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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

The Rich Principal's Daughter

by Juliana
(Not telling.)

It all started in year 8 and by the way I'm the child. I am in year 8 and I have had to face bullying. This really snobby, rich girl is also the daughter of the principal. I had pretty much all my classes with her and after I got top marks in Music she decided to make my life hell.

We were in media and when I got the role of director/producer she got her dad to force the teacher to give the place to her. It was all done and she got the place which she used to her advantage of telling me to film in erotic gestures and when I didn't she told the teacher and I got a nice trip to the principal.

He put me in a detention where I had to go and scrub out the toilets and also he put a rule on me where I was for people to abuse. He then forced me to write a letter inviting the boys in the class to hit me. I wanted so badly to just run and get out of school but he had me tied in a chair.

There was a concert in a few weeks and I was nominated to participate I joined in and when I performed the principal said it was inadequate and I was forced to dress in a bra like thing and also a matching bikini piece with a split skirt. I was then put on stage for people to gawk at.

I ran out of the area with the principal sending kids after me. I was a fast enough runner and I locked myself in a shower stall. I did come out and somehow I just raged and hit the boys in the balls. Some of them bled and I'll say it I AM NOT SORRY! The girl came in and I did gore her eye out as she sent one of the boys to abuse me.

I was in trouble and I camped out in the few mile walk forest and over time I didn't go home. Another thing is that I'm an orphan so I didn't have parents. I also still went to school but I stole other girl's discarded uniforms and I got free money from some people outside school.

I fell for this guy and I liked him. His name is Ben last name not telling. I dated him and he also revealed that his parents abused him so I decided to live in the forest with him. I didn't know that he was the rich girl's ex-boyfriend which she dumped after knowing of his family.

We had our first kiss in this hollow I found and when the girl knew I was physically hit. I told her to not forget about her eye as it was permanently gone. My boyfriend and I are still in the forest so I don't know should I go find an adult or just stop going to school.

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