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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

There Is A Common Sense Answer To Workplace Bullying

by Lizzy from NJ

It's been awhile since I wrote on this site. I have shared many a story of 'my experiences' in the business world and yes... the constant haranguing, taunting, ostracizing and other emotional means that today's society uses to get a person to QUIT or be terminated (bullies don't care how you go out) That constant emotional stuff ... is quite wearing to one's psyche... and confusing when you are not of the same way of being.

Yes... bullies will 'give it' to those who are nice. (too nice to give it back)

1. Never give it back. Do not ever come down to same lever of interacting as 'the bully' / Why? because just as was said on the school playground ... you will hear it said on the workplace 'playground' ... You should have known better. The bully always gets away with his or her nasty ways and management knows who the bully is. The Principal on playground knows who the instigator of the playground fights is. The authority... also knows who is not a bully and expects 'the good' to act different and bring bully 'up a notch or two' in behavior. (which is unrealistic on the part of authority and a 'cop out' on their duty as good authority to ensure the peace and cooperative way. But... authority never the less expects "the good" to not give it back. (so 'never' give it back)

2. To handle workplaces of today... means knowing the reality for yourself. If you are going to a new job after age 40 -- to work full time (if full time exists) You are not in tune to what is. This is a computerized world and a machine automated world. The reality is there is no need for 40 hour a week workers or 30 hour a week workers (unless in some busy factory where a Union protects you from being terminated) This was where I failed to see. In my years of work 40 and 30 hour weeks were still 'norm' by employers... economics were still 'good' and it only benefited employer to have such hours. (get the work out and make money while the money making was good) So... if business is offering 40 hours, I nodded in my 'worker naive mind' (or even 30 hours) but...

In private business (no matter how small a shop) "humble yourself" ... do not take the place of honor at 'table' ... do not try to fit in as once you could when 22.

The 'new workplace' of today's society of 'computerized and automated' will not take in 'new person' with a smile. They are insecure for their jobs. There's little new businesses out and about to apply to...they who are younger (with more bills) will see you 'older' (40 plus) as hindrance not help to them. They will directly or indirectly give a hard time. They will see you as a threat to their livelihood and you set yourself up to being given a hard time. Rather... work two part time jobs... (this was my error, when work and hiring was still abundant... I did not see myself as old, but in the business world, anyone over 40 who is looking for 'a new job' ... will not get the respect and support such age and experience should get. It will not happen .. not if you are administration or just a worker. (it is the human nature ... where money is concerned... to be nasty and insecure.

3. It is best to 'humble yourself' and later be 'exalted' by being ASKED to come on full time. When you work two part time jobs (or one part time job and your own avocation small business of your own, you are taking control for yourself. Don't fight business and their 'ethics' ... Work with what is. As per the Serenity prayer... change what can be changed and accept what can't be ... be wise to know 'difference' / You as worker can't change how a business thinks but you can change how YOU see and think. (work two part time jobs or one part time job and work your own small avocation business) Don't worry about the health benefits thing... say THANK YOU to God for good health and especially good mental health by avoiding the insecure workers in workplaces.

If not advancing in one employer and you are downsized at age 40... put 'pride aside' and humble yourself. (work two part time jobs) Do not worry what others think of you. Don't worry about 'your career' (to be honest, if you could only be 'a worker' ... your 'career' is "to be a worker" .. so work the system as it is... work part time.

All this is hard to think of when one is first terminated 'without real cause' ... "bullied out" yet you know you could have done so much good for that firm. You trusted the one who hired when he or she said 'you were needed.' Don't take words by human literally. They need you... til they do not need you. You are not indispensable and the bottom line is all that matters in business doings.

Know what matters and just work two part time jobs and do not let those in either job KNOW you have two part time jobs. (and you will always have a job, the business world still see's you as a profit to their 'beloved' bottom line. (That is all a business see's... know the truth and do not try to change them)

That's my latest 'aha' moment.

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by: Lizzy NJ

In the above I wrote that all business see's is their bottom line. That is how it should be, of course.

Never get 'attached' to 'the system' on this earth. Look to what is above you and not 'below' (all things on earth are temporary)

Employers don't 'like' anyone they hire... not really. They can't get emotionally attached to ANYONE ... not even their own customers. They will respect the needs of their customer and 'with good spirit' work to fill those needs... but if they got attached emotionally to every customer who came in, they would be 'as devastated' when the customer 'left' ... for 'better' or 'cheaper' (money rules all minds,business owner, customer and worker.

KEEP IN MIND: Love GOD first, then NEIGHBOR as one loves self.

Serve others 'in love' (in God) and generally it all works out to the good no matter what occurs in the up and down economics.

And 'love selves' as one loves neighbor ... that means think of the employer you wish to work for ... not for the 30 hr paycheck but the best way to assist them... if part time would be better than full time for them... impress that upon them and they will be impressed. (here's one who works and can get it done in only 4 hrs a day) THAT sets example to others ... and the others won't be able to 'touch' you... because you'll be out the door before they have time to 'touch you' to pull you down. A worker 40 years of age... should be able to work only 20 hrs. and 'get it done' (where a 22 year old needs the supervision that slows the process and drags it out to eight hours a day, PLUS that in the old days... there was enough WORK to do.

So ... think of NEIGHBOR ... your employer and your longer co workers who need the 30 hrs or 40 hrs... AND you also 'save yourself' from the harangues and bullying of human nature. GOD will provide ... ye of little faith.

See 'work' in a new way. It's NOT the same working world. Know what's best for your age, and best objectively.

Just my thought.

Well-written articles
by: Anonymous


I just read your article and your comment. It explains very well the workplace climate in an objective manner.

Thanks for showing understanding of what people go through and encouraging them.

God bless you.

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