time in the office for 6 to 7 hours. That in it self is stealing and the first signal to letting the employee know that deals are being made between the union and the management. Please its important to seek out an attorney that deals with discrimination case if you decide to leave the union. I believe a group of employees coming together with a good attorney and just keeping him on retainer is better than a 2 faced union.

Out of union
by: Anonymous

I was in and out of the union. Then when I was back in because they kept insisting I saw in that postal record magazine all names of people that were not in the union. The head of the union guy listed all the names of the people who were not in the union. He wrote a whole article calling them scans and that they are taking advantage of the people who do pay dues. He said we need to have 100% members enrolled. He said we can't let them get away with reeling all the benefits of the union and not paying dues. I was so mad I wanted to get out of the union again. That's bs. I paid union dues for years and got treated like a donkey. I never got answers or help from my union. They lied stole and fought with me. These are no benefits I need. They are like bullies. How dare they list peoples names and station calling scans. Bums just want another trip to Hawaii on my back. They are not men but sissys who steal dues for nothing in return but lies. No shame they have on top of all that. They are proud to be a thief.

by: Anonymous

A mass exit from the union is necessary. Even when fired you have the choice of arbitration-compromised by both the union and management working together- or the MSPB which is much more independent. Always choose the MSPB and get as far away from the union as possible. The more employees get out of the union and stay out of the union the better it will be for all employees. Get out now.

by: Anonymous

And what crap! You can only get out of the union, in sending certified mail to the union, within 10 days of your anniversary date of being in the union? WHO MADE THAT BS RULE?????????????????

Gender discrimination
by: Anonymous

Gender discrimination he's alive and well at the post office. The supervisors like to use the word insubordinate and when it comes to a woman that has an opinion while the men have a little temper tantrum's on a daily basis and her somehow coddled and treated with kid gloves to make sure they don't get more upset. In this day and age how can this be? Why is it that neither the union nor anyone else will do anything about it, and if you do say anything about it you will be punished for it by not only the supervisors but you are primarily male coworkers as well. Even though it is the year 2017, women still at least in my office, a medium size office with 25 carriers, gender discrimination is alive and well. Does anyone else go through this at their office?

probably gender discrimination...
by: Anonymous

Considering the female supervisor ("It's not who you know, but who you BLO_) would only be involved with men... It seems, in my office, if the postmaster doesn't think a specific individual is part of her "Family", she will DRIVE this individual to TRANSFER to another office (example: give the individual a huge amount of work to do). If she hates an individual, her behavior is that, where she makes the individual's life, in her office, miserable!

Discrimination and sexual harassment
by: Anonymous

I was sexually assaulted by a coworker (unwanted touching). The day I spoke up I was no longer victim but was accused of being a trouble maker. I was not the only one. I was the only one touched other women were sexually harassed by his vulgar comments. The union did nothing eeo did nothing no one did anything but come after me for speaking up. They tried to set me up numerous times. Eventually they did set me up and was out of work do 2 years no pay. This story goes on and gets more disturbing. I am ready to share my story on twitter hash tag Me too Movement.

Letter Carrier
by: Eileen Castillo

The bullying I was subjected to ruined my reputation and because I never recieved justice, it ruined my life. Human resources and the EEO oroxess support the post office and do nothing to help targets.

Sexual harassment and retaliation
by: Anonymous

I am coming out with my story to the National Organization for Women. I also reached out to Ms. Magazine. Believe me I am already dealing with backlash for reaching out to my Senator. Please note the Post Office does not have a system that helps you. It’s a system put in place to cover up. They try and ruin your life don’t let them. They try and break your spirit don’t let them. They have done so much to me. I will not stand down.

Simply amazing!
by: Anonymous

Like "Birds of a feather flock together", I find EEO, the Labor department, the union, the arbitrator, and other people in high positions, seem to "Flock together".

I was SET-UP by this supervisor. The amazing thing is that she can't be fired, so she was moved up, so former offices could get her out from their office. Here she is mentally disabled (Bi-polar), and with her joy harassing me, the stress I got, can result in a permanent medical condition for me! (You know STRESS can cause ANA, and diabetes!)

Setting workers up
by: ER

Yes I am one of those that was set up on some bogus lie. They set me up because of my sexual harassment case. They had me out of work on a no pay status for 2 years... I nearly lost everything. You are right they are all in the same bowl. They kick you when you are down trying to break you. I am all too familiar with the torture tactics. Even after being brought back the retaliation and harassment never ended and still hasn’t.

I am going to Sue Post office
by: Elaine m hope

A fort Payne postal employee told my ex-husband about a business transaction that I made at the post office. She told him each time that I came in to do my business. Every time I go in now she tries to harrass me.days something stinks I am tired of being bullied.

by: Anonymous

Just a quick dose of reality. If you are threatened or attacked, CALL 911 ! Do NOT call the "Inspection Service." THEY WORK FOR MANAGEMENT, NOT YOU! I was physically attacked by a plant manager, and the inspectors tried to coerce me into going to "Therapy," they told me it was less traumatic than losing my job. Massive bullshit, all around. EEO is also BULLSHIT. EEO investigators are POSTAL EMPLOYEES! Don't bother, they work for MANAGEMENT! Call your state labor board or attorney general's office and make a complaint. EEO does not apply to federal/postal employees. WASTE OF YOUR TIME!

USPS is Hell on earth
by: Anonymous

It comes down to this....If you are a smart, good and hard working person you will be attacked. The post office likes lazy people who pay off the bosses. Do not work hard like I did because they will abuse you. You will no longer be healthy and your body will pay for it in the end. Shop Stewards are all the same...fake and are there only to benefit for themselves. I recently tried to switch my vacation week and you know what my shop Stewart says to me..."You are getting annoying" and started raising his voice to look like I was trying to cause trouble. I did nothing. This is what we pay union dues for. Then if you are not in the union...you have your union calling out people and smearing their names in the postal record...saying these people are scabs and are taking advantage of free union. While the union does nothing. They just take our money. My other shop steward cursed me out and embarrassed me in front of the whole office. I was so upset and went to sit in my car. Then management of course took his side and they wrote me up for abandoning my job...which I never did...I went in. They are physical and emotional abusers. Always have been and always will be. They have been getting away with this for so long.

I will not stand down
by: Anonymous

Yes I have been very vocal about that fake union. I even won a case at the National Labor Relations Board for the shop stewards stealing jobs from their own senior employees by using the word super seniority. I was one of those seniors. The deal was if I won get out of that fake union. The shop stewards do no work but have job bids. There is no difference between that union and management. One big scam. Yes I will not stand down to corruption. No women should be in a union that does nothing about Sexual Misconduct. I have a right to join or not to join and should not be harassed because I choose not to. That money is better spent getting an attorney on retainer.

by: Anonymous

Union stewards are, in reality, "Me" stewards. (They get the inside scoop, so to use to their advantage. Also they lie, to save their friends.)

In addition, I was owed thousands of dollars, but I never got my money. It's been years! I later discovered, the manager is related to the person who works at the Labor Board! (Nepotism!) In my investigation, I discovered this high positioned manager has AKA! (A person in a high position, in government, "Also Known As"!)

I say the union is a waste of my money!

by: Anonymous

The Postal Service is known for a lot of Nepotism. Very corrupt. I could write a book on how awful that place is. These people such as management , union and the rest of the administration is being ran right into the ground. I think the Postal Service will be privatized.

by: Anonymous

Everyone should be encouraged to get out of the union. This is a good savings for every employee. When the union is needed they never help anyway. A complete waste of your money. Better to set the money on the side and hire an attorney if you need one. Also when not a member you have more options for assistance against the union. Spread the work and give yourself a raise.

Corruption goes on...
by: Anonymous

I got my case all the way up to Federal Operations.
Postal Svc was trying to do anything to stop me such as my letter from my attorney to EEOC had "too little postage"...USPS returned my attorneys letter to EEOC.(postage due for 15 c).
My case was about on the job injury and I got taken off the payroll because I had injured myself on the duty....for the first time in 30 years!

What they did to me was against the Federal Law.
It states "if you get injured on the job you are entitled to 45 days of COP pay(continuing of reg.pay)
Just letting you know what is happening
today....Since Federal Operations LET the Postal Service brake the law now the Postal Facility where I work is treating ALL Federal employees who are older in a way that is discusting....now all the older worker are not getting paid if injured on the job -I am writing this to all of you for specific reasons. If you do not fall in the category of "elite" in the postal Svc you do not have any rights.
Before filing EEOC call them and tell them about your situation straight up....ask them if you have a chance winning the case.
In about 2 months I'll be asking Federal Operations to refund my money back I used in my EEOC case since they did not follow the Federal law as they say in their publications.
I will put a claim against them and demand money back from them.
iI explained the Federal law to them with my attorney.....even people at Mc Donald's are paid due to on the job injuries.....we need people to go to Washington DC and talk to them in front of Congress.

Ass hole managers
by: T-6

Most management don’t listen to the employee. You tell them that a route will take you 1.5 hours extra at the least. 10.5 hour day on your route alone. Then they give you a 45 minute swing (extra work) when you get back they say they only authorize two hours overtime, the rest is unapproved, and ask you "what happened?" Fuck them!! They have some sort of math that comes from a different universe. They only try to cover their assess and don’t negotiate work loads in the morning properly they just dictate. Then get all pissy and try to keep calling you while your on your route if you have not returned at the time they wanted you to, so they look good to their superiors. They will try to go after your livelihood and build up discipline to the point where they can remove you. They try to use discipline to intimidate and scare you to carry so fast you crash or end up hurting yourself or quitting. We don’t need supervisors or managers there. They are useless.

To "the Post Office is lazy" comment
by: Anonymous

What kind of idiot writes that "Well if you don't want to walk then don't take the job". I walked and did my job. Other carriers payoff the bosses and sleep with them so they get help everyday. Who do you think gets it... right the real workers. Now I have a hip replacement from doing the bosses girlfriends work... Who is young and is a carrier. They have her rack a route and give it away. Then he leaves and she sits at his desk texting all afternoon. Your body can only take so much before wearing away. They sent me out still now and my route is even longer. One carrier buys breakfast everyday for the boss and sits around all day. He kisses their are... makes overtime doing nothing. My shop steward starts early Sat and becomes a mishandled so he can leave early. It's all about themselves. Greedy.

by: Anonymous

I had contacted q person in the post office at a higher level then the office I was working in. Within my e-mail, I stated something that was done in the office I work in.

What was the result? This higher office I contacted (Region? District? Other) SCREWED ME OVER!

What I wrote, in the e-mail which ended up where they screwed me over, included something listed twice in the postal regulations! And the office that did against the postal regulations, is STILL going against the postal regulations!

Translation: the regulations is what is in writing, for others to see. PERIOD! In the end, the post office has no concern for the employees.

Bad behavior
by: Anonymous

The Postal Service awards bad behavior. This has been going on for decades. It’s a way of keeping victims oppressed and any other employee victim from speaking up. I had a supervisor throw me out of the building twice during radiation treatment. They just recently bought her back. This woman has a rap sheet that will make your skin crawl. That is the post offices problem they do not fire repeat predator offenders. No accountability. Unless we all pick one legislator and write email all the corruption that goes on in here this will go on until they finally shut the place down. The Congress stands by and does nothing. They know what goes on.

The analysis
by: Anonymous

As I hear it, in exchange for "No striking" in the federal government, the employees were given that they have have job security. When this agreement was made, long ago, it wasn't looked at on twisted minded managers see that they can have job security, harass, and not fear loosing their job!

I get this ill feeling, if going to someone in congress on the toxic work environment at the post office, the person who reports the toxic work place, would have his/her job in jeopardy!

Toxic environment
by: Anonymous

Yes I did go to my Senator and they allow this bogus investigation by the postal inspectors. Hello that makes no sense and they know it. Then the management along with the union work to set you up to be fired. I am all to familiar with the evil tactics with that lying, stealing, backstabbing Postal Service. Not only do they allow mangers that are mentally incompetent to keep their jobs certain employees also. It’s the patience running the asylum. That is why the work floor is so hostile. If you are sexually harassed and deal with retaliation they do absolutely nothing. Change has to come or the Postal Service will fail

Bullied by supervisor and the LMDO won’t do at thing about it
by: Anonymous

Been bullied and harassed for over a years. Done everything to get someone to listen. Went to LMDO on up to the plant manager. Nothing is being done to stop this bully from harassing women. He get a kick out of it. Many women are afraid of what he might do to them, so they take the bullying. Right now I am in a EEO. Even though I’m going through a EEO, this man still have the nerves to bully me. Something needs to be done to supervisor who think that they are above the law and to those upper managers who refuse to put a end to the torture of others. Oakland main postal service need to be investigated for the practice of treating their employee. Remember DIGNITY and RESPECT. The Postal Policy.

Stand up to Sexual Misconduct, Retaliation And Harassment
by: Anonymous

Call the Now organization for women in Washington D.C. or find one that may be located near you. You don’t have to give your name. Eeo does nothing but bring on more retaliation and harassment. Call your public officials. I called Sen. Booker and any official that would listen. Email what ever it takes. That what I did and even now having an attorney. The union at the Postal Service is management not much difference when it comes to speaking out. Stand UP you are not alone.

Stand up
by: Anonymous

You don't have to give your name to your legislator. Just tell them about your experience in the Postal Service. If they ask why because you fear more retaliation and harassment. How do you know if your state legislator is even receiving the messages you leave and if the documents you send are actually being seen by the legislator. When you speak up and give your name or give documents it goes right to the postal service so they can do this bogus investigation that goes nowhere. Then it gets back to your supervisor and fake union that's when the retaliation begins. One big cover up.

Stand up
by: Anonymous

I am having doubts about the legislators who I reached out to for help on Sexual Harassment and fraudulent document with forged signature. I reach out to the legislator and I am speaking to people that have absolutely no experience in dealing with Sexual Harassment. I do not believe my documents aren't even seen by the legislators. Example I sent evidence to Senator Booker documents to back up my statements. They the staff in charge sends the documents to the very people that are causing you harm. The postal service then does a bogus investigation that goes no where. The retaliation and harassment if anything is increased on the victim. Its like a horror flick asking someone of authority for just to find out they send you back to the horror you thought you would be saved from. How do I tell a victim to speak out to the legislators if they do absolutely nothing? The post office is in their own backyard and has the biggest problems of abuse especially when it comes to Sexual Misconduct. I now would never give my name I would just express what is going on in the post office and tell them why you cant give your name. Sad but true. Always document everything and pray for a good lawyer. Reach out to the media or any support group you can find. Why does the postal service have its own eeo, inspectors and Eap workers. Just a way of covering up what they don't want the outside to find out. Scary but true.

Ongoing sexual harassment at...
by: Victim 439

(Name Withheld) is a shift supervisor at the USPS ---. He manages the third shift. He has enough seniority to work other shifts, but he likes this shift because the women assigned to it are immigrants who desperately need their jobs. They make perfect prey for this sexual predator. The USPS is on notice about harassment by (Name Withheld) and has done nothing. What will it take?

Might be reason concerning the legislature
by: Anonymous

This MIGHT be, in part, why legislatures don't get involved. Maybe their jobs &/or benefits would be at risk, if they went against the USPS to stand for the employee on the toxic working conditions... AND MAYBE THERE ISN'T AN INCENTIVE (HOW SOME COMPANIES "DONATE" TO THE POLITICIAN IN THEIR DISTRICT.)

Stand up to Sexual Misconduct
by: Anonymous

Please call the NOW organization for women in Washington DC or New Jersey. Tell your stories. You don’t have to give your Names. They know my name because I choose to give my name. I told them I know there are many more victims. Please call. The time is NOW. The legislators are not worthy of any votes if they don’t protect the victims of Sexual Misconduct. I continue to reach out hoping and praying my story will be heard because my story is the story of many victims. Please speak up . Yes I know many sexual predators stay on the tours where the victims are young. Totally disgusting. I will keep us all in prayer.

by: Anonymous

Legislators should not have Postal aides on staff if they can’t help you. They should not offer to help at all. It only causes more harm to the victim. I know because I am one. This Postal Service is in their backyard. They should not speak about Sexual Misconduct when the Postal Service has been a den of Sexual Misconduct for Decades. The time is now to make that call to bring Sexual Misconduct to the forefront especially when it comes to the Postal Service.

God is able
by: Arsenio manansala

I sue the Post office for $10 TRILLIONS it's on PACER.GOV
My beloved copostal worker especially those who Got MISTREATED before and currently facing any problems cause by all this ARROGANT manager and supervisor. The theory of this is case is to break the cycle of discrimination. POSTAL inspection service is not designed to support and PROTECT the ABOMINABLE WORK of this ARROGANT POSTAL manager and supervisor. POSTAL INSPECTORS try to do things to stop me but GOD IS Demonstrating is POWER to sustain me to endure. All my access are blocked but it's ok. I'm around Washington dc. The battle is the Lord. I'll come to them in the name of the almighty God. Im not seeking to promote myself but to bring glory to the creator of heaven and earth
We have work to do. Let's work Together. USPIS according to Benjamin Franklin is to protect the employees not to support or PROTECT the evil work those ARROGANT manager and supervisor.

In House
by: Anonymous

It’s not just the management it’s the union , eeo, Inspectors etc. One big cover up. The Postal Service is ran like a modern day slave plantation and working prison. The Postal Service needs a wake up call that they are not above the law. That means total exposure of Sexual Misconduct and how they deal with the victims. Accountability is nowhere to be found in the U S Postal Service. The time is now women and LGBT continue to reach out to the NOW for women you don’t have to give your name just tell your story.

God is able
by: Arsenio manansala

My beloved CO POSTAL workers I have a valid REASON to sue the Post OFFICE FOR $10 TRILLIONS.
It's comes now to Our Lord attention to proclaim JUDGEMENT day is nearby.
MR.PRESIDENT TRUMP during his campaign He SAID that we gonna hear what we want to hear.He said
That He gonna make America GREAT again.
To me What MR.PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS saying He will break the chains of this generational curse Like CORRUPTION.
The POST OFFICE is destroyed because of CORRUPTION. CORRUPTION is abomination to the Lord.
WHAT Happened why the POSTAL workers started a union. SOMETHING went wrong.
The theory of this case is also to promote Benjamin Franklin vision to his employees.
Better living standards this is WHAT GOD's plans to his people that work for the Post office.
God is able to do things. One afternoon I talked to a supervisor of the POSTAL inspector. We have a decent conversation. I said I should join you all. He prophesied You should Sir.
My vision is to reverse this curse.

Count it ALL Joy
by: Arsenio manansala

My dear friends when GOD give you WISDOM how to take care of things. Just TRUST THE LORD. I WILL SAY:OIG just trust him. Okey Its God. ARMIES OF GOD that's WHAT OIG stand for. When someone try to hack your Phone say Cheers.

If you can uncorrupt a CORRUPT MINDED person.

That will take care of the problem.the rest will follow.


It's all God's timing.

by: Anonymous

I will keep you in prayer Arsenio. Something sounds very off about everything you are saying. God bless

Happy Jesus
by: Arsenio manansala

I was devastated, they deprived my Life. Vice president of union TURN me in for terroristic threat and my coworker said He made a statement that He saved a life of a supervisor. Then, HE got elected for union PRESIDENT.so My Beloved copostal workers. I didn't see any of my paperwork on step 1 & 2. On Arbitration THEY have no choice I have to be there. I don't remember how many POSTAL INSPECTORS who witness, MANAGERS and the union PRESIDENT.on arbitration I was there I told this fools.its ELECTION PROCESS I LIVED THAT TO YOU ALL GUYS. The NBA WHO help me on arbitration I SUED him and the union PRESIDENT. I SUED the Apwu for $500 million My coworkers said GET them brother. I try to get help from the Apwu in DC no HELP. They fired me. I was gone for almost 2 years. I rebuked them many times ok.the truth came out I got reinstated.3 federal agency's did investigation I won. Texas workforce commission said they fired me not misconduct. So they pay me for unemployment after one month The post office they request for appeal. I was in bad shape i thougth about getting help FROM The union about the appeal , I was really SAD BECAUSE I have no choice but to represent my self on the appeal cause I have no money, no FRIEND, no well speak in english the new union president he's the one who turn me in for terroristic threat no help.so no HELP from I represent myself on The hearing. I said to myself I can't even a carry conversations and 3 fools postal officials represent The post office on The hearing and I won.i got my job back. End of 2016. I practice what I learn from church. Jesus said Love Your Enemy. I forgive The union president. I did my TESTIMONY in front of the congregations. They said that's hard to do especially what I WENT THRU IN life but I did it. The Lawsuit was just filed on May 7,2018. AFTER I FILED THE LAWSUIT I BEEN ASSAULT ON THE STREET. I GOT TRESSPASS TICKET FROM PUBLIC PLACES LIKE ONE TIME RIGTH BY CONGRESSWOMAN OFFICE, AT MY BANK AND OTHER PLACES. I SUED FORT WORTH POLICE AND RICHLAND POLICE AND 3 HOSPITALS. MENTAL HOSPITAL THEY DISCHARGE ME FOR CHEST PAIN. I WAS AT THE EMERGENCY ROOM FOR CHEST PAIN THEN MENTAL SERVICES SHOWED UP. I ALREADY KNEW SO I COOPERATE. THIS ARE MALEVOLENT PEOPLE THEY TRY TO TRAP GOOD PEOPLE INTO A NEGATIVITY. THE MENTAL HOSPITAL THEY SAID THEIR ON MY SIDE THEY ASK me WHAT I'M DOING AT THE MENTAL HOSPITAL, I DON'T BELONG THERE. SO YOU ALL ON MY SIDE, I SAID OK. Now all my access are blocked. I'm around Dc. I still get harrass. I sue POSTAL INSPECTORS I TOLD THEM to keep an eye on me
For my safety. I'm around Washington dc.The battle is the Lord. He is demonstrating His power to sustain me to endure and persevere on this fight. Now my copostal workers, You ALL meditate what I'm doing I'm here ok. I have a new license plate on the front of my car with POST OFFICE logo. It took me a decade to wise up.I told the POSTAL inspector to see me in person because I can used some good help.OIG SAID INTEGRITY BEGIN WITH ME. I GUESS OIG, NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT INTEGRITY SO IT BEGIN WITH ME.IM SURE YOU ALL SEEN THIS SIGN ON THE BULLETIN BOARD. BEFORE YOU REPUTATION GET RUINS.I told them I will bless this nation THRU my TESTIMONY. GOD bless.

Happy Jesus
by: Arsenio manansala

Hey!Sad HOW YOU doing? You still sad.
If you gonna stay SAD pls. Pls don't pray for me ok. Thank you anyway.
Clean HEART Clear mind
WHAT im doin is behind your comprehension

Praise the Lord
by: Arsenio manansala


Jesus said "I am "
by: Arsenio manansala

My beloved CO POSTAL workers if you got mistreated before and also currently facing I would workplace issue cause by unfit to serve manager and supervisor. If there is a POSTAL inspector involvement on investigation. POSTAL INSPECTORS THEIR NOT THE issue.

The Truth
by: Arsenio manansala

Manansala v u.s.postal service
It was proven their CORRUPT.

Bullied Casual Victim

I worked as a Casual and daily suffered abuse with harassment, intimidation, and severe open management hostility. Bullying of me was so encouraged that one of management’s favorites threatened me in the manager’s presence, and he laughed heartily. ...

Nothing surprises Me
by: Anonymous

You can’t believe they continue to get away with the abuses of employees. I suffer from PTSD from childhood but the Post Office has piled on to all those abuses suffered as a child sexual, harassment and retaliation. They even had me thrown out of the building during radiation treatment for Breast Cancer that doesn’t even run in my family. Yes my story is of 15 years and counting of bullying abuses. I am and will continue to speak out even about legislators that continue to look the other way. It’s not the job that I do it’s the people in charge that are bringing the postal service to a close.

by: Anonymous

I believe everything you as a Casual says. Bullying is all that management and a union that does nothing. I have been bullied by management and union. No accountability for bullying in the Postal Service. It’s important that we hold are legislators accountable for not holding the Postal Service accountable. Legislators are well aware to the abuses in the Postal Service especially about Sexual Misconduct.

Seek and You will find
by: Arsenio manansala

My friends the reason why I'm saying the USPIS THEIR NOT THE ISSUE AND THEIR NOT CORRUPT EITHER.

Kenny Rogers
by: Arsenio manansala

my vision is to reverse the curse.ok now i want to build their reputation. the uspis their not the issue. their just around corrupt government officials that constitute conflicts and hate. the uspis their innocent someone try to rule them they just don't realized that uspis were blinded by corrupt upper management they neglected what uspis was designed for according to benjamin franklin. the bible is perfect. the post office is destroyed because of corruption. the uspis,
their just
the coward of the country
now its time for me to step in ok.this time i will do it. thanks god i reverence him.
i have calling ok the awesome opportunity in the
world god choose me to start a church i ran away. i met very beautiful woman. i don't know what happened the devil lied to me. i was happy for a while. i have a good job and i have a union ok. if i get in trouble no worries my union got my back.then later on i was miserable.ok. don't argue with god. god don't play around. find out what happened to me ok. i have a unique case. i thought i will be financially stable working for the post office and union got my back if i get in trouble. my freind learn from my experience if you have a calling say yes lord i will do it. he will lead you. don't argue with him. your not gonna win. at the end of the song see what happened. the song coward of the country.uspis are above corrupt upper management.
god bless

The Way
by: Arsenio manansala

I have a strong Life. My friends what do you understand about strong life. Now my situation I'm here around east coast. My status at work I'm on removal. Grievance step one got deny. If the union officers are right and honest. I think I have the right to be there in step 1. Now on step 2 grievance I try to call the union. To find out About the step 2 grievance. Finally from labor department someone call me. He said it was deny. So it's going on arbitration step 3.
NOW MY QUESTION what is wrong with this people.
Do you think POSTAL workers need a UNION.
I'm just gonna resign. Ok.
Today is August 27,2018. Ok. I trust the Lord.
He will Guide me.
Like POSTAL employee suing your own company. What this all about.like someone went postal. We are federal agency's we supposed to set a good example. What i went THRU in life I'm still AROUND
Like what I said because I have strong life.

The Postal Service is Corrupt
by: Anonymous

I do not agree at all with you Aresenio. God bless. The Postal Service is Corrupt in the worse way and they will be exposed of the Sexual Misconduct eventually if nothing else. Whet is in the dark will come to light. Postal Service from the union, management, eeo, eap and inspectors are all part of an inside bullying system that will come to light.

The Life
by: Arsenio manansala

Ok easy I Don't mean anything good about the USPIS. I said my vision ok is to build up their REPUTATION. But if majority thinks the USPIS ARE CORRUPT OK. IT WAS PROVEN ALSO ON MY CASE. I'm easy i go by postal workers interest. Why is there a lot of sexual misconduct at the Post office.is this really happening we have CORRUPT and also sex maniac government officials. Don't you worry, I will bring the truth in the light. GOD WANTS ME TO FILM A MOVIE AND BLESS THIS COUNTRY THRU MY TESTIMONY.

The Light
by: Arsenio manansala

I try to get a copy of the new publication

by: Anonymous

Sounds like you Arcenio are into conspiracy theories. Not good.

by: Arsenio manansala

You SOUND you have idea what is going on.
I try to post SOMETHING about part what happened in Washington D.C.. I hit the back button I was typing for almost an hour now everything is gone. I think this happened for a reason
God's really he want me talked to a movie director. I like THIS actor I did search and read his biography but I said to myself even I like him. I need to find someone that have faith in GOD. So I Google CHRISTIAN actor. GUESS WHAT THE ACTOR I LIKED TO PLAY MY ROLE ON THIS MOVIE. HE IS THE TOP CHRISTIAN ACTOR. IT GIVES ME A GOOSEBUMPS.
I listen to the voice of the Maker of heaven and earth not the voice of the crowd.
I'm gonna put in for my resignation today.

by: Anonymous

Please stop the madness and get help for yourself. God bless. I can’t be on this site anymore. There is nothing wrong with therapy Arcenio. I’m out

by: Solidarity



Enforce the LAW
by: Arsenio manansala

The battle cry for freedom.

Benjamin Franklin
by: Arsenio manansala

What are the purposes of the USPIS
Postal workers don't need union, eeo and other federal agencies their just making things complicated for postal workers.

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
by: Anonymous

Time to stand up against Sexual Harassment and Retaliation in the Postal Service. Please reach out to the NOW organization for women in Washington D.C. Please so many women and LGBT are and have been experiencing Sexual Misconduct in the U S Postal Service for years. Please speak out. Transparency is the key to change in the Postal Service. Call the NOW organization for women. You can remain anonymous if you are not comfortable with giving your name. Please

Extrajudicial punishment
by: Arsenio manansala

He who keeps the Law he isa man of understanding, only fools make friends with Good for nothing are a disgrace to this country. 99% of the failures come from people( CORRUPT) who have the habit of making excuses.
I hope the magistrate judge is not CORRUPT if he gonna find a way to dismiss my case I will sue him too or I need legal explanation. Manansala v us POSTAL SERVICES It was proven their CORRUPT.
My case was published on INTERNET now some MOLEVOLANT people delete it. It's Ok I will put it back. Today's date 9-22-2018.i will take screenshot on this one for hacking purposes.

Others in the office I work in hold the same view that I have
by: Anonymous

I observe people and their behavior. From behavior I've seen of this supervisor (including how he behaved to me when I rejected dating him), and behavior of this letter carrier, I think this supervisor had the major role in this firing of this letter carrier. Though this letter carrier went into arbitration, I wonder how much the post office and the NALC went to contact this letter carrier and the post office went to contact this letter carrier, to award him his job back (last month).

Being fired, the letter carrier was homeless and living in his car. Last month, he was awarded his job, at the post office, back. I never saw him back in the post office, since he was awarded his job back. (Was he contacted? Was he able to be contacted? Did the NALC make an attempt to contact him?)

5 days ago this reinstated letter carrier COMMITTED SUICIDE!

How come supervisors can have a position of supervision, and not have mental screening? (This supervisor's mental state, is like a bomb ready to go off!) Also this supervisor has more concern for work records, instead of the employee.

To the worker in the Postal Service
by: Anonymous

You have to contact the media. I myself have reached out to a online media outlet. I am reaching out to many legislators that have turned they’re back on women who are sexually harassed and receive retaliation. Notice the Postal Service has there own Eeo, Inspectors, EAP, union that is to keep cries for help in and not letting your voices out. Reach out to the NOW organization for women in Trenton, New Jersey and in Washington DC tell your story. Tell them everything. The time is now to vote the new in. I reached out to a new and up and coming legislator. Regardless what state. The Postal Service is the same everywhere. The time is now to holler loud. Reach out to cnn by email. I just did letting them know the lack of accountability there is no accountability. Yes I now have an attorney and much support. Your story needs to be told now. If you are serious about speaking out you and remain anonymous. Let me know

Benjamin Franklin's
by: Arsenio manansala

Founding father said
You glorify God by loving your fellowmen

Postal Inspector harrasment
by: Anonymous

I recently had a postal inspector request access to postal facility, he was in a black car, flashing LED lights and blasting away at his siren, as per safety instructions, we cannot grant gate access unless absolutely sure of who it is, I gave him signals to wait, didnt know what his problem was, I opened the gate, minutes later he shows up at my work area, near window services, all Godlike, yelling and accusing me of cussing and making offensive hand signals, none true, everybody at the window heard his tantrum, he did not identify himself or show any ID, I later found out he is a postal inspector as per our postmaster, who claimed that they can come into any postal facility and do whatever they want, not true, his obligation was to report to our postmaster and request special treatment or disciplinary action, none were done. These are the guys that praise safety, but don't apply it to themselves, the postmaster knew he was coming and should have told employees to open the gate, it wasn't a top secret mission. This is an example of postal inspector harrasment, bullying, lack of communication, and obviously reprisals are awaited.

by: Anonymous

There is no accountability at the Postal Service. They continue to reward bad behavior without accountability. They are no different then Congress and many other public officials. Time to clean up Washington along with the Postal Service.

no recourse.
by: Anonymous

Just as people in their own group stick together (Supervision... Government agencies/offices, etc), I've experienced supervision LIE UNDER OATH; the "union steward" LIE UNDER OATH; when I was INJURED ON THE JOB, the person I had to contact (in the post office) gave 4 different answers (translation, she lied) and I felt like her behavior was like a 5 year old crying to get his lolly-pop! EEO, and other office are "Buddy-buddy" with the post office... In the end, the postal employee has no recourse, even when the post office does things against the law!

by: Anonymous

I reached out to the media on what happened to me. I am still reaching out with results. A lot of employees are scared to speak out not me. These people can and will be held accountable. There will never be accountability until workers stand together. Yes I am fearful but these people do not back down, so therefore you are given no choice but to stand up and fight for your life. Documentation is everything.

I'm surprised
by: Anonymous

Government hasn't REQUIRED blood samples to ALL government employees. I KNOW of nepotism with management in the office I work in, and higher government offices, which in some way connect to the post office! All that is asked, that I remember, is who your parents are. (Even being one cousin, is nepotism!) I'm sure the DNA can show this!

by: Anonymous

I totally agree a lot of nepotism in the Postal Service, a lot of Abuse of Power, a lot of Racism, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct. Bad behavior is always rewarded no Accountability. This will soon be the downfall of the Postal Service. The Postal Service waste a lot of money on not holding bad managers Accountable.

by: Anonymous

No accountability even for nepotism. It’s big time in the Postal Service.

The government (including the post office)!
by: Anonymous

I know, by direct experience, of at least two events in my years in the post office, of someone in management related to someone in the Labor Department (BOTH)IN MY DISTRICT!... Another event, a coworker did some felony, but it was (in secret) found out this coworker was related to someone who had a VERY HIGH POSITION IN THE REGION (IN THE POST OFFICE). Again, I wonder why blood samples isn't REQUIRED for government employees to give!

Being held hostage
by: Laura

Our mail is being held hostage. We don’t know what to do. We have had two incidents with a new mail carrier who our dog barked at. Now we no longer get our mail. And no one is able to help us.

Being held hostage
by: Anonymous

You need to find out the outline for complaints any other matters. The Postal Service is so sad the managers really don’t have a clue as to what they are doing in most cases. It’s time for REFORM. God bless the people who are trying to survive as workers.

by: Anonymous

A hotline for Postal Complaints try and google it.

Psychopaths and Narcissists!
by: Anonymous

The problem with the US Postal Service has to do with the rise of Narcissism. Narcissists tend to rise to the top at others expense. Unfortunately Narcissists and Psychopaths abound in the sad sick organization at every level. They feed off of chaos. They love power and intimidation. They will use every tactic to get all the supply they need. Do not give the Narcissists and Psychopaths anything. Do not show them any emotion when dealing with them. Unfortunately they love the game and abuse. Its sick and twisted but know what your up against. Realize that you are what they want because they know that you are better than them and they cannot stand it. The ones they seem to get along with are like them but even that is a farce. They are just using each other for gain. Study up on Narcissism and learn all you can. Cant hey be defeated? No! But learn as much as possible to best protect yourself. Good luck and DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE OF THOSE MENTAL IDIOTS!

The "Plumber" theory as far as supervision goes
by: Anonymous

"S _ _ _ goes to the top!"

So True
by: Anonymous

Narcisistic, bullies without any accountability. Yes the Crap starts at the Top. I totally agree. We as taxpayers pay for their none accountability abusive, Narcisistic , bullying acts. One supervisor can have numerous Eeo complaints without ever being held accountable. What a waste of taxpayer money. It’s time for Reform in the U S Postal Service. The Postal Service continues to cover up all their abuses of Power especially Sexual Misconduct.

"A bug in her ear"......
by: Anonymous

I APWU union steward, who is a megalomaniac started work in the small post office I work in. Though he was one pay level above me, he couldn't stand me being way more knowledgeable, then him in subjects including mail processing matters...So he "Planted a bug" in a supervisors ear. (Something this supervisor had a rage against.) So this supervisor, after the "bug" was in her ear, became vindictive against me! Her BULLYING against me caused so much stress, my physical health went downhill!...I SAY LEAVE THE APWU! THE APWU IS A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY!

Union No
by: Anonymous

Absolutely get out of the APWU. You have more protection not being in the union because if they do not represent you, more help is available. The APWU no longer represents their members for the most part but just looks out for what they can get and their political agenda. When the dues started to come out of the paychecks and they limited ability to get out except once a year for 10 days they no longer cared about the representation just the money. The more that get out the better. Do not allow any money to be taken out of your check even if you do want to belong. Keep the power with yourself, not with them. They will still accept your money, don't kid yourself.

Bullying without Accountability
by: Anonymous

The union stole two years backpay from me along with management I look forward to getting justice. This union was also stealing senior employees jobs by using the word super seniority. I and another employee fought that case and won my freedom out of that union. Yes, this union also worked very close to a woman supervisor who harassed me for years even now. God will have the last word. I look forward to writing a book on the Mental Torture I experience for speaking up about Sexual Misconduct. Yes, I ended up with Breast Cancer that does not run in my family nor was it hormonal. 16 years of abuse. Never give up. I will never. Justice.

We need to join forces!
by: Don't back down!

After first discovering this site several months ago and leaving my first comment. I wanted to update you on my case. We have almost finished depositions. The information discovered so far has been crazy. It has been 3 years since the sexual harassment, assault, retaliation and discrimination. They tried to run me off, but I am more determined than ever to fight this, not only for myself but for everyone else. No one should have to go through this, period. And if you do, you shouldn't have to fight so hard for justice. With the social change we see and hear every day on the news, why is it still so difficult? Maybe we can all fight this together. I am not sure exactly how or what we can do, but I do know that there is power in numbers. A couple of you have left emails and/or phone numbers, I will reach out to you first and maybe we can brain storm and find the best way to be successful. Fighting for change, standing up for our rights, and voicing the wrong. These things go unchanged because the battle is long and hard, they want you to give up because you need the money or the benefits, because you are out numbered or because it is emotionally and physically draining. As hard as it is and has been, I can smell victory in the air for the first time. You are not the only one who suffers, your family suffers, your friends suffer, everyone suffers. Sometimes people have to suffer in order for things to change, I pray that we have all stopped the bleeding and are ready to get up and put on the armor and change things. Even though there are numerous cities and Post office branches and managers out there, there is only ONE Postal Service with ONE Postmaster General. I have been broken for over 3 years, lost my job of over 20 years, nearly my life from suicide attempts, but THANK GOD, it didn't happen, I kept fighting, a little at a time, one day at a time, hanging on to the hope that somehow, someday, there would be justice. They can pay me a monetary amount that the attorney's feel will "make me whole", the truth is there is no amount of money that can make me whole. It may lessen the pain or cover some losses. But for me, the one and only thing that will make me feel whole again is to never have to read another story from someone going through the battle. I know we cannot stop the harassment or discrimination or retaliation and bullying, however, the Postal Service can enforce the policies and procedures that are in place. If there truly was a Zero Tolerance policy, if people were actually held accountable and it was not encouraged by upper management and covered up, then maybe just maybe, it would slowly dissipate. My prayers are with each of you and I pray you find the strength and courage to fight your battle. I know that upper management did not help me, the NAPS rep did not help me, EEO, did not help me, the local police department did not help me and the DA's office did not help me, oh and the Postal Inspection service did not help me, and did I mention that the OIG didn't help. Can you believe that?? Every single avenue that is supposed to be helpful and supportive was not. Even the HR manager wouldn't help me. What helped was my husband said to me, maybe this happened to you so that you could fight and help others to not go through this. So here I am 3 years later with my attorney's fighting. Even my attornies didn't understand the extent as to which I was wronged. Please don't give up and I am sure you have read documentation is everything, it really is. If you have text messages, emails, ask for your TACS records, take screen shots of phone calls made, record them, even though they may not be able to be used, they are supportive of what was said so that you do not forget, keep a journal, if there were witnesses get statements. Most people are not willing to suffer through this with you in worry of retaliation, but in the heat of the moment they might write it down. You do not have to have an eye witness to the actual incident, but supporting documentation can be just as good. Keep fighting and until next time, may God Bless you and give you the strength to make it through another day!

So True
by: Anonymous

Finally more the better. Please note I have now been writing to Congresswoman Bass just recently and called the office. Please, you and anyone else should call about the abuse that goes on in the Postal Service. Call today the more the better. I urge you all to call Congresswoman Bass and tell your story even Sen. Warren. The time is now. There is no accountability in the Postal Service it needs Reform. My case I pray will soon come out as public record. We all should stay in prayer. You all have my support. Reach out to the Oversight Reform Committee let them know you know you are not the only victims but there are many of us. Stay STRONG GOD BLESS

Documentation is Everything
by: Anonymous

Yes so true about documentation. I have forensics on a fraudulent document and forgery that was given to me to steal my backpay and a huge Eeo on this Supervisor who has unlimited Eeos never held accountable for any of them. I wonder how many Eeos does a supervisor have to have before they are held accountable. None in the meantime the taxpayers are paying the bills. Yes I tried the OIG, all the other inside agencies of the Postal Service. Nothing but a big cover-up agency even the Eeo., EAP that is in every Postal Service all inside cover-up. Every dirty deed is kept inside the Postal and Congressional circle. It’s important to keep speaking out.

Benjamin Franklin's
by: Arsenio manansala


by: Anonymous

I don’t agree that there are good people in the Postal Service. Some but many never are fired and should be. There are many managers that are not qualified to do the job. There are many union stewards that are self-serving. That is the making of a hostile environment. I was sexually assaulted and then harassed and received an onslaught of retaliation now going on 16 years. I ended being suspended for two years brought back just to receive a fraudulent document with a forged signature. That fraudulent document came from a union business agent that also harassed me through the mail. I dealt with a supervisor that has a long list of Eeo’s that had me thrown out of the building two times during Radiation treatment for Breast Cancer that doesn’t even run in my family and is not hormonal. That harassment never ended even after I filed an Eeo on this supervisor. This supervisor now has started right back up along with two other clerks with retaliation. The bullying went on today. I am still fighting for my home and now my health. I also let my supervisor know that this supervisor and her friends are starting up again with harassment by intimidation. All I can do is document everything. I just pray to God that I am kept safe. When you are a whistleblower like me. You never stand down but keep fighting until finally, God gives you the victory. Justice is coming I believe through the courts. No weapons formed against me will prosper. Stand up and speak out.

At least in the post office I work in
by: Anonymous

I've noticed, in at least 4 different issues I spoke to supervision on, supervision in the post office I work in avoided the issues! Some issues I'm entitled to under the contract with my union! One issue, supervision didn't give me my union anniversary date, I requested!

Because the union isn't doing anything, I requested the union do to (which includes matters under union contract), I wonder if the union is "In Bed" with supervision!

What a pity, supervision can crap all over you even do things against the labor law, and there is no union to fall back on!


Broken System
by: Anonymous

The rules are made up as they go along meaning Postal inspectors, supervisors, and the union. The system is broken and inside the broken system with the full cover-up, so the public will never know what really goes on in Postal Service. In the meantime, taxpaying victims and Americans are paying the legal fees of the predators in the Postal Service. This sickens me the length that the Postal Service goes to break victims that speak up on Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power. It’s not the job it’s the administration and Congress that continue to look the other way. Decades of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse of Power still continues.

"In Bed"?
by: Anonymous

I went to the front office, in the post office I work in. I asked the specific person, in management, for my anniversary date (with the postal union). She wouldn't look my date up, and she said where I could get the information from... I tried the site, as she suggested, and I couldn't get the paper required to get out of the union, nor find my anniversary date! (I wonder if ONLY SHE can get this information since there is a RESTRICTED section, where she directed me.) I talked to a former union steward, and from how he spoke/behaved, I get the impression the union and management are "In Bed" together!... TALK ABOUT BEING ABOVE THE LAW!

The union is a buffer
by: Anonymous

The union is a buffer between you and management that’s it. I believe the money you give to the union is like an account in case you get set up and thrown out. That money is there for your unemployment or when you are brought back you get your back pay. However, that is not always the case the union and management will at times keep that money. They will make it seem like they (union) fought for you and they got you your job back so, therefore, no back pay. All a rigged system. I tried getting out to it’s almost as if management doesn’t want you to get out either. I got out by winning a case at the NLRB. Reform is needed now for the Postal Service.

by: Anonymous

If you get injured. They do an inventive interview. With the questions designed to make the injured employee guilty. From there is where the harassment starts. Because union representation is weak and favors management. Then there's the false allegations that are written against the employee. Like 30 day removal notification, where you feel you're left with no justification or protections. Management and supervisors create a hostile working environment.

Close to Retirement
by: Anonymous

When it is an employee that the management and the union don’t like. In other words an employee that stands up for their self. They try to set you up to get you out before your retirement date. Why do they do that? This is a game and it is dangerous messing with people’s pensions. That place has many bullies from management to the union and even those employees. Those are the ones they don’t fire and they should. The good supervisors are weeded out or they succumb to being like the bad. That is why you have bad and also incompetent supervisors. The Postal Service is headed for failure because they have never been held accountable for anything. One big coverup that is about to be uncovered.

by: Anna

I worked for the postal system for 12 yrs. I was bullied by people of color most. I was forced.to work alone, instead as a team. They bullied me into changing shifts to get away from them. Only to be bullied by someone else. They caused me a nervous breakdown December 2016! I have a workers comp case. EEO! And unemployment!

by: Anonymous

I am a Black woman who has dealt with racism. I am sorry to hear you are being bullied. I don’t like bullying on any level. There needs to be accountability for all. The divide is real in the Postal Service. We are definitely headed for a downfall in the Postal Service because nothing was ever done for decades of abuse. God help us all with the new changes.

2 Coworkers enjoy bullying
by: Anonymous

I have been at my job for 4 months. From day one a co-worker has bullied me. She has made my life miserable at work. I work faster and twice as hard as her. I don't know, maybe she feels threatened or what the case is. I get my job done and I'm a hard worker.

I try to converse with her but she replies with a criticism/sarcastic remark. Now she has another co-worker on her side because they both like to talk about idiots out there and complain about all the other co-workers. They don't like to do any more than they have to.

I just keep to myself about those conversations. Now they both just think they can boss me around and taunt me. They nit-pick at everything I do. I get things done quicker than them and my method works for me. They constantly question my methods they don't want to go the extra mile to do things that I will do maybe it makes them look bad?? I don't know. It's horrible.

You would think that having another co-worker that is a hard worker and helps get the job done with you would be great to have! I told my boss and she said there have been other complaints about her too but, of course, nothing has been done and that was 2 weeks ago. I was going to go to the union rep next but now I'm not so sure from reading everybody else's comments if it will do any good.

I have never been treated like this before. People can be so hateful!

Quit the Union/representation
by: Rosemary Garity

Everyone needs to quit paying money to the union!!
I will represent anyone that needs representation with a DRAC/accommodation hearing. You have much more protection when outside of the union. Been through a lot and know some. My email is geritz1@outlook.com. I will help you.

Bullying at the Postal Service
by: Anonymous

No one let me repeat No one is ever held accountable in the Postal Service. Especially Bully’s whether they are an employee and worse management. The postal service has ran like this for decades. Harassment, Retaliation, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination the list goes on. The majority of postal services are all the same no accountability. They cater to Bullies and Abusive behavior of just about any kind. They do not take care of the good workers if anything they take advantage of them. I know all too well it does not pay to work beyond the call of duty. Please if you can go back to school or find a more rewarding job do it. The postal service is sinking and will not survive 5 years or more. I pray you find a job that is respectful and somewhat rewarding. There are no incentives there either. The worst place to work. Save yourself.

we need to join together
by: Anonymous

Come on people. Class action lawsuits speak louder than individual ones.

We have to stop being afraid, if we do nothing then nothing changes, at least try.

I was fired, heading to the "formal" EEOC procedure, I have spent my entire savings on an attorney.

But even if I lose it all. I gave it the best shot I had.

by: Anonymous

My case went from postal EEO to EEOC. I also have a federal case. Please note every case is different. I believe in my case and I am happy with my attorney. Yes, many are scared and even cowards. I understand both but I am fighting because I know this case is real. I am blessed. I pray to help others when this whole ordeal is over. I even try to help others even now while the retaliation and harassment continue. I put my trust in God. That is how I made it this far with all the good people God has put in my life to keep me fighting. God bless those who continue to stand up to corruption and all the other abuses. Someone told me today that the postal service is such a Dark place to work. He went onto say the Abuses of Power. I said what is sad we like the job it’s the people in charge that are the problem. No accountability. God bless all. Stay safe.

forced retirement
by: Todd

90% walking route, between 9-11 miles per day. In the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Route was Changed with new Post Master. With 45 mins. built-in of O.T. When I was NOT on the O.T. Chart. I had an 8 yr old daughter. That I wanted to be home with as much as possible. I was harassed every single day until I had a Nervous Breakdown ended up "Catatonic".

Instead of calling an ambulance. For help, this post Master called His WIFE. (not employed by the Postal Service) to drive me an hour and half away to get drug tested. When I was Negative, while in the middle of a breakdown. This Man called my wife to tell her that she had to come pick me up. 100 miles away. I was in the Hospital for 37 days. My life has never been the same.

Love and Lived my Job.

Postal service needs to go Private
by: Anonymous

No Accountability whatsoever. I am hurting for you sir. I had a breakdown also. My case is now being heard after 15 years of retaliation and harassment. Our stories deserve to be heard. I pray for your healing. I am not surprised at your story like so many others. They never fire these abusive managers and the unions do absolutely nothing. The union is nothing but a buffer between you and management. I reached out to the Oversight Committee about my story. I think it is important that more reach out. Someone will eventually hear our cries for help. I love my job just not the way it operates. Please fight for your life and sanity. Please know there is a God. I continue getting therapy for my mental health from psychologist. Documentation is everything. I fought back by documenting everything. My case is now in Gods hands.

The NALC is not a labor union
by: City Letter Carrier

All organized labor unions move their numbers as one when there are severe labor violations against their membership. The NALC exists so that corporate USPS can pick you off one at a time and depending on what back of the room deals your local NALC branch is working out, you'll either see no help or the minimal possible. Only thing that is guaranteed when you win a grievance submitted through the NALC is that the labor violations will keep taking place. You no longer have to wait for your anniversary date to leave this corporate union.

Union no powerless
by: Anonymous

I had to win a case down at the Labor Relations Board and that's what I got as a settlement was to get out of the union. I tried getting out not just on a dumb rule on your some anniversary day or whatever they call it. That's untrue even the managers try to make it hard for anyone to get out. The union I said before a buffer nothing more. The union pick and choose their own battles. They work with management most of the time. It’s called Let’s Make a Deal. One big Scam.

by: Anonymous

If the union doesn’t meet me, I’m going to take the APWU to the labor department! To have the union take money out of my paycheck, and not to provide any service?!! I hear a union steward, in my office, was taken to the labor board, because he didn’t provide service!

by: Anonymous

Misrepresentation that is what it’s called when steward is not representing the worker. The union I hate to say is very weak and getting weaker.

USPS Harassing a senior citizen on disability
by: Anonymous

I’m a postal customer who has been harassed by the USPS carrier for simply marking mail "refused" per postal code "recipient services" which allows a customer to "control their mail".
Despite having an order for specific advertisement flyers/junk mail to not be delivered, the carrier continues to do so, with the postmaster supporting the carrier who is deliberately provoking me, a female customer. They recently stopped my mail. I’m a senior citizen and on disability. The postmaster told the carrier not to deliver any packages, even those too large for my mail slot, that could be left on my porch. I recently had 3 Amazon deliveries that they marked "undeliverable" and sent back. One of those parcels contained supplements I need for my health condition. The postmaster is holding my mail and states he will be throwing it in the trash—-my disability check, and monthly bills too. I’m so worried and afraid. They won’t stop despite numerous complaints to USPS and OIG.

Not Surprised
by: Anonymous

Anything goes with the postal service. The postal service is receiving more than many complaints especially with Covid. There is no accountability at all. That carrier and that incompetent Postmaster is probably a reject from another post office. Never and rarely fired from the job. Sad but true. It might be time to privatize the postal service.

Perversion at Postal Service P&DC Charleston WV
by: Anonymous

Charleston P&DC has a Lead MDO who got a blowjob for a job and her paperwork didn't qualify for the job. He then made hid girlfriend MDO under him made his son a Supervisor and his MDO girlfriend's son a job. He now gives his girlfriend tome off and doesn't make use annual or sick loke everyone else has to. POSTAL SERVICE PROMOTES THESE PEOPLE. ITS RIDICULOUS AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT.

by: Anonymous

Around 10 years ago, I was injured on the job, at the post office. "The Clinic" prioritizes who pays them! So the clinic didn’t do tests that would show the post office at fault!

If you read, online, you’ll see the post office, illegally fired 44,000 injured employees!

The post office, I work in, used at least 14 methods of "constructive termination" against me! This included EEO, "in bed" with the postmaster, to do constructive termination on me, which was why the union steward wasn’t allowed to be in this hearing as a witness!

I’ve had enough of this! My life would be more enjoyable retired!

by: Anonymous

Every time I see a comment. I am reminded of all the many abuses suffered for over 14 years. All I can say is traumatic.

2024 no change
by: Anonymous

Well i have to admit every president lies. The post office is worse than ever. The mail carriers are out of control the veteran ones. The harass new carriers bully them and cuz st the managers say racist things to them. They are so fed up with bad managers that they sre now acting just like them. Instead of standing up for what right they joined the evil doers. I love my job but hate my coworkers there are a few who are absolutely awesome but the rest are a bunch of no class sock individuals. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately this generation of kids quit jobs that don't treat them the way they want. So they up and quit. So i think the postal service is in for a big change that will be forced on them. They will no longer have anyone to abuse and will get infiltrated by some really good people. I believe the post office is ran by devil worshipers ive seen things that show this to be true.

My experience!
by: Anonymous

When the day comes, I’ll say "bye-bye" to the post office! Everything with the post office, in my many years at the post office, was a nightmare!

If you Google you can see the post office illegally fired 44,000 employees that were injured on the job!

My specifics, since I was injured at work (the true fault was from supervision), I was treated with "constructive termination" at least 13 times!

At one point, when EEO was in the picture, analysis shows EEO was "in bed" with the post office (post master and against the APWU)!

When I retire from the post office, I won’t give courtesy to the post office!

What a nut bag!
by: Anonymous

This supervisor text me, a while back. Her text was vengeful! Months later, when I wanted to review that text, I saw she deleted her vengeful text

She had, a few times in the past, cause me problems with Dr appointments I had. I decided, because this vengeful supervisor caused me problems on medical appointments (I have over 1000 hours of sick leave saved), she was informed 5 minutes before the end of the work day, that I’ll be at a Dr appointment tomorrow.

She responded concerning only herself, including that she has to make a schedule!!! Well, she then responded that she won’t pay me for the day of the drs appointment!

I found, on my check stub, I was didn’t get paid for that day! )I even brought in a drs note!)

Working at the post office is too stressful! Though this supervisor has mental problems (as I told above), I just may retire, instead of make use of my sick leave in a pay status! (I even fear, with no union steward from the APWU {Though I’m a member.}, stress from supervision just might make me retire!)

EEO! What’s that?!!! …”Constructive termination”
by: Anonymous

If you look online, there are many articles on the USPS illegally firing 44,000 employees that were injured on the job.

I was injured on the job. I went to EEO. For some strange reason, EEO would not allow this high positioned union person to attend!

I was given the option to go to a lavish job in the post office, at the same pay level.

Then, 2 months into this lavish job, my pay level was lowered by 2 levels! So the longer I work in the lavish job, the lower my retirement was be!

The high positioned union person would have included at the EEO meeting my pay level for the lavish position. (This is why EEO wouldn’t allow the person to attend!)….In 2 months after my EEO hearing, the postmaster downgraded my pay! Se EEO, and the postmaster, have this schemed out! "Constructive termination"

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