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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Quad: The Liar, the Manipulator, the Bully, the Co-Worker

by Blake

I was teamed up with a person to do QA for my last project. Within a week, I realized my teammate was a liar and manipulator. She told the manager that I was not giving her any work to do after I refused to do her work for her. He actually got on me about it in a meeting. Didn't ask me what was going on or anything. He just assumed she was telling the truth. It got worse as time went on. She called every day, all day. If I didn't answer, she would call back. She began mirroring me, my speech, and trying to get me to send her pictures of things I bought myself and of my home. She was even bullying another co-worker at the meetings. No one else said anything, but I addressed her after the meetings about it. She wanted me to take her side, but I did not. She even bragged about not getting fired and how she could do anything. All true. It seemed as if management was avoiding the issues.

The bully's rampage continued with me as her target and her attacks were evolving. At some point, she was angry with one of the co-workers because he continued to talk to me. She accused me of sleeping with him and said if he ever invites me to his home, she will take a box cutter up there. She then accused him of being a serial killer.

Her behavior was out there. She called me one evening to degrade me about my work profile picture. She even called me another day to say she was staring at my picture. She tried to instigate an argument between me and a co-worker...the guy I mentioned above and would get mad whenever this guy discussed business with me at a meeting. Meanwhile, another co-worker who liked this guy helped her spread lies.

I was going to management, but I don't know if he was afraid of her or was just avoiding the situation. I thought about going to HR, but I researched that particular company's HR dept. The articles I found were very critical of them so it was a no-go. I started looking for a new job. I hoped I could find something so I would not have to return to that place after furlough. I landed a job, but they had not given me a start date yet so I had to go back.

Got back in January and the bully was still at it. She worked hard during my 2-week furlough to degrade me and lie on me. All of my co-workers were on board with her lies. I only had to deal with it for 3 weeks and I left the company. I blocked the bully by phone, personal email, and social media. I consulted with a lawyer about a no contact order. I also have recordings of her shenanigans. My state and her state are single-party notification states and I mentioned to her that I have call record on my phone.

Oh, she did try to contact me after I had left. I received two calls and a text message. All sent to my blocked messages folder. I also told the consulting firm about what happened and her calls and text. I don't know if they told her boss or not, but he left the department shortly after my departure.

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